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Monday, October 16, 2017

461 And Counting!

This is scary. I now have 461 subs! To me, it's scary. I never expected to reach this number of subscribers. It scares me! I'll probably have around 500 by the end of the year. oh LORD help me! LOL! Don't get me wrong, I adore my subscribers. But that means 461 people are watching. 461 people are hearing every word I am saying. 461 people are seeing my flaws. This is another reason I never wanted to become popular on YouTube. People begin to really watch you. You never really do know WHO is watching you too. Someone watching could be a maniac.

People not only begin really watching you, they also begin really listening too. You know how people on the internet take things out of context and make them out to be worse sounding than it really is. It happened to Joy Sparkle. She made a joke about brown babies being "poo-babies". And it was supposed to be said simply in jest to a brown person. So she said, I never actually heard it. But it caused her a lot of misery because people heard it and took it the wrong way. Now, I can safely say there is no danger of me saying something like that, I know what the limit is. But, I do tend to say whatever is on my mind. And I have been misinterpreted many times before, and I know it will happen again. And being a lone, old woman, the last thing I need is some maniac listening to people who are misrepresenting me, take it the wrong way, and come here and break into my house and cause trouble!

Being misrepresented is frustrating enough. I don't need to deal with people who want to take the next step and physically come here and cause harm to me or my baby. Well, hopefully that won't happen. So far, it hasn't. I've been lucky. The worst that has happened to me so far has been losing pointless buddies. People I probably should never have tried to make friends with in the first place anyway. But at least most of them would never show up on my doorstep. Or I would hope not. LOL! Shh!! Don't give them any ideas!!!

Speaking of which, the new MH documentary is out today! That's awesome! But as I understand it, the tabloids are already picking up on it. UGH!! Leave Michael alone and let the fans have their fun I say! There was a post on one of the groups I am on that talks about this. It's funny! What's funny about it is there are 3 comments on the post that I am unable to view. You know what that means? It means the SJWs have already latched on to the post. LMAO!!! If they are SJWs, I have them blocked. I can't see what they are saying and I won't take them off ignore to view them either, because I am sure it is something hilariously stupid. More libtard banter! LOL! This girl is not interested at all in reading what they have to say.

Ya know what is funny? I'm learning now to treat other INXS fans the way I treat any libtards. I recently got into it with a Yatesfag on another group I am on. Some dork named Wincey. WTF kind of name is Wincey anyways?! Anyway, with her reaction to me saying I still don't like Paula Yates, I saw nothing has changed among the libtards. I even said to her I don't understand all this libtard bullshit, and told her to just let other people have their opinions. She accused me of being rude and I told her to shut the fuck up. LOL! Simple as that. I'm not putting up with the Yatesfags' bullshit this time around. And the kind and friendly TimmyHutchFan, once again, is DEAD!! People didn't like that TimmyHutchFan. Well, they're going to hate this one even more. LOL! This time, I'll give them a real reason to hate me! Believe me, when I am done, they will wish the old TimmyHutchFan was back again. I'm done being nice to libtards. Even if they are INXS fans! Believe me, that won't happen anymore. Think of every adverse reaction I had before as being a kumbaya love fest.

If you're too kind, too many people take advantage. Some even take a mean advantage! When you treat people like shit, they at least back off. 😁 Most of them won't even say anything at all. Which to me, is cool.

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