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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Dire Wolf

I am not only a member of a few INXS groups, but also a member of several dog-related groups too. I do learn a lot now. I can always use some learning. One thing I learned is someone out there thinks he has a "dire wolf". UGH!! Stupid people!! He must have been asleep all his life, because he does not seem to know that dire wolves went extinct 10,000 years ago! That is, there HAS NOT BEEN a single dire wolf on Earth for more than 10,000 years! People make me sick! This idiot was so positive he has a dire wolf, he threatened to kill someone who opposed his idea! I cannot believe some dumbass people!

More likely, what that person has, is nothing more than a husky/malamute mixed DOG. Not a wolf! And definitely NOT a dire wolf!!! You won't find anyone breeding any dire wolves anywhere! I don't care what they say. Get educated you dumb fucks!!!!! But just like all uneducated fools who go out and buy these weird mongrels because they think they're getting something special, this guy got so angry at someone trying to educate him that he threatened them with bodily harm. If I ever meet anyone who tries to tell me they have a "dire wolf", I'm going to tell them upfront, dire wolves are EXTINCT!!!! And I don't care what repercussions they threaten me with!

Hell, I am getting mean in my old age! LOL! These days, you almost have to be. These libtards who always want to believe other uneducated libtards, and threaten those who try to correct them. Shoot! I see that all the time among libtards. They will never learn, because they enjoy being libtards.

Speaking of me being mean in my old age, yesterday, I darn nearly came close to hitting someone. There is this woman I sometimes see on the bus who rides with this guy who also has a service dog, a big black labrador. I had reached my destination and I was getting off the bus with Mya. She is still in training, and I have to keep reminding her to stay away from other dogs. As a service dog in training herself, I cannot let her socialize with other dogs. So, I kept telling her to stay away from that other dog. Well, as I was saying that, I heard the woman say "oh shut up!" I was stunned! I wasn't even talking to her! Or her male companion! I almost hollared off and smacked her upside the head! That is, until I looked at her and noticed she was talking on her phone. Then I figured she must have been telling the person on the phone to shut up. Or maybe even her male companion. I don't know either of their names, but I have seen them several times before riding the bus. They are a part of the over 55 libtard club that typically rides the bus early in the day. I don't talk to them at all.

Some people I believe, think that just because Mya is so young that she cannot be a service dog. She is in training. I'm training her for when she turns a year old and I have her officially trained. Then I can get one of those vests for her to wear. But that is why I have to pull Mya away from other dogs and people. I have to now start treating her like a real service dog. She's had her fun socializing with people and other dogs. Now, it's time for her to grow up and start taking her job more seriously. I have to stop letting people pet her when we are out and about. That's the hardest. Keeping Mya away from other dogs comes natural to me, especially if they are bigger dogs that I believe can hurt her. But I like letting her meet other people. So, it's not easy for me to tell someone they cannot pet her.

Anyway, after that close call, I started to become rather disturbed by my reaction to this woman I thought was telling me to shut up. I am not usually like that!! I usually never want to hurt anyone! But I am fearing I will become a bit more uncontrollable as I get older. Maybe it's the bit of loneliness I am feeling in this town without my family anywhere that is causing this. Maybe there is a part of my father's death that I still have not coped with that is making me bitter. Maybe it was living with Patti for those 3 long days that I am still dealing with that is making me angry. Maybe it was the reaction by the people I thought were my friends that is making me nastier as I get older. Maybe it's the financial stress I am going through now that is making me angrier. I don't know. All I know is, I am becoming something I don't want to become. I don't want to become a bully! I spend a lot of my time standing up against bullying! The last thing I ever wanted to become was an old bully! I don't need this in my life!!!

I think once my sis gets here, I might go back to my usual sweet self.

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