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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Forgiveness Does Not Mean...

Just because I say I forgive someone does not mean that I have to like them. There's been several people I have forgiven that I still do not like. Like Tess O'brien for example. And I read someone say they'd like to go to Australia and meet her! UGH! Take me please GOD!!! LOL! I hope I NEVER meet Tess O'brien! If I did, I'd probably punch her in the mouth. I wouldn't even care if the kid is watching. I'd just tell the child, "This is what could happen to people who spread rumors without getting facts." LMAO! And Katrina says "Yeh, then watch yourself get carted off to jail!" LOL! I think someone would have to be rather sick in the head to want to meet Tess O'brien. But whatever! There are those who listen to her that I know are sick in the head. I call them the blind-sheep libtard SJWs. SJWs never get facts before they spread anything. They just love to spread negativity no matter what it's about.

Well, she's a great example of someone I have forgiven, but still do not like. In fact, I have her blocked on Facebook. Though Katrina thinks maybe she's changed. I said I doubt it. A hippopotamus (like Tess) cannot change it's color. Shoot! I just insulted the hippos! Sorry to all the hippos out there! But anyways, you get the picture. I don't think I'll ever learn to like Tess. I prefer friends who, if they are going to spread shit behind my back, that they learn ALL the facts first. I seriously don't mind being talked about, but someone who would talk about me without getting all the facts, well that makes them no better than the delusional mods in my eyes. No wait! The delusional mods were different. They would twist words and sentences around to give them a totally different meaning. Of course I believe Tess has also done that. By telling one of my friends I was "glad that she was depressed" and that I "wanted her to harm herself". Which I NEVER said, and would NEVER want anyone to do. But even after she claimed all that about me, though she does not know me hardly at all (we were only friends on Facebook for a couple months), I still forgive her. Not because I want to make friends with her again. That won't EVER happen again! LOL! But because I want to just leave it all out of my life. Someone once told me that holding a grudge is like letting someone live in your mind rent-free. I don't even want Tess in my house, let alone in my head! LOL! So that is why I choose to forgive her.

Anyway, I recently heard my sis tell me that Andy (from the old complex in Bozeman) is now down with terminal throat cancer. When I heard that, it actually shocked me! And no, I was not happy about it! Even though this man is a bum, a dickwad, a dumbass, and a butt-wipe, and he was always cruel to me and my sis and our dogs, I still do not think even he deserves cancer. And I have long-since forgiven Andy for all that. After losing my own father to cancer last year, it made me see the seriousness of the disease. To me, cancer is like the world's worst serial killer. It needs to be captured and given the death sentence. And I feel bad for any of it's victims. Even Andy! Though there is an air of doubt that this is indeed true, because Andy has been known to lie to get sympathy. I seriously hope it's not true. I hate to think of anyone getting cancer anymore. It's terrible. And I remember a few years ago, I said I hope the next person that dies in that building is Andy. I DIDN'T MEAN THIS WAY!!!!!!!!!! I was thinking he'd charge someone and throw himself into a wall, or blow his top and drop dead that way, or slip quietly into a seizure and not wake up. Not that I think the seizure is any less serious. But at least it's not painful. But not with cancer! Cancer sucks!!

The term "Cancer sucks" has become such a cliche with me! I think I need to begin a "cancer sucks" campaign. Perhaps raise some money for cancer research, and to help those who cannot afford the treatment. Like those types that the doctors do not have a sure cure for, like the type my dad had. Only 2 places in the USA are actually working on a cure for the type he had, and his insurance would not pay for the treatment because it is not FDA approved. Yet! But the type my father had is a death-sentence. The cure is still only in the experimental stage. Maybe I can push to have it approved by the FDA. The problem is, merkel-cell carcinoma is such a quick killer, I think the patients who are stricken with it simply don't last long enough to get the full treatment. I know it killed my father in just a matter of months. This was a man who was so healthy, a horse would envy him. He was healthy one minute, and gone the next. The type he had is also so rare, that might also be why so few places are working on a cure for it. Literally, only one in a million people get that kind of cancer. And when they do, they are as good as dead. That's not right, IMO.

It would be such a nice thing if one day we can hear someone say "Hey, I have cancer" and we can answer "Oh. Well no problem, that's an easy, quick fix!" and get them cured right away. Like with flu. 200 years ago, things like the flu, measles, cholera, small pox, they were ALL killers that had no cure. Look at them now. We can cure them with close monitoring and drugs. And we even have ways to avoid them altogether. It'd be great if we could say the same thing about cancer. Here's where I should put in something like MLK's "I have a dream" speech. Because I do have a dream. A dream that someday, we can look cancer straight in the face and laugh.

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