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Monday, October 23, 2017

Michael On My Mind

I miss him a lot! At this time of year, I am constantly thinking of him. Well, this year I am celebrating his life in style! My biggest achievement is finally finishing this INXS compilation story. I got my proof copy today, and I approved it. So, once that is posted, it will be ready to distribute. But to be honest, I am a wee bit nervous. This book was made by a fan for the fans. I'm still not a friend of the fans. Been let down one too many times by them to be that. But hey! That's fine. Not being a friend of the fans is what actually makes me a happier person! I don't have to try and impress anyone. I don't have to be what they want me to be to keep them happy. Plus, I've got the libtards and SJWs ignored. So all is cool!

Of course I know there are going to be some fans (again, libtards and SJWs) who might read this book and say "Hey! You can't write this about INXS!" and take everything I say in this book WAY too seriously and possibly report it to the band and the family. Though I do not think I portrayed any disrespect to the guys. I do say that these stories are FICTION, and that nothing in these stories is meant to convey the true characteristics of the band at all. But you know there is always going to be people who will find the negative even in something as innocent as the release of a story. A story that is only meant to make the fans laugh and giggle, and not meant to be taken seriously. I especially heard about fucking Rosanda! UGH!! I heard she squeals like a baby when someone uses a picture of INXS. Fuck her! I look back now and I can't even believe I used to like that woman! But since I've found out she runs and tattles on people like a schoolroom sissy, I think the kindest thing she's ever done for me was to unfriend me on Facebook! See, GOD has a plan and a purpose for everything! I guess this one former "friend's" infection was a GOD-send for me! Though at the time I did not know it! LOL! But it got people like Rosanda out of my life for good! God damn her all to Hell!

And wasn't it me they kept accusing of being "negative" and "hateful"? LMAO!!! So funny, coming from a bunch of SJWs! There isn't a more negative and hateful group of people than the INXS SJWs and libtards! They prove it every single day! I think they've been living in their little plastic bubbles for too long! They only see corruption in everyone else but not themselves. I, at least, tell it like it is. No hiding, no hypocrisies, no plastic bubbles here! I just tell it like it is! I don't demand any apologies and as well, I don't give any! And in fact, there's only one person I take my hat off to; and that's my hair-dresser! hehe!

Ya know, that's why I don't typically judge people. Because I know I am not perfect. So, I don't expect other people to be perfect either. That's one thing these people can never say I've done. I've never judged another fan. Well, at least not since I turned 36 and decided to grow up. That's why I will never understand these SJWs and libtards who judge others because we don't like the same things they do. But then again, that's what makes them libtards. Only libtards get angry at people who do not share the same interests as them. Like, I still don't like Paula Yates. The libtards hate me because I don't like her, and I don't care if Lily's feelings get hurt because I don't like her. Sorry for Lily's feelings, I know she did not choose to have Paula as a mom. But I still do not like Paula Yates at all. I never did, and I never will. Fuck her up the ass, I'll never be a fan of her's! And that just drives the libtards CRAZY!!!! They cannot control me, and that pisses them off to no end! Shoot, one libtard even accused me of being "jealous" of Paula! LMAO!!!!! That's about the funniest thing I've heard since calling lions "the king of beasts". And they are no more the "king" than I am king of the world. If I am going to envy anyone who was with Michael, it's going to be someone who he looked a lot happier with, and was a lot more attractive than Paula was, and a lot less psycho. Like Kylie and Helena. Though I think Paula was a dog-lover. And that's pretty cool. One brownie-point for Paula. But that's only one. She has yet to earn more than one in my eyes.

But ya know what? Helena is also a dog-lover too. In one of her most recent pics, I saw her with a cute little Australian shepherd puppy! As for Kylie, I don't know. She looks more like a cat-person, which is NO points in my book. If she worships demons, that does not make her look that good to me.

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