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Friday, October 20, 2017

New Computer, New Life

Thanks a lot Dad!!! I think he put a curse on me and my sis! Why? I don't know. Maybe it's because my sis and I no longer get along with Kathy and her family. But that's their fault! Not ours! I was perfectly willing to remain friendly with them, but had no idea Stephanie harbored so much hatred towards me. I mean, I knew there was a bit a friction before between me and Kathy's kids. Mostly because I am not a libtard like they are. I speak my mind and I don't give any bullshit. I don't take any either. That pisses them off because Kathy kept them in a plastic bubble all their lives, like most libtard parents do with their kids. But now, my Dad seems to have put a curse on us. So many bad things have happened to us in the months since he passed. Of course my problems began the moment he died. Of course they were no worse problems than what I had before he died. LOL! My sis's problems began when we started having these problems with Kathy and her family. If you ask me, Dad is punishing the wrong people. Punish the people who really started this whole thing! That would be Kathy and her family.

You know why I always come off as sounding like such a know-it-all? Because I only listen to experts, and I question EVERYTHING!!!!!! It drives everyone I speak to CRAZY! Like that song by the Gin Blossoms that says "I don't wanna take advice from fools", well neither do I. You should have seen me back in my early breeding days, when I started with chihuahuas. Remember when I spoke of Rhonda saying I am "spineless" and that was why I listened to Tanya (of Tanya's Chihuahuas)? Well, she couldn't have been more wrong. You should see Tanya's bred-by's compared to Rhonda's. Tanya had more show wins. Rhonda in fact, had NONE. If I wanted to do better in the chihuahua breed, who do you think I'm going to listen to? I'll give you a hint; not the one with no show wins to their name! LOL! Rhonda never even acted like an adult. She kept her usual childlike mentality, and that is not good when you're dealing with ANY breed!

I also question everything. Not because I totally doubt it, but because I want to make absolutely sure of something. I've been misled before, and it only leads to embarrassment and the perpetrators thinking it's funny. While I don't mind making people laugh, there is a time and place for everything. Sometimes, I have to be serious about something. Sometimes, I may go to several people about the same subject. When I am researching someone or something, like a business I intend to exploit services from, I look for reviews by other people. I read both the good and bad reviews. If the negative overwhelms the positive, or if more than one person says the same thing, then I don't buy from that person. I also look at the responses by the business. Like that company, Amy's Baking Company that was on Kitchen Nightmares a few years ago, and even on Dr. Phil. They reacted so harshly to negative reactions, instead of using them to better their business. But then again, Amy had cats. I wouldn't eat at her place anyway. I won't even go into a house that has cats living in it. You think I want a cat fag preparing my food, even in a restaurant?! Especially someone who says these cats are their "sons"! That's one "child" that will never love you back.

I think for Amy, it was those cats that made her an angrier person. That and that husband of her's. He was a very angry person. But then again, cat people are almost always libtards. Libtards are typically angry people. One thing I've discovered, that's why so many INXS fans are cat people; they're almost always libtards. Plus, another thing I've noticed about them; all the INXS fans who own cats do not believe in GOD. Tarot cards and Ouija boards are their gods. Those kinds of people are typically cat people. I love the LORD Almighty, so that is why I love my dogs. hehe! That's also why I totally believe cats are nothing but Earth-demons. In ancient Egyptian culture, the crocodile was actually a greater spirit than the cat. So was the dung beetle. What does that say? LOL! Remember this people next time some idiot on the internet tries to convince you cats are better "because the ancient Egyptians worshiped them". Total bullshit! Crocodiles are more skilled hunters and dung beetles at least would make much more useful companions.

Well anyway, I had to go out and get a new computer because my old one dropped as I was taking it to have the fan fixed. They think it's a motherboard problem now. Makes me MAD!!! I'd still like to have my old computer back, but I cannot do anything until after the holidays. I might risk it then. Don't know though. It may be worth it, it may not be worth it. Who knows? I think it's a part of this curse my father has put on me from the Heavens! So dad, if this is you, CUT IT OUT!!!!!!!!! We've both had enough!!!!! Now, I want to see you do something about the ones who actually did start this! Leave me and my sis OUT OF THIS!!!!! Actually, when I sent the computer in to be repaired, I was anticipating the worst outcome. I knew it would not be able to be revived because of the drop. And maybe it is just the motherboard. Like I said, I might risk it. But not until after the holidays. I cannot do anything until then. But I do have a new laptop now, and I am loving it. Just taking a while to get used to it.

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