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Sunday, October 1, 2017

No More Ebooks

Starting at the beginning of next year, I will no longer have ebooks available on UMG Productions. That means all ways of buying ebooks on the site will be gone. I will only have paperbacks available. That also means I will have to take down my INXS stories. But that's OK! I am currently working on the compilation book of our INXS stories. I finally finished the bonus story, Jon's Nightmare. And I will have that one up, hopefully by November 22. I had to start taking my books to church to work on them there. At least I have plenty of time to work on them there. And I've also gained a few buddies who were fascinated with my drawings. I just tell them I write and illustrate for my stories, which are available on my site.

Well, my ebook provider is changing their policies, and I never sell enough books to make it worthwhile to maintain an account with them. So, I feel the best course of action is just to eliminate all ebooks from the UMG Productions website. In the next year, there's going to be a lot of changes being made. I'm even considering having a new logo made. The one I have now is fine, but I think it needs a little less detail. My partner says most company logos have simple colors, and only 1-3 different colors. Not usually so detailed. But I can use a picture of all our characters as a cover pic. I will also work on that. Hopefully in January, you will see an all-new website.

I did think about making my stories available through Kindle, Nook and all those others, but they would have to be published in EPUB format. And since most of our stories have illustrations, they cannot effectively be published in EPUB. So, I figure the best thing to do is just to eliminate all ebooks from the website. I sell more paperbacks anyways. I started the ebook idea back in 2006, hoping to get a leg-up on this "going green" craze that was starting. But it seems most people would rather have physical copies of each book. So, that is what I am going with. Oh well. I've had to change ebook platforms twice now. I thought I had a forever winner with Sellfy. That is, until they changed to a paid subscription platform. It sucks! It's not worth it for the kind of ebooks I create. So, I figure the best thing is to just eliminate ebooks altogether.

In other news, I heard about Anna May, one of my old INXS buddies. She was still friends with my mom. She also was subscribed to me on YouTube. I still have her last message (I think). Well, I heard she died. That is so sad!!!! I PM'd my mom and told her. My mom said she really liked Anna May. She had just been thinking of her yesterday too. She felt bad. On behalf of both of us, I want to extend my condolences to Anna May's family. May she RIP in Heaven. I'm sure Michael will look after her.

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