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Monday, October 2, 2017

Something No One Will Believe!

I got an interesting PM from my mom earlier today. She told me that Kathy (my stepmom) sent her a friend request. Hmm. That's interesting. At first, I thought my mom had to have been joking with me. But no. She said there it was, plain as day. I thought Kathy was off of Facebook. I thought she left. But I guess she's back now. My mom was like "That bitch only wishes!" LOL! I could not believe it myself. Why would Kathy invite my mom to become her friend on Facebook? That doesn't make sense. It would have made more sense if she'd have come to either me or my sis.

I kindof wonder if it really was Kathy, or someone who is just using her name. I've been thinking of that. Because it wouldn't be like Kathy to ask my mom to become her friend on Facebook. That's not like Kathy at all. She has no ties to my mom. None at all. And my mom is like me, she doesn't like liberals. She and Kathy would not get along at all. So, I'm kinda wondering if it really was Kathy. Well, my mom is not crazy. Uhh, not really. LOL! She didn't accept Kathy's request. Who knows what could happen if she had accepted. This "Kathy" could possibly spam her. Who really knows? I totally believe it was possibly someone just pretending to be her. I looked for her name on Facebook, and she is not there. Of course she could have me blocked on Facebook.

I asked my sis if she also got a request. She said no. I never even got a request. I wouldn't accept either. Kathy lost all my respect when she brought Stephanie into a conversation that should have been kept between Kathy and my mom. I really do not like to feel that way about Kathy, as she did help me a great deal in getting into this apartment. I am grateful for that. But Kathy is older than my mom, and my mom would never have made my sis or I speak for her. It was a really bitch move for Kathy to do that, instead of talking it out with my mom for herself as an adult would. I prefer to hang with people who are self-sufficient. I don't see how what my mom said to Kathy was so offensive, but if she had a problem with what my mom wrote, she could have confronted her herself. That's what mature adults are supposed to do.

My sis was like "She'd better not try to contact us!" I said "She can contact me all she wants to. But I am not interested in associating with that family any more!" It's because of this total lack of respect for Kathy now. And this isn't the first time Kathy, or someone in her family, has done shit like that. Part of the reason I didn't want to stay in Lakewood was because of them. Same with my sis. She never has forgiven them for causing her to quit beauty school. One of Jennifer's friends was in that class, and she would report stuff back to Jennifer. To which Jennifer, being the dumbass that she is, would in turn report it back to dad. Then dad would call my sis, yelling or griping about what he heard. My sis finally got sick of it and had to quit beauty class. It's a shame too, because that is the one thing she is especially talented in. She'd have made a great beautician. Jennifer never once thought for a second that if my sis wanted dad to know about all this stuff, she would have told him herself. Dad did not need to know about everything that my sis said and did in that class! But that is the one thing I always hated about Kathy and her family; they ALWAYS did shit like that! They would blab whatever they could to my dad, or in front of my dad. They didn't care whether or not we wanted dad to know this stuff.

That kind of stuff happened all the time! Kathy and Stephanie both have done it to me, and Jennifer did it to my sis. Then those phonies would turn around and say how sweet my sis is. Neither I nor my sis were ever asked by them what or why we were doing what we did. Thank GOD Kathy and her family don't know my real big secrets. That's something they will NEVER get out of me! It'd be all over town the next day! That's why I have always had problems treating them like family. Family does not do the things they have done. My sis and I have both always been treated like nothing but outsiders by them. Neither Stephanie nor Jennifer really knew me either. All they knew about me was negative bullshit my father wanted them to know. They apparently never heard about the good things I have done through the years. If there was something negative going on in the family, Kathy and her family blamed me for it. While simultaneously saying my sis was an angel. Really, my sis could be just as evil as me, if not more so. Dad just never embellished that stuff.

Really, I barely knew Kathy's children. Before going to Arizona to visit them, I hadn't seen Stephanie for about 10 years. And I hadn't seen Jennifer since I don't know when. Probably about 25 years. They sure as hell did not know me. And I did not know them. And really, since I've gotten old, I try not to judge people I don't know. I told my sis Kathy does not deserve us. She needs to go back to her demon daughters and leave us alone. My business with her and her family is done. My dad's gone so, I don't have to have anything more to do with them. I still love my dad, and on his behalf, I am sorry it has come to this. But I do not want anything more to do with Kathy, Stephanie or Jennifer. They are nothing but strangers to me now. Since my dad died, my mind has been put on reset. 😁

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