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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Too Popular

I think I am getting too popular on YouTube. I am now up to over 450 subscribers on my channel. I never even expected to get 400 subs on YouTube, let alone over 450! It's cool, but it sucks! LOL! I know that sounds strange. But I never joined YouTube to become popular. I never wanted to become popular. I wanted to create videos, but I never wanted to create a video that became viral. There is a definite reason for that. I've seen YouTube destroy peoples' lives.

Recently, I found Joy Sparkle is no longer on YouTube. Too many trolls and haters got the best of her, and so she quit. I'm going to miss her. I can't afford to become anyone's patron on Patreon. So, if she is sticking solely to that, then I may never see her again. I actually enjoyed her videos. Even though she did talk a lot about the same subjects over and over again. If there is one thing I've learned in my years on YouTube, it's NEVER talk over and over again on the same subject. I've made videos about Onision, but I scatter them and I do not make 100+ videos about him. I've said before I did not want to turn my channel into an Onision bashing channel. That's just not my style. I may make one or two videos about Onision in a months' period, but I'd never make several in one day. I just don't do that.

Another thing I've learned never to do, NEVER talk about your personal life! Joy made the horrible mistake of constantly bringing up how sick she was. I have illnesses too. I have NEVER ONCE made a video about them. I've never even mentioned my sicknesses in any of my videos. Unless it's something minor like a cold. I may warn people that I have a cold and cannot speak too well, depending on how bad it is. But my big illnesses, I've never spoken of in my videos. I could talk about why I am so fat, but I choose not to. I prefer to just let trolls and haters think whatever they want to. It is so much easier than trying to explain anything to them. Because one thing I've learned is that no matter what, people are ALWAYS going to think what they want. You can't change it, so why fight it?

Another thing I've learned, no matter what you think, NO ONE on the internet is really your friend. That goes for YouTube, that goes for Facebook, and that goes for forums. You may find people you may like, and you might develop a friendly relationship with that person. But they are not your friend. If you meet them and they become your friend, then that's good. Then you can consider them a friend. But until that happens, they are not your friend. I've learned you can't even really say they are your enemies. You really just never know what is going through a person's mind that is online. That's why I am not too worried about what trolls and haters think of me. Not until they've actually met me and gotten to know me in person. I do warn people that I take time to warm up to people, especially strangers. I've often said I am like an animal who is brought into captivity for the first time.

Most of the time, I just ignore trolls and haters. Sometimes though they may say something that sounds rather interesting, and I will respond. But in order to really get my attention, you'd have to say something that REALLY sparks my interest. Nothing like the usual shit I've heard before. I'm more in favor of creativity. Like this one guy the other day commented on one of my videos, saying I sound like Stifler's mum, from the show American Pie. I don't watch that show, so I didn't know who Stifler's mum was. But the comment made me laugh anyway. The comments I don't respond to are the ones where the people say the usual "You're so fat, ugly, stupid, etc". That's not at all creative, just the same shit I get all the time. LOL! And more than half the time, the people who say that have no pics or videos of themselves on their channel, so chances are they're fat, ugly (and no doubt, stupid) themselves. Most of them won't admit it due to embarrassment most likely. Or they just want you to think they're better-looking than you are. I don't know what the point of that is either! LOL! Who cares?

Well, I haven't made a video in a while, my computer is still on the fix. But I just wanted to get this out there. Looks like I am becoming quite popular on YouTube, and I cannot control it. But hey, if PewDiePie can keep going, even though he is the most hated YouTuber now, then so can I.

In other news, I got another book up on UMG Productions. It's called Davy's Little White Lie, and it's about Davy and Lisa staying at the family cabin in the mountains. Davy meets a wild group of his own kind and wants to join them. There is a lot of snow in the story. I always said, if you want to make a story funny, add snow into the equation. That's definitely the case for this story. Find out what Davy lies about and why. It's a good story!

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