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Friday, November 3, 2017

OK, So My Secret's Out

Hehe! Now I know I have been found out. People now know I am Candi Finch on Facebook. Well, if they haven't figured it out yet, I'm shocked! Most people knew I am currently the forerunner of UMG Productions. I've also been pumping out stories like crazy this past couple months. Even Katrina decided to get in on the action. She submitted a story idea and I helped her complete it by supplying the illustrations. It's a brand new story, never before been released. It's pretty good too. She does have quite a head for story-telling. I guess I taught her well! Well (using my very best James Cagney impersonation--which isn't that good) I'm glad my secret's out now. Glad! You hear? GLAD!! LOL! Well, let's face it, I knew it was going to surface one way or another. I'm not surprised, I'm not shocked. I'm not angry either. Now at least, I can breathe again.

How did I come up with the name Candi Finch? Well, Candi is the name of one of my characters from UMG Productions. The one who is most like me. She appears in the stories INXS Goes to Mount St. Helens, and Hutchess: A Picture Diary. And "Finch" is the name of the guy I was married to at one time. Actually, it was spelled "Finsch". But I took the "s" out and just spelled it like Finch, like the bird. And I often do use a gouldian finch as my mascot on Facebook because of it. LOL! Long story there, but one I am sure everyone can guess. Anyway, I sent a friend a copy of my INXS compilation book, which is not even available yet on the site, and she posted her favorite pics from the book in her group. Which I am fine with. It's her book and it's her group! 😊 I sent it to her because I felt so bad about what happened to her child. I figured she needed a smile, so I sent her that book.

I never had kids, so I have no idea what it's like to lose one. I can only guess. I know nothing can completely cover the agony someone is feeling that just lost a child. But I just hope that book made her smile, if only for a few minutes. I owed this friend too. She shut Tess Obrien up when she talked about me behind my back on her group. For that, I am forever grateful. My emotions were too weak back then to shut anyone up. LOL! Well now, I've got Tess on ignore, so what the hell. LOL!

I've only blocked people that I personally had as friends on Facebook before that ditched me after my father died. In short, I blocked the libtard blind-sheep SJW fans. But like I said, there are probably others I should have blocked that I didn't know anything about. Now at least, they can block me if they want to. I really couldn't care less now. I'm done blocking people myself. Now, the trash I didn't see can take it's self out. My hands are clean.

Oh yes! As for ebooks on my site, forget what I said about them before, about them not being available after this year. I spoke to the ebook platform that I've been using, and they seem to have agreed to allow me to keep my privileges that I had before they became a paid site. Thank GOD!!! Now, I can keep my other INXS stories up!! Of course I do not get use of their new features, but that is OK. I got all I need now for ebooks and that's enough. What I was most worried about losing was PDF stamping!! Without that, any asshole can pirate my ebooks!! I don't want that! With that, at least I'd be able to see who they were if they tried.

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