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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Interesting Papillon-Mixed Dogs I've Seen On The Internet

Well, this is another post I wanted to do for this collection of amazing mixes on the internet. Today's breed is the Papillon. My sis has a papillon, Minnie. I used to own Minnie, and I've had 2 other papillon dogs in my time. In fact, I had one for nearly 14 years, his name was Andy. He was a good boy, all things considered. Papillons are known for the long fringes on the ears, which makes the ears look like butterfly wings. This feature is not lost in a lot of papillon mixes. So, let's look at some of the most amazing papillon mixed dogs out there...

A papillon-Cavalier king charles Spaniel mixed dog.

A papillon-border terrier mixed puppy.

A papillon-toy american eskimo mixed puppy.

A papillon-beagle mixed dog.

A papillon-border collie mixed dog.

A papillon-boston terrier mixed dog.

A papillon-australian cattle dog mixed puppy.

A papillon-chihuahua mixed dog.

A papillon-japanese chin mixed dog.

A papillon-Chinese crested powderpuff mixed puppy.

A papillon-pembroke corgi mixed dog.

A papillon-dachshund mixed puppy.

A papillon-field spaniel mixed dog.

A papillon-maltese mixed puppy.

A papillon-pekingese mixed puppy.

A papillon-pomeranian mixed dog.

A papillon-toy poodle mixed puppy.

A papillon-pug mixed dog.

A papillon-rat terrier mixed dog.

A papillon-schipperke mixed dog.

A papillon-miniature schnauzer mixed dog.

A papillon-sheltie mixed dog.

A papillon-shih tzu mixed dog.

A papillon-small german spitz mixed dog.

A papillon-tibetan spaniel mixed dog.

A papillon-tibetan spaniel mixed puppy.

A papillon-toy aussie mixed dog.

A papillon-west highland white terrier mixed dog.

A papillon-yorkshire terrier mixed puppy.

A papillon-jack russel terrier mixed dog.

A papillon-miniature pinscher mixed puppy.

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