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Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Mass Exodus

I've been hearing all day today about this mass exodus going on in this country. A lot of people who lived in California, even those that have lived there all their lives, are leaving. Well, this is an event that seems to have been foreseen. California should expect this, with it's high cost of living, taxes and illegal immigrant problems. They are too far leftwing to fix these problems, and people with sense don't want to deal with their shit. So, a lot of people are leaving. And it isn't just California that is in danger. Several leftist states are being abandoned. This is what happens when democrats take over.

Well, I know I've thought about moving before, but I think I should consider it again. California is being abandoned, Washington is being abandoned, pretty soon I fear Oregon will also be abandoned. I really do not want to move away from the coast. But if this place gets left to liberals, illegal immigrants and homeless living on the streets, I am going to have no choice but to leave. This complex alone has too many Mexicans. Too many Mexicans, I've noticed, turns places into shitholes. And this is coming from someone with Mexican lineage!! But my dad was here legally. He was not lazy, and he kept any place he lived looking decent. No cockroaches, no garbage laying around in the yard, he mowed his lawn weekly, he was Mexican but he totally defied all the typical stereotypes. And people here think I speak Mexican, just because I have a Mexican last name! One time I got a message on my answering machine that was in spanish, I deleted it because I could not understand it! To this day, I have no clue who that person was or what they wanted.

Well, if people do start moving out of this state and leaving it to illegal immigrants and liberals, I guess then the best thing for me to do is pack up my stuff and my dog(s) and move to Maine. I've been talking about it for years. I said if there was ever a place I wanted to move to if I ever moved out of the west coast, it would probably be to Maine. There is very little crime there, the weather is acceptable for my taste, they have that small-town feel throughout the state, they have the ocean, and best of all, they have lighthouses! That would be where I'd want to move to! I've never been there, and I have no family there, so I don't know the state at all. I'd be moving in blind. But I saw a video about a guy with his family, moving out of California to Florida. He too was moving there blind. But there was a difference. He had his wife and child with him. I'd just have Mya, and maybe a second dog. But one bright spot is I always manage to find someone to connect with, wherever I move to. My only problem is I take a while to warm up to people. Those people will have to be patient.

I've managed to make a few friends here even, a man named James, and my neighbor Shirley. I like them. I've gotten pretty close to them over the past few months. But again, it takes me a while to completely warm up to people. I am nice and friendly when I meet people, but it takes some time for me to be comfortable enough to accept them as a friend. In the meantime, I just ask that they be patient. James just bought a car. He's blessed! But I will miss him riding the bus. That was how I met him. He lives just a couple doors down from me. He used to help me with my groceries sometimes when I'd bring a load home on the bus. He's a sweet guy! Shirley is disabled, but a sweet person nonetheless, with an adorable chihuahua! And Mya really likes her too. If I move, I'd miss those people for sure. But I can hope wherever I move to, I'd find more people as nice as them.

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