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Monday, May 21, 2018

Bite The Dust

I'm getting kinda serious about opening up a pet shop in this town. I know it sounds strange, but I've always wanted to own my own pet store. I won't be selling puppies or kittens, but I will allow breeders to post litter announcements, play dates, and the like. But as livestock goes, I will sell birds, salt and freshwater fish, and small animals. The pet store in this town is already closed. I think I know why. Though he did not carry much in his store, I saw reviews and he had some pretty good reviews. One person gave him 4.5 stars, and another person gave him 5 stars, which is not bad at all. But I've already looked into getting a business license. But I think I'd better wait. I'm not a resident here. I've only lived here for nearly a couple years. I need to build up a good rep in this town. Kinda hard though when people here treat you like shit. But really, those same people here who do that I doubt even have pets, and surely would not be caught dead going into a pet store. So, I really don't think their opinions of me would matter.

Well, one woman in their little circle I know of has a cat. But a cat is not a pet. They're more like household squatters that make your house stink and feel dirty. That's why I will not ever enter a house that has a cat. I feel so dirty with them around! That's also why I won't carry kittens in my pet store. And I'll hire someone else to be in the store during play dates with cats and kittens, and totally fumigate the building after! However I will carry cat products. I'd have to, in order to be a successful full-line pet store.

I still think for now, I should begin strictly online, just to see how it goes. I'm asking the people in this town what they think of the idea of a pet store. I hope to get some feedback. I got one person who responded to me, and had some good advice. I'm taking it to heart. He suggested I do some research, which I am doing. I really think the main reason the other pet store in this town shut down is because of that doggone construction going on downtown, where the store was. But a lot of businesses went under because of that construction, which has been going on since I first moved here. If I do open a brick-and-mortar pet store here, I'd better wait until the construction is completely finished.

I've got to be friendly if I open a business though. I cannot let the hardcore libtards in this state get to me. It was so funny the other day, some liberals brought up Trump and Obama in an INXS group. I didn't see the argument, but I did hear about it. After reading all the comments, I said "Stupid libtard shits!" Well, one entitled libtard shit got butthurt because I said that saying "I'm a liberal shit" and she left. LOL! I just responded by posting Queen's video for Another One Bites The Dust. Man! I'm a real stinker!!! LMAO!!! But hey, it's just Facebook. And I don't care anymore. I used to care if I hurt other people on Facebook. But that all stopped when the blind sheep libtard SJWs spit on my father and didn't care how I felt. And I was never anything but nice to those people. Nice, caring and loving. And secretly, they never really were my friends. So, I am not friendly anymore. Deal with it! I'd rather be much hated for being an asshole to people, than to give kindness to people like I did last time, only to learn they were never my friends in the first place, and were just "being nice" to me. So now at least, if they hate me, they have a good reason to. That makes it all feel better.

I think I've learned my lesson. I think when my mom dies, I'm going to be better prepared. I won't go through that again. When my mom dies, I'm deleting everyone I am not that close to from my facebook friends. By "not that close to", I mean people I don't know personally. I'll only keep close friends and family. Others, they can add me again to their facebook later on, if they want to. But I highly recommend they wait a few months while I try to get off the emotional rollercoaster. I'm not going to keep false friends at a time when I don't need people who are going to play games with me after my mom passes on. So far though, I don't think my mom is going to pass on anytime soon. Unless a meteor hits her or something like that. But you never know. And this is just a warning. Once my mom dies, everyone except close friends and family is going to be deleted from my Facebook. It's nothing personal. It's just like I said, I'm going to need time to heal. If I'd known how the blind sheep really felt about me, I'd have done the same thing when my father died. That's why I'm saying this is a lesson learned, in more ways than one. I'm not saying the people currently on my facebook would do that to me. At least I don't believe they would. I'm just not taking any chances like that again.

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