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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Adopt Don't Shop Vs. Adopt OR Shop

OK, in light of my last post, I decided to create a post explaining why I believe more in the Adopt OR Shop movement as opposed to Adopt Don't Shop. This may get a bit racy so if this kind of subject bothers you, I suggest you move on to another post.

I found this site yesterday and I had some fun with it. It's called Quora. People online post questions and other people online answer those questions. I posted one today about how can you change my mind? I said I believe in Adopt OR Shop. Not in Adopt Don't Shop. I'd like to express why I posted this question.

First of all, the hardcore "Adopt Don't Shop" (or ADS) fags are some of the most annoying people I've ever met in my life!! And no, I am not using "fag" to make fun of gay people! I don't ever use the word "fag" in that context! Like I said before, the word has more than one meaning. I want to make that clear now. Anyway... Whereas some vegans are truly good people who do not care if you become vegan or not, ADS people will slam you for buying from breeders instead of adopting from the local animal shelter. And anyone who knows me will know that the harder you push me to think your way, the harder I will try NOT to believe in your cause. When I was a kid, I feared the consequences of not agreeing with the masses. But those days are over and I am over 40 years old. If I want something, I'm going to get it regardless of what others think.

The problems I have with adopting from shelters:

Now, I don't deny that there are MANY wonderful adoptable pets out there just waiting in a shelter for the right owner to come along, and I am certainly not going to talk anyone down from their beliefs of going to a shelter to adopt a dog or a cat. But there is just also several reasons I choose not to adopt from a shelter. Some of the main reasons are:

They come with problems. Why do you think the dog/cat ended up in the shelter in the first place? I'm sure it's not because they were perfect little angels. And although I know there could be other reasons (i.e the owner died, or moved and couldn't take the animal, or the family found out their kid was allergic), the fact of the matter is I've heard a lot of horror stories about rescue dogs attacking their new owners. I'd say it's about a 50/50 chance the dog (or cat) you get from a shelter is going to be untrained, unsocialized, not housebroken, or has attacked another person or animal. I don't want some uneducated person's baggage coming in my house by way of their poor, unwanted pets.

It's so limited! Dogs come in so many wonderful breeds, and I love dog breeds. The fact that they exist at all is a tribute to how wonderfully diverse the species is. It's such a shame that ADS people think the only option out there is to go to shelters. Most of the ADS fags I've ever met were mutt-people anyways. They don't know the truly joyful experience it is to own a well-bred purebred dog. To me, it's like comparing a manual-drive car to an automatic transmission car. Most of what I find in shelters is pit bulls and pit bull-type dogs, and mongrels, and I am not interested in either, personally. I don't want a pit bull, and I've never favored mutts over purebreds.

Most of the dogs that go in shelters are too old to be trained. That's why I'd want a puppy if I were to get a new pet. I want to be able to train it to my specifications. Not someone else's. I have no idea what that dog's former owner trained it (or didn't train it) to do. I have a rescue, Minnie. And she still has accidents in the house, despite constant training and taking her outside to do her thing, she still does it in the house! She was rescued from a puppymill, so she spent the first 3 years of her life taking a dump anywhere she wanted to. She brought that philosophy to our household and was never able to be trained out of it completely. That's the kind of thing you run into with shelter dogs.

Besides, I've never seen a shelter that carried birds like finches, or fish or reptiles, and I love those pets too. Those are basically the ones I plan to carry in my store.

Now, I am certainly not like the ADS fags. If you want to adopt a pet and not go to a good breeder to buy a puppy or kitten, go for it! More power to you. It's not in my nature to try to sway people to think my way. I can only give reasons why I choose not to do it. I'm all for saving lives. In fact, when my pet store opens, I've chosen to allow rescues to advertise dogs/cats they may have available, but I haven't given up the idea of also allowing breeders to advertise. My only conflict is should I really charge rescues to advertise on my "breeder's board" like I will breeders? Rescues don't usually do it for the money. They are usually non-profit organizations. I don't think they'll have the money to post. But that's also part of my business. I have to make money somehow. I know one thing I won't allow, I won't allow them to write up their own ads, because knowing the ADS fags like I do, they'll put somewhere "Adopt Don't Shop" on their ad, and I cannot allow that. At first I was going to allow them to hold monthly adopt-a-thons, but then I thought this idea would be better.

Several breeders on a group I am on say "If breeders stopped breeding, then where would the shelters get their dogs and cats from?" I admit that does sound a little silly. LOL! But I used to believe that way. If irresponsible people stopped breeding, there would be no need for shelters in the first place, so most of them would shut down.

Now what I hate about ADS fags:

They're very pushy!! If you don't agree with the ADS mantra, they think you are the most evil person on the face of the planet. And believe me, they come at you like you killed their entire family! Like that one woman on the Tillamook Community group on Facebook who threatened to picket my store (basically a bird and fish store). She was the very definition of an ADS fag! She was nasty and hateful, basically what I've always known fags to be! She even griped about how dog breeds were created for snobbery and contribute to the killing of shelter animals. LOL! Crazy fag-cunt! I don't remember her name right now, but I think the first name was Michele, or something like that. I know it was like Michelle, only spelled differently than average. But not only was she threatening to picket a fish and bird pet store, there were other things she said that was just catshit loony.

Another thing I don't like about them; they lump ALL breeders into the same category. Including responsible breeders who spend a good part of their lives improving their breeds. You try to tell them that there is a difference between a responsible breeder, a backyard breeder and a puppymill, and they just won't believe you. They have a fixed mind, and too many are fixed wrong.

But that is the reason I don't like ADS fags. Just like some vegans, they try to always force their propaganda on others. And when the other person doesn't relent, they want to treat that person like as if they were the most evil creature in the world. I don't go for that. That's likened to being a communist. I don't do that to them, although I could! But I choose not to because I'm an adult. I'm not in this world to change peoples' minds or make them think my way. That's not how I am built.

Now for Adopt OR Shop:

What I like about Adopt OR Shop is that it is wide-ranging. You have the freedom to choose either to adopt from a shelter, OR to buy from a breeder. Good breeders are pushing for this right. But I always caution people to be careful who they buy their puppies or kittens from. Make sure the person you are buying from knows what they are doing, has done proper pedigree research and has done all the necessary health tests on the parents. Yes they will cost you more, but it's well worth the money! That is what makes a breeder responsible.

What makes a breeder irresponsible? Well one way you can tell a breeder is irresponsible is they are purposely mixing breeds. They are the ones who want to create some more of these designer mutts that the ADS people complain litter the shelters. The breeders who are irresponsible create these puppies and sell them for money, and do not have a buy-back policy on their contract. In fact, none of them have a contract at all. If they do, it's to protect them, not their dogs nor the customers. They just sell to whomever comes along with the money first. Irresponsible breeders also do not have a health guarantee. I came across one on YouTube, back when I lived in Bozeman who said she could tell a dog was healthy just by looking at it. She was full of shit too! She bred for 25 years and said she knew everything. What she didn't know is that she spent 25 years learning the wrong things, which made her an idiot.

Well, I would put down what I don't like about Adopt OR Shop, but there simply is nothing I don't like about it. I love having the freedom to choose what I want without being treated like a convict. I happen to like purebred dogs. Fuck those who hate me for it! The only complaint Adopt OR Shop people have is just be careful who you buy your pet from. Don't support irresponsible breeders!

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