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Monday, June 4, 2018

People Are Phony

I may have used that in a title before on here, but it's true. People are fucking phony! I don't know what is wrong with people. On my INXS site, I was trying to share the video with one of my buddies on Facebook who did not get to see it. Of course I know the video was supposed to only be for November, but still! I tried to show it to her and she could not play it. It always worked before. Then I tried to play it myself and it still would not play! UGH!! I could have just thought about maybe I have the wrong player, as Google Drive only allows a select number of apps to run the files. Not all of them work properly unfortunately! But no, it's just not running at all.

Well, I have no proof of it, but I think I know who the hell is behind that malfunction. I bet it's that big-mouthed asswipe Rosanda Herbert who reported the video to Google. I truly believe this friendship she has with that twin Vincent Lamaro, and this aim to get a statue dedicated to Michael Hutchence may have driven Rosanda just a little bit mad. Well, not even just a "little bit mad", more like "Madder than a March Hare", LOL! I can remember a time when she was actually nice. I don't think it would be safe to mix the words "nice" and "Rosanda Herbert" in the same sentence anymore, even if I did still like her. Shoot! I'm glad we're not friends anymore. Besides, I think she hates animals. Not that that makes someone a better person, as I've found out over the years of being on the internet. I think if Michael were still alive, she wouldn't even like him anymore, if not for his music.

Yeah, to her it's "all about the music". And while I do agree Michael's music is nothing short of miraculous, I can only remember when I was a teenager and people would make friends with me only because I could draw animals good. Today, kids are so stuck on this shitty anime-style art that that would never happen now. But back in those days, people liked and appreciated any kind of art, even my cartoony-style drawings. I remember particularly this one boy who was in my class in middle school, his name was Donnie Duncan. I liked him at first, we became friends there for a while when he discovered how well I drew animals. I was always nice and kind to him like I was to everyone, and always drew pictures for him when he would ask me to. Then, this big boy named Otis moved into the school. He was never nice to anyone except his own kind. At the risk of sounding a bit racist, I will say this; yes, he was african-american. He only really associated with his equals. To everyone else, he was MEAN as an angry rattlesnake!

Well, in the beginning, Donnie made friends with Otis, and I tried to make friends with him too. But he was so mean, he would usually just creep me out. His voice was always monotone, and he never smiled or laughed. He was even nasty to Donnie, but Donnie never saw it. I could see it in his eyes though, Otis did NOT like Donnie! He never liked Donnie. He never liked anyone who wasn't like him. Well, about the time he took to regularly talking to Otis every day in class, I began to notice a little change in Donnie. Donnie began looking at me in disgust. My attitude towards Donnie did not change at all, I still tried to maintain our friendship. But as his days of friendship to Otis went on, he began to cast me aside like yesterday's dirty underwear with tiretracks in the seat! LOL! I still tried to carry on with him as if we were still buddies.

Finally, one day it happened. As Donnie was telling Otis about how well I could draw animals, Otis deprecated by saying he drew dragons, and pulled out a piece of paper and began drawing some dragons to prove it. Now, back in those days, I did not know how to draw dragons. I hadn't learned that skill yet. I mostly specialized in drawing different dog breeds and horses. Now, I will hand Otis this: he did draw dragons pretty good. I liked his drawings. I still didn't like him though, as hard as I tried to like him. But he did draw dragons better than I could back then. But that was the beginning of the end with me and Donnie being friends. I almost knew it from the moment Otis said "What's so great about drawing dogs?!" and Donnie responded with "I know it!" Like the blind sheep. I was stunned he said that! He always loved my drawings before Otis came along, and now here he is, saying he agrees with Otis saying my drawings were not so great. Normally, that did not bother me. So he preferred Otis's drawings to mine? No big deal! As long as his preferences didn't cause him to become destructive towards me. Ohhh but they would! That would come a little later on.

I clearly remember the next day, when Otis and Donnie were sitting in the classroom chatting with each other. Donnie was sitting next to me, as he usually did up to that point. Donnie and Otis chatted all through the hour of that classroom. I decided at that point to "test the waters". At several points, I tried to join them in their conversations with each other. But every time I did, Donnie would look at me like I had spiders crawling out of my mouth! Yeah yeah! I'm pathetic, I know! But keep in mind, I was only 12 years old at that time. My instincts were not fully in place like they are today. I didn't really understand that meant Donnie didn't want to be friends with me anymore. But it wasn't long after that that Donnie began calling me names and insulting me every chance he got.

Anyone besides me notice a bit of a pattern here? I mean, take away the Facebook factor, Rosanda and Donnie are so much alike, one would almost think they're brother/sister.

  • I was friends with Donnie. I was friends with Rosanda.
  • I was nothing but nice to Donnie. I was nothing but nice to Rosanda.
  • I thought Donnie was nice. I thought Rosanda was nice.
  • Donnie liked me because I drew him pictures. Rosanda liked me because I was nice.
  • Donnie changed when he met Otis. Rosanda changed when she met Vincent Lamaro.
  • I was the cast-off in both cases. Though I tried to maintain both friendships as long as I could by continuing to be nice to, and communicating with, both. Even after I knew it was all over.
  • Donnie found out Otis could draw better dragons. Rosanda found out Vincent played music.
  • I didn't draw dragons back then. I don't play music now. I just listen to it.
  • Donnie dropped me when he found out Otis didn't like my drawings. Rosanda dropped me when she found out Vincent Lamaro doesn't like me.
  • I attribute both to wanting something from me, and when they don't get it or don't get enough of it from me, they took it as I am no good to them anymore.
  • Donnie believed Otis when he said my drawings were crap. Rosanda believed Tess Obrien when she said I made fun of someone who [didn't] have cancer.

Geez! With all this shit going on is there any wonder why I want a wall built around me? But I am new to this "wall-thing". It still kinda hurts me to be so mean and indifferent to people. I think though, with time, I'll get better at it. The only difference between Donnie and Rosanda is 1) I knew Donnie personally. He actually later proved to be a jerk to everyone. 2) I was only 12 years old when Donnie and I were friends. He was just slightly older.

I kid you not. Donnie turned out to be one of those kind of guys who would start fights, and throw insults at others, and cry when they would punch him because he got too cocky. I even had to beat the shit out of him once. My second year in middle school, one day Donnie went full-nutso on me. He would take things from me, call me names, get other kids in the class to call me names, pretend like he was going to beat me up, just generally harassed me all through the hour of class. He made me so upset, I could not finish my work. No matter how hard I tried. I was 13 years old at this time. At the end of the class period, when we were all expected to turn in our work papers, I had to tell the teacher I did not finish my work. I didn't say why. I didn't want to say it was because Donnie and his buddies in class would not leave me alone. I didn't say anything until Donnie stepped in and told the teacher the reason was because I was "drawing pictures". Well, Donnie knew full-well that was not the reason I didn't finish my work. But by that time, I was beyond PISSED!!! I looked at him, probably with a look on my face that resembled that of a bear that had been prodded through his cage one too many times, I took the load of school books I had in my hands and slammed Donnie over the head with them.

I really wanted to do more than that. But the teacher was right there, and I don't like to fight anyways. But I did that without even thinking. I'd had enough of Donnie's bullshit by that time. Thankfully the teacher didn't say anything to me about hitting Donnie. But Donnie stood behind me in that [not-so] tough, manly stance, saying "I would hit a girl!" I looked at him angrily and dared him to try. I think I was so mad at that point, I would have flattened him! I have the feeling Rosanda is exactly the same way. She's probably one of those types that starts shit with people, and runs home crying when someone slaps her because she gets too cocky too. I'm pretty sure Tess Obrien is like that. I hate to blame the victim, but I have the feeling that's why her ex-husband beat her up. She probably got too cocky with him and told people lies about him too. I'd even wager now, her ex-husband probably never beat her up at all. She probably made that whole thing up so idiots on Facebook would give her sympathy and special treatment. Women who've been through spousal abuse don't usually do things like what she did, and they usually lack confidence. Tess Obrien does not present the picture of someone who has ever been abused. Especially at her age. But IF she was abused, and that is a big IF, I'd be willing to bet she was the one who instigated the beatings. Not him.

I do know for sure though, Rosanda squeals on people like a schoolroom sissy! One of my friends got reported to a photographer by her for using one of his pics. I told this friend I was not surprised at all that it was Rosanda that reported her. Rosanda betrayed me. There's no doubt in my mind she would betray ANYONE behind their back. Better watch out, to those who are still friends with her! She is evil! Rosanda is the devil himself. Fuck calling a back-stabbing bitch "a Jezebel"! From now on, I'm going to call them "a Rosanda"! LOL! I'm glad I am not her friend anymore. In fact, I have her ass blocked on Facebook. Fuck her! Fuck her and her stupid friends.

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