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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Well, I Got What I Wanted! LOL!

I'm still doing some research into opening up a pet store. Part of my research is asking people around town what they think of the idea of me opening up a pet store. I post that in as many places as I could, because I wanted opinions. Of course for my time on Craigslist, I knew it was going to be an unpopular post. But I must say, it did get a lot of attention! I posted it on 2 different groups on Facebook, and I began my post with "If this is not appropriate for this group, please feel free to delete, but I am just looking for some opinions..." I wanted peoples' honest opinions here. I wanted to hear from those for and against. I was willing to absorb each and every point of view.

Well, I must say I got bombarded by a hell of a lot of libtards who were the "Adopt Don't Shop" type people. But one of the things I mentioned in my post was that I personally was not going to sell puppies and kittens in my store, but instead allow breeders a space to advertise themselves. Yes, that also goes for rescues. But I wanted to see how people would react. Naturally, the "Adopt Don't Shop" people got butthurt because I wanted to allow breeders a space. I would actually say the reactions I got were about half-and-half. Half the people wanted to see a decent pet store in this town, the other half were the "Adopt Don't Shop" group, and they didn't want to see a pet store in this town. One guy from the ADS group even called me names, and I had to put him on ignore. One really weird woman even went so far as to say "Consider me not one of your customers and potentially someone who will picket your store every day." Now, I could have got a little sarcastic here and said to her "Am I supposed to be concerned? Oooooh I'm SOOOOOOOOO SCARRRRRRED!!!" LOL!! But that would have been childish, and I am the professional here. But trust me when I say I really wanted to say that! LMAO!! This woman was wacky to be honest. She must have been a PETA supporter because she had an attitude like "Dog breeds are not natural. They are man-made objects created for the sake of snobbery and cause the deaths of thousands of innocent animals!" Seriously! That's what she said! LOL!! I just laughed at her. Only a PETA supporter would really say bullshit like that.

I don't care if she pickets! Truly, I don't. Once my store goes up and I get regular clientele, I'll let my reputation speak for it's self. Besides, not sure who would care since I already stated that I was not going to sell puppies in my store. I think she was especially butthurt because I said I don't like the "Adopt Don't Shop" type people. Well! I don't! They're as annoying as vegans! They're as annoying as nazis!! They're annoying liberals! Some guy thought he would "get even" with me by saying "I don't like breeder type people because they are responsible for the deaths of thousands of adoptable animals". I told him he's thinking of backyard breeders and puppymills. I think about responsible breeders. He thought he was going to piss me off. But I am not like the ADS crowd. I don't care if he doesn't like breeders. My feelings are not hurt by that at all. Not by him or that crazy woman either saying they don't like breeders or dog breeds. That's their opinions. They have a right to them. I told them I have a lovely girl, a sheltie, I got her from a breeder when she was a baby. I wouldn't trade her for nothing in the world. And yes, I would buy from a breeder again before I would go to an animal shelter. All they have in shelters is pit bulls or other big aggressive breeds, mixed breeds, and dogs with problems. I live in an apartment, I can't have some breeds. And I am not a mixed breed lover. I love all dogs yes, but for me, myself, to have a mongrel, well, it just wouldn't be enough to satisfy me. And I don't want a grown dog. I'd rather have a puppy that I can train to do what I want it to do.

I'll tell you, I was bombarded by the ADS people!! If I had been an egg, I would have been scrambled by now!!! LOL!! But, I kept my cool. I did not lose my head and call them names. I preferred to just sit by and let them lose their cool. Just a couple people I had to block because they got too childish. And that is the problem with ADS people. That's the difference between them and responsible breeders. Well, MOST responsible breeders. I won't say I haven't met my share of childish responsible breeders, that would be lying. But they've been NOTHING compared to the ADS people. ADS people tend to get more catshit loony. Breeders at least tell you the truth. They recognize their job is to improve the breed and keep dogs and cats out of shelters by offering a buy-back contract. And most of the responsible breeders I've met recently were all for "Adopt AND Shop", which is cool. ADS people don't do that. They lump ALL breeders into one category, the bad people category. Whether they are talking about backyard breeders, puppymills or responsible breeders. Just like freakin' vegans!! I learned to ignore vegans. I can learn to ignore the ADS people too.

Well, a couple said that I should go to the shelter and see what they're like. One person even suggested I meet with this one woman I think her name was Natasha, in one of the rescue groups. I said I'd think it over. I had to put Natasha on ignore because she was one of the ADS people who got a little too childish. Another person said that I probably lost about half my business when I said I don't really like the ADS people. Well, those people who were offended by that statement already made up their minds before I said that that they were not going to come to my store. Which is fine with me. Again, my feelings are not hurt. The pet store is not even up yet, it's still in the visionary stage. But I'm here in town, I'm gonna have what they want. I plan to carry items no other store in this town has. If they don't want to come into my store to get it, they can go to Portland and get it. I don't care.

I've been thinking of some awesome ideas for my store. I want to start online though. I want to carry the best pet food brands there are, including the kind I get for my own baby girl. You can't get that brand in the stores out here. Believe me, I looked. I've even thought about having delivery service in town, aquarium set-up, assembly and troubleshooting since I am so good at that, custom bird cages, fresh-baked dog treats, etc. I'm the only store in this town that would have them. If those ADS fools don't want to come, hey! That's fine. Go to Portland and get your pet's stuff for all the fucks I give. It's a long drive and kinda hectic in the winter though! LOL!

Well, I've got to say, I didn't say any of that in the Facebook group I posted that in. I kept my cool, remained very professional, mostly sat back and watched as the ADS people lost their heads. Most of them. But since this is my blog; my ranting place, I'll state it here. But you know what? For all the cool I displayed in that post, I was the one who was kicked out of the group! LMAO!!!!! I find that so hysterically funny!!! The group owner must have been another ADS person. See what I mean about ADS people going catshit loony?! LOL!! I was the one who kept her cool and yet I was kicked out of the group!! I even mentioned at the beginning of the post that the manager could delete the post if it's not allowed. I didn't care! The ADS people were the ones who lost it and I was kicked out because of it. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!! I love it when liberals can't handle the truth. But hey! I got what I asked for. I wanted other peoples' opinions, and I got it. I'm not angry or upset in any way because I did want opinions. It was just a bit surprising that I was the one who maintained my professionalism and yet I was the one who was kicked out of that group. LOL! Makes me laugh!!😂😂😆😆

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