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Monday, July 30, 2018

Choices, Choices!

I was watching a video about vegans protesting a restaurant in Canada, this restaurant is called Antlers and it serves deer meat. I've tried deer meat before and it is pretty good. It's very lean meat too. Not like factory farmed beef that makes you get fat. Yes, I know I am already fat!! But it's because I like chocolate. Not because I like meat. I've given up chocolate before and lost weight. But I never gave up the meat. Anyways, in this video, these vegans say they oppose killing animals because they just want to live their lives. But when asked how they feel about abortion, they said that they refused to answer that question. Well, here is the video, courtesy of YouTube/Rebel Media.

I find it funny that these vegans can answer questions relating to slaughtering animals for food, but cannot answer questions about aborting babies. Of course that proves that vegans are liberals. Liberals are all for abortion. Even if it does mean killing their own species in fetal-form. They'll kill another human, but they don't think twice about saving another species. Libtard logic! There is none!

I saw this video and the first thing that came to my mind was "I bet each and every one of those protesters has a cat at home". NO ONE needs cats!! But like I told one friend of mine, a vegan who owns a cat has no right to complain about people who eat meat. Cats are the biggest enemy of vegans because it shows their hypocrisy in plain sight. Either they are feeding that beast a vegan diet, which slowly kills them, or they are not feeding it a vegan diet thus still contributing to the slaughter of other animals for food for a creature that no one needs to have around. Vegans talk about how killing animals for our own consumption is wrong because they think we don't need it. Well, I say again, NO ONE needs to have a cat! So, if you are a vegan and you own a cat, you are needlessly contributing to slaughtering animals anyways.

Vegans always bring up the same bullshit argument; "Cats are obligate carnivores". That's still not a good argument for being a vegan and owning a cat! Like I said, NO ONE needs a cat! Cats are the most useless creatures you can even have. I'd respect vegans more if they owned vegan pets, like rabbits, or hamsters, or guinea pigs, or birds. But not if they own (or even would love to have) a damn cat!! I have zero respect for a vegan like that. Because they are hypocrites. I even had one vegan tell me "I like rabbits, but I prefer cats". Well, apparently veganism is not about what you prefer. I would prefer to have a nice, juicy steak over a plate full of broccoli. It's about what is "ethical" (by vegan standards). I also had another vegan say "If a vegan chooses to own a cat, then it is their choice". My answer was "Then it is my choice if I want to have a steak or a salad". At least those animals usually die quickly. Cats torture other animals before they kill them.

Honestly, I don't know how vegans cannot make the connection between the hypocrisy they show in owning a cat, but do their damndest to try to connect eating beef and petting our dogs as some innate form of hypocrisy. That's one thing about vegans I will never understand. And why I have absolutely NO respect for vegans.

Speaking of cats, I have some funny anti-cat memes. LMAO!!!

I made this one up myself. This is what I always want to do when some idiot libtard compares my Michael to a dumb cat...

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