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Thursday, July 12, 2018

I Already Answered This Question!

I mean really! People amaze me sometimes. Someone again asked on one of the INXS groups I follow who would be best to play Michael if there were ever a movie. Once again, more people say Aiden Turner. Someone posted a pic of him that made him more look like Rhett than Michael! LOL! But really, in all seriousness, I cannot see Aiden Turner playing Michael. I still favor Kit Harington as Michael's lookalike. You know one thing I've noticed over the years, most of the people who say Aiden Turner would be the best fit are usually people who have never met, or gotten to know, Michael! And the people who did know Michael personally agree that Kit Harington is the better fit. Michael had a partly-dangerous, partly-innocent look, as does Kit Harington. Aiden Turner has none of the innocent look. He's more all-beastly. Seriously, when I first saw Harington's pic in a magazine, I thought I was looking at a picture of Michael himself!! But it was an article titled "Top 10 most handsome men of 2014", and Michael wasn't alive in 2014. So then I thought I was looking at his long-lost twin brother! LOL!

You know one thing I find particularly funny, whenever someone mentions Kit Harington playing Michael, the Turnerfags get angry. Probably because they know Kit Harington is indeed the better fit, and a more handsome man than Aiden Turner is. But that's a fricken liberal for you! They get angry at the dumbest things!! I was more offended by someone saying Aiden Turner was prettier than Michael! UGH!! I was sitting here thinking "You must be joking! Or blind! Or brain-dead! Or something!!" Turner is nowhere NEAR as good-looking as Michael!! I should have posted that out loud! LOL! Michael is like the #1 MOST handsome man of all time! I was sitting here thinking, I can think of several men who outrank Aiden Turner in being handsome! Michael being one. The only one who comes closer (or equal) to being as attractive as Michael is Timmy. And then after Timmy, I'd have to say the next most attractive man ever is probably Bill Bixby. Bill Bixby was gorgeous enough to have been a male supermodel!

Kit Harington may not be the 4th most handsome man of all time, IMO. But he is definitely in my list of top 10 most handsome men of all time! As for Aiden Turner--he's not even in my top 100. Which means I can think of at least 100 men in history that I think was more attractive than Aiden Turner!! LOL! Anyone who says he's more attractive than Michael has got to be blind!

Well, Aiden Turner may not be attractive to me, certainly not attractive enough to play Michael in a good movie. But I do have respect for him, being a dog-lover. Dog people are so rare these days, most people nowadays are favoring cats. The fact that Aiden Turner prefers (and owns) dogs proves to me at least that he is a man's man. Men who prefer cats are usually wussies. That's why I find it difficult to see most singers, writers and artists as real men. Those are usually the types that prefer cats. To me, the manliest men are actually cowboys. There's just something particularly attractive about a man with a dog and a horse!

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