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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Liberals Have The Highest IQ?

Really?? Naw! Well, in all fairness, they do know better than anyone else how to screw things up in this country. I guess that does take a higher IQ. They do know, better than anyone else, how to drag made-up facts out of their ass. That would take a higher IQ. They also know how to make up those facts that they pull out of their ass. That definitely takes a higher IQ and a good amount of creativity. But having a higher IQ just simply means their basic skills are good. I have a high IQ. Mine has been measured at around 149. But sometimes I just don't act like it, like the liberals. My memory SUCKS!! And sometimes I don't say what I need to say at the moment I need to say it. Especially when I am in a confrontation. I get very flustered in situations like that.

Personally, I think only a liberal thinks other liberals have the highest IQ. Some just may even. But per capita, it seems they have more brain farts than any other populace. They think they're doing good, but really, all they are doing is ruining everything. Now, they are creating a divide in this country. I'm personally on the side of teaching all immigrants to speak english. Leave their language back in their native land! Don't bring it here! My dad learned to speak english! So can they. But liberals would argue that I am prejudice because I believe everyone in this country should speak english. It's not too much to ask. I don't even talk to many people in this complex because most of them only speak Mexican. It's annoying!! And they are taking over, unfortunately! Well, I thank GOD that fat manager who used to bug me about Mya is gone. My dad was Mexican too, but he was a hard worker. He took the time and effort to learn to speak english, then came to this country. Throughout my life, I only heard him speak spanish a few times, and that was usually to cuss.

Liberals don't make a difference. Well, yes they do, but never in a good way. Now, they are trying to take away our rights of free speech. And see, I knew this was going to happen. Once Obama took office, I just knew everything from then on was going to be topsy-turvy in this country. And look at it now. It is! Once this bill in California passes saying we'll be arrested and fined for "misgendering" someone, then our country truly will have reached rock-bottom! I don't complain when someone calls me fat names. Trust me, people have tried! I recently got some gay guy on YouTube who kept calling me a "fat ugly bitch". It didn't have any affect on me at all. I just said to him "yah, yah, yah." which basically means I'm getting bored with someone. He thought he had triggered me. LOL!! But he didn't say anything I haven't already heard before. I think he was just trying to deflect the fact that I had already triggered him when I called him a panther fag. LOL! But anyway, I don't get angry anymore when people call me fat names because I just figure it's their rights of free speech.

Actually, if I am going to be an asshole, I need to build a much thicker skin than I've ever had before. I am still working on the asshole thing. Most of the liberal INXS fans have stopped speaking to me, which means at least I'm getting better at this. And I am perfectly happy with them not speaking to me. Once again, at least I know I won't have any false friends like the last time. I don't even do my Timmy-squeals anymore for that particular reason. Well, I did it for one good friend, but ONLY for her! I told her the only reason I did it was because she said only the two of us could see that post. I'd do that for her, but not for anybody else.

Well, there's plenty of advantages to liberals not speaking to me on Facebook, and they FAR outweigh the disadvantages. In fact, I cannot think of any disadvantages to that at all. LOL! The liberals gripe when ever I say I don't like Paula Yates. Now when they do that, I just tell them to shut up. I don't try to reason with them anymore because I've found you can't reason with libtards. Paula has no rights, as a celebrity. Even Dr. Phil recognizes now that he is a public figure, he has no right to complain about people calling him names. And he says people on his forum call him some nasty names!! It's true though, you put yourself in the public eye, some people will like you and some people won't. That's just the way it is. And I just happen to not like Paula Yates for various reasons. One of the biggest is how she ruined Michael's life, AND Lily's. Yes she had his baby. But anyone could have done that! I could have done that! Having Michael's child does not make Paula special! Paula also abandoned Michael's child. To me, that makes her a dumbass. I don't even like calling her the "mother of Michael's child", she's not Lily's mother. She's just the woman who birthed her. IMO, she lost the rank of 'mother' when she abandoned Lily.

I can excuse Michael because I truly believe he was murdered. But Paula deliberately killed herself. She isn't worth shit in my eyes. I don't like her and I am gonna say so! If the libtards don't like that, ppth, then they can go fuck themselves! That's their problem. It's not disrespecting Michael. Paula already crossed the line in disrespecting Michael when she abandoned Lily, leaving her with Michael's worst enemy to raise. To me, Paula is just a reproducer. And heck! A cat can reproduce. A mosquito can reproduce! Can't get much lower than those two! LOL!

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