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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

This Video Looked Into My Head and Pulled Out My Thoughts!

Video Courtesy of YouTube/The Dave Cullen Show

I swear this guy opened up my head and pulled out my thoughts! That turmoil I had with the libtard SJW INXS fans a couple years ago is beautifully simulated by this guy in this video, with a little bit of help from Family Guy. Now, I don't like Family Guy. I still don't watch it, on account of there was still the thing about them poking fun at my Michael! But in this video, this guy points to certain scenes and shows why today's SJWs and libtards are so fricken annoying. This is why I don't want to make friends with other INXS fans! Because I found out they all act like the SJWs specified in this video.

Two things stand out in the clips. One is the guy on the smartphone that is asked what are his triggers, and he gets triggered by someone asking him what his triggers are. Such a minor stupid thing! But that's how today's liberals and SJWs respond to everything new. Apparently they don't like change. Another thing that stood out was when Brian the dog tweeted he was white, and suddenly an angry mob surrounded his house, and when he tried to apologize for the joke he told, the libtard SJWs wouldn't have it. The guy conducting this video also stated never to apologize to anyone. SJWs don't want apologies. They just want to destroy someone that is not PC.

That statement reminded me SO MUCH of the turmoil I had with the libtard SJW INXS fans right after my father died, it made me think this guy opened up my head and took out my thoughts. That is what they wanted to do, they wanted to destroy me. Most of them had been wanting to ever since I said all radicals should be blown off the face of the Earth. I still believe that too. Good to know I'm not the only one who believes they should all be nuked! I hate radicals. I just don't call them "radicals" much anymore. Now, I just refer to them as SJWs. It sounds better, and better describes their lifestyle. LOL!

See, I know Kelly P. read my blog, and she must have found out that way that my father died of cancer. And Kelly P, being the kind of attention-seeking cunt that she is, got jealous because I was getting more attention from people I called "friends" than she was at that time. I think she got scared thinking 'Hey! I'm not getting any attention from these certain people anymore. I need to do something to get the attention back on myself!' So, she made up the story that she too had cancer. Frankly, from the beginning, I did smell a rat there. If she did have cancer, she sure recovered quickly with no side-effects. My dad was not that lucky! His cancer claimed his life, and it's not something I am happy about or told people just for attention. No matter what Kelly P. thought. In fact I remember one day I told my dad that I have all my friends on Facebook praying for him, and he was grateful for that. He actually said thank you. That's something I never mentioned online and told no one else.

Well, someone else I knew, from another kind of lifestyle, got a bladder infection and ended up in the hospital, and it was a person I did not like. She'd always treated me and my sis and friends like dirt. That was about the same time Kelly P. got jealous and greedy enough to tell people she had cancer. So when I spoke of the person I did know on here, people thought I was talking about Kelly P. because I didn't like her either. I didn't like Kelly for many reasons. Main reason being she's a fricken two-faced liar. I'd bet 95% of everything she says online is nothing but a lie. Including her own loyalty to whatever it is she calls "friends".

Anyway, I apologized for the confusion because people thought I was talking about someone I wasn't talking about at all. At the time I wrote the post, I had no way of knowing Kelly P. even announced she had cancer. She had me blocked on Facebook then. So, I never would have seen any posts from her. I didn't know Kelly P. even wrote such a post until one of my friends told me what I wrote about her was disturbing to her. At first I thought she thought I was talking about another libtard named Kelly, whose brother was also suffering from cancer. And I told her that I wasn't talking about her. But then she pointed out she was talking about Kelly P. I honestly did not know what she was talking about. But I'd never known this friend to lie, so I believed her. But I told her I had no idea Kelly P. even had cancer. I never saw an announcement. All I saw was people deleting themselves from my friend list on Facebook. Even people I thought really were good friends. That was when I apologized for the confusion. I never apologized to Kelly P. though. I remember Rosanda demanded I do so. But I refused. I wasn't even coming close to apologizing to Kelly P. as I did nothing wrong to her.

That's one of the points made in this video. NEVER apologize to libtard SJWs. They don't want to hear it. All they want to do is destroy you. The facts pointed out in this video; ie, the disdain against me for no reason, accusations without proof or trial, and general lack of empathy for someone who is not PC; reminded me so much of the SJW libtard INXS fans, it just seemed like this guy took a piece of my memory and made a video around it. Funny thing is Seth McFarlane is a liberal too. But he's definitely not an SJW! Perhaps there is a difference. I saw a guy on Quora today who himself admitted that he laughs at crazy liberals too. He's only the second one I've met like that in my short, political career.

Well, like Rosanda said, the damage is already done. Now, I don't make friends with anyone, especially libtard INXS fans, and I don't trust SJWs. And I am not the nice person I was before this all happened. Now, I am MEAN!! Hateful and nasty!! Yep, the damage has been done. But not in the way Rosanda expected. LOL!

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