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Monday, September 10, 2018

Another Melted Snowflake!!

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Yes! My plan is working out great! Another snowflake blocked me on Facebook. Well!! She deserved my wrath!! She called my Michael a lion! Some joker by the name of Lopez Michelle. Or Michelle Lopez, whatever the fuck!! I don't give a shit either way what it's name was, it was nothing but a snowflake! I told her anyone who would say Michael is a lion (or the female version of a lion) is nothing but stupid! She was TRIGGERED by that statement, as I knew she would be. Oh man! She kept going on about how I need help and told me to shut up. Yet, she was the one who kept going on and on and on. I only said two more things to her. I told her "I'll defend my Michael like a momma bear. Don't call him a lion! Lions are EVIL!!!" And then I showed her this...

LOL!! Well, she lost it after that! She even went so far as to get threatening, posting a meme saying some shit to the effect of "Don't fuck with me! The last bitch who tried that is now under a house". I just laughed at her. What the fuck does she think she's going to do to me? LMAO!! She cannot do shit! I told her to "Shut up snowflake!" So she did the only thing she could do; she blocked me on Facebook. I said "Good!!" Remember this...

Yup! I'm a badass! I'm sure as hell not friendly anymore. I gave that shit up when I found out it wasn't getting me anywhere on Facebook. I was friendly in 2016 and before. But this is 2018, and I've learned a few things about Facebook "friends" over the last couple years. LOL!! I still have my real friends and family on Facebook. And I have my Mya-moo!! So, I don't care if this Lopez-bullshitter chick has me blocked. Has no effect on me at all!

As I pointed out in my last post, lions are evil! Even the Bible it's self says so. 1 Peter 5:8
"Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:"

But libtards don't believe in GOD or the Bible. They don't even believe in facts. But whom am I describing here...

He is powerful. He is deceptive. He kills for fun. He is sadly and notoriously charismatic.

Besides humans in general, you'd believe this is describing a lion. Lions are powerful, even I must admit. They are deceptive, they blend in with the grass and disappear so their prey does not see them, and then they can pounce, unknown until it's too late. He kills for fun, lions kill hyenas, leopards, wild dogs, cheetahs for no other reason than to eliminate competition for food. They are sadly and notoriously charismatic. Not in a cute way, like Michael! But in the most evil way I can think of; because they do kill everything. I see it all the time with panther fags on YouTube. They always root for the lions. Even if it is killing for fun. However, in that sentence I was not describing a lion; I was actually describing Satan. (John 8:44; Ezekiel 28:12-15; 2 Corinthians 11:14) Strange how all the things crazy people love about lions are also things found in Satan and we hate these things about him.

I don't often quote the Bible on this blog. It's been years since I've done it. But this is to prove a point that lions are indeed evil creatures. Cats are no better really! LOL! I heard the Israelites hated cats, just like the Egyptians hated sheep. That's why the ancient Egyptians all died off and the Israelites are still alive today. They traded a creature of many uses; the sheep, for the favors of a totally useless creature; the cat.


I'm glad to see another snowflake gone!! LOL! Let's hope more get gone in the future. But you notice how she got threatening? Again, that's the same behavior I see all the time in libtards. I did not threaten her in any way. I just said anyone who would call Michael a lion (or a female lion) is stupid. But that's OK. I'm not mad about it. Trust me I'm not. LOL! She's just doing what libtards typically do! And I love how well it proves my point!

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