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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

"Amazing" Parents Today

This is sad. I was on Quora and there is a question someone asked that says her toddler keeps punching their dog and the dog keeps growling at the child. She asked how she can stop her dog from growling at the toddler when he does it. Really?! What is this surge of stupid parents having dumb kids??!!! I just told her "You don't stop the dog! You slap the toddler silly upside his head when he punches the dog!" If that was my child, I sure would do that! Most of the time, dogs do not attack for no reason. That dog was being very patient giving that child a warning to stop punching him before he bites the kid! And no doubt the parent will blame the dog and the dog will wind up in a shelter.

People today! Are they really this stupid?? Well, it's not just today. I remember back in 1992, I was looking for a babysitting job. One person I went to an interview for had a 2 year old girl. The mom was really nice, the child seemed like a good child. The mom even offered me some ice water, which no one ever did! So, she was very nice. Well, in that house, her roommate also had a little kitten that I also met. We did the interview and I was observing. The mom specifically instructed the child not to touch some food that was on their dining room table. And thus we continued the interview.

At one point during the interview, I saw the mom get up, rush over to the dining room, where I saw the child crouched on the floor, giving food from the table to the kitten. Clearly, that kid disobeyed her mom. But the mom didn't do anything about it to the child. Instead, she smacked the kitten clear across the room! I was angered by that! I was sitting there thinking "That was not the kitten's fault! It was the child's fault! The child should have been smacked across the room instead!" Well, that turned me off to that job! If the mom tells this child not to do something, and she does it anyway, and never even gets punished for disobeying, then the child must be a wholly terror! And I did not want that job.

So, as nice as the mom was to me during the interview, I just as politely as I could muster got up, said goodbye and walked to my car. But in my car I cursed those people! Everything that I had held inside of me came barreling out! I kept saying how I should have taken that kitten with me. That mom, as nice as she was, was so dumb to hit the kitten for something that was the kid's fault! I said I definitely didn't want that job! But I was just angered that the kid did something she shouldn't have done, and should have been spanked for, but did not get spanked! Instead, an innocent kitten was slapped across the room! And I swear when the mom slapped the kitten, the toddler just sat there and laughed at it.

Yeah I know. That was a different time. I'd never feel that way now. I used to like cats back then. That was before this internet cat-craze and before I kept getting bombarded with "cat videos" and "cat stories" by fricken libtard catfags. Back in those days, I didn't ever experience catfag mania, which gets sickening and oftentimes, stupid! Especially when I hear libtard INXS fans compare my Michael to a dumb cat or a stupid panther!

This woman on the left is often how I look when I see a cat video or someone tells me about their cat or insists I look at pictures of their cat:

Or maybe my face looks a lot more disenchanted. Especially if it's a gray tabby. Face it, cats are truly BORING!!!

My sis and I saw a guy with a new kitten today, he had the thing on a leash! It was a white-footed siamese type cat. My sis wanted to cuddle it, and she did. I just held back. I don't touch cats LOL! I still find them dirtier than dogs.

But anyway, what is with today's parents. They need to stop trying to be friends with their kids and start actually parenting them! It makes me mad when I see parents allowing their dumb kids to abuse animals, or other kids even, and don't even punish the kids! Like I've said before, kids need to have that fear of authority put into them. You cannot negotiate with kids like you can with adults! Kids don't have the brain capacity to negotiate properly. After they've learned right from wrong, as teenagers, you can start to negotiate with them. But the toddler-preteen years, punishment should be non-negotiable! A child shouldn't have a choice then. An arresting police officer is not going to give the child a choice to go to jail or not if he beats someone up or kills someone! Or robs a bank! So, parents should begin with the child in punishment when they are young. When a parent tells a kid to do something, he/she should do it! And don't punish an innocent by-stander when the kid disobeys!!!

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