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Friday, October 5, 2018

Feminists In Fear

I was watching a video by a MGTOW guy, and he was talking about how feminists today are getting scared of what they created. All the good men are going MGTOW, and in no way are desiring a relationship with women. So, the women who do want to get married and have a family, are not able to unless they scrape the bottom of the barrel. All the men who make good wages want to keep to themselves and not have a family.

Well, modern women have no one but themselves to blame for that! Just like all libtards who create problems and then expect the world to pick up after them! They became too radical in their views against men. Personally, I like men. I don't like the concept of marriage, but I do like men. I love looking at pics of my favorite guys of INXS. Face it, I'd never be able to find a man as good as them! Well, the one guy I was married to (for about a year) was a very good guy. We're still buddies. But I just didn't like marriage. I like being free. And I didn't want to have children. Although my mom wanted grandkids. I didn't want to be tied down to children. And looking at what schools have become nowadays, I'm glad I didn't have children! Kids today have grown up to be dumb!

My sis and I were discussing this last night. With all schools now teaching liberal nonsense, like common core math, gender studies and other such nonsensical bullshit, I'm glad I don't have kids to send to school now. It's best to homeschool kids now. I even heard PETA is invading schools now with their propagandists bullshit! Whatever PETA has to teach, I wouldn't want my kids to learn. It's all based on ridiculous peoples' feelings. Not facts. I'd want my children to learn FACTS. Maybe respect peoples' feelings, but live life going by facts.

See, that's why this world is going to pot. Men don't want to marry women anymore because they were brought up that all women are liars and cheaters and the rise in third-wave feminism where women think all men are bad. People don't have respect for other peoples' feelings anymore because we're sick of the crybabies that want to make any form of free speech "offensive". You go too far in your radical beliefs, this is what happens. People start railing against others. See, this is why I wanted to see radicals blown off the face of the earth!! I wish it had happened before it went this far!!

Facts are the enemy of all liberals. But facts are facts. There's no way to change them, no matter how hard the liberals whine about them. Feminists did cause their own fate today. Transgenderism is a mental disorder. Black Lives Matter is the cause of black peoples' problems today. There are only 2 genders and no more. There is a GOD in Heaven. There is no such thing as a "safe space". MGTOW got started because feminism went too far. And if your only companion is a bunch of cats then you're a loser.

Those are facts! But libtards want to shut off facts, and form their own version of "facts". Well sorry. I listen to science! Not libtards and SJWs. In fact, I've had it with SJWs. I have friends that are liberals, but I have no friends that are SJWs, and I don't want any! If I ever find out I have another SJW among my Facebook friends, they are going to be deleted and blocked! I won't tolerate it anymore. They can take their whining, and pseudo-"facts" and other bullshit and go cry to someone else. I'm not going to be the one anymore. Or better still, they can stick it up their ass!

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