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Monday, October 8, 2018

If I Were To Breed Dogs Again...

I look on Facebook still now and then, and I have quite a few breeder friends. One is having some problems with other breeders and she is young. Now, I have worked with some young people in the past, I know I've spoken about it here before. The one that comes to mind is the teenager who stood up for her friend who wanted to keep mixing chihuahuas with pomeranians, and I said that was wrong. Well, the difference between that teenager and this girl on Facebook is the teenager had no intention of improving the quality of her own dogs. She wanted to continue breeding poor quality Taco Bell dog lookalikes. But this girl I know on Facebook has been trying to improve the quality of her own dogs by buying from reputable breeders, even sending overseas for breeding dogs.

Well, twice I've heard of her getting slammed by other, older breeders. Why does this go on among other breeders??? I mean, I know breeders try to educate others in the breeding world, and most (like me) try to get them to do better in their program. But why do some of the old fart breeders have to be so hateful? I don't understand that! Maybe it's because they are old. When I tried to help people, I always did it with a genuine heart. It wasn't my fault they didn't take well to getting advice. However, back then I was just learning too. I was not mean to anyone, I was just sharing information that I learned in hopes they could learn from it too. However, I cannot abide mixing breeds intentionally and selling them for hundreds of dollars.

I'm even in a battle with my mom because she has a friend who intentionally bred labrador-poodle mixed puppies. I told her that was wrong of her friend. And even worse, she's charging over $2000 for each puppy. She's doing it for the money. A couple fools already bought a couple of the puppies. Well, there's always going to be fools like that who get cheated by mongrel breeders all the time. But what makes me angry is my mom is actually friends with one of them. I would never make friends with someone who would intentionally breed mongrels. Of course my mom likes mongrels. She's one of those that believes mongrel dogs are more healthy than purebred dogs. I told her NOTHING is more healthy than a well-bred purebred dog! And nothing looks better either. Labrador-poodle mixed dogs, well ANY mutt mixed with labrador, frankly is very ugly. Not only that, but they become psycho too. Many people don't admit it, but labrador-poodle mixed dogs have a tendency to become neurotic!

The guy who first mixed labradors with poodles doesn't even have his breeding program anymore. He said the breeding never became consistent. He didn't want the craze to catch on and just anybody to breed the mutts. I told my mom that and her reaction to that was "He just didn't want someone else making money off of them". She thought he was just breeding them for money. But no, he bred them because he thought they would make excellent matches for blind people with allergies. The problem was that poodles may not shed, but labradors do. So, the chances of a mixed labrador-poodle growing to be a non-shedder is only 50%. But the worst mistake that guy made was going public with them prematurely. You should NEVER do that if you are trying to create a different breed. The guy who created the giant schnauzer hid in the German alps for 40 years, and never once told anyone what he was doing. And he never revealed what breed(s) he used to create the giant schnauzer the way it is today. Most of what we hear about it's recipe today is nothing but speculation.

It would literally take YEARS to create a new breed. Years and many, many mixings, line-breeding, in-breeding, culling, waiting, and all that glorious stuff to make a breed. And it is not even really a breed until it breeds true. That is, it would have to reproduce an exact copy of it's self.

Well, I think if I were to breed dogs again, I'd go about it privately. I wouldn't blab my accomplishments in any groups. Just keep my victories to myself. Shoot! Now I know why breeders are so snooty! They just don't want to reveal anything about their program to anyone! Of course most breeders I've met today seem to be friendlier than they were back when I was breeding. Breeders then were total asshats! The more asinine they were, the more popular they seemed to be with other breeders. The nice people were always the ones who were frowned upon. That doesn't seem right to me. Because when the old, nasty breeders all die off, who is going to be left to continue the legacy of the breed? That's right! The younger folks. So, I always say, you'd better be nice to the youngsters! Or else we're going to see all our favorite breeds go to hell in a handbasket!

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