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Friday, October 26, 2018

INXS Fans Falling Like Flies

This is what I hate about getting older, we start losing everyone. Well, I heard today about 2 INXS fans that have gone to the great beyond. One I didn't know at all, and the other I have seen before but always thought she was kinda weird. Though I didn't like her too much (or maybe not at all), it's still kinda sad she's gone. The main reason I say that is because I sit here wondering who's going to be next. I've heard of 3 INXS fans who have passed this year, one of them I liked a lot. I was truly sad when she died, and now these two, who I didn't know very well, or at all, but I still say it's kinda sad they're gone.

Looks like this may be a bad year for INXS fans. However, they are the lucky ones. They are with Michael now. I have a distinctive feeling he waits to greet every INXS fan that enters his realm. I wouldn't even call it Heaven. Maybe it's just like Michael's castle. LOL! I'll probably go there myself when I am ready to leave this world. Though I don't know if Michael would readily accept me. He might just kick me out. I dunno. I tried being nice to his remaining family. I don't dislike them, I got a lot of respect for them in fact. But lately I've noticed they are kinda distant. They don't seem so eager to make friends with the fans anymore. Well Christina, I like her and all, but bless her heart, she accepts fans in her Facebook friends and deletes them a few months later. That's why I don't ask her to become my friend anymore on Facebook. Well, that's just me. I only ask someone to become my friend once. And that is all. If they delete me, I just chalk it up to them not being interested, and so I never ask them again.

I found Timmy's Facebook page! Someone quoted a post he made once and I found him through that. And yes, I did send him a friend request. However, I don't think he accepted it. LOL! But, I am not bitter about that. I didn't expect him to accept my request at all. I just asked him for the hell of it. Besides, I know even people who are famous would prefer only having people they actually know among their friends. I've said before I am not friends with Timmy. Not that I wouldn't be if he wanted to. But to me, a friend is someone who I exchange email addresses or phone numbers with. Timmy is a wonderful person, but if he doesn't want to be friends with me, that's fine too. So, after I never heard back from him after sending him a friend request, I just said "OK. That's very well. So just leave him alone now. Let him have his real friends there." I still love him and think he's the greatest. LOL!

Shoot! I've been a Timmy fan now for 13 years! I've been a Michael fan for about 25 years though. Not counting the 5 years I was not an INXS fan. I remember that. From 1992 to 1997, I was not a big fan of INXS. I remember in 1996, hearing about Michael being arrested on an opium charge. When I heard that, I was disappointed, and I said "Boy! I'm sure glad I'm not a fan of his anymore!" Yes, I was a little bit angry. But the years surrounding that were different. In 1995, I just blurted out one day that Michael was undoubtedly going to be the first one of the band to pass on. To this day, the fact I even thought that creeps the Hell out of me!! But it's like it just came to my mind like a flash! I don't know what got me thinking that in the first place. It just came to me like a snap of the fingers. It was gone just as quickly, and I never brought that up again. Not for a couple years yet.

Then in 1997, 2 months before he died, I began having lovey-dovey feelings about him again. They started off slowly, like a lone ember from a fire. Then, it gradually started to grow. The reason I know this is because I had an old dust-covered pic of him pinned up next to me on my sofa, and I brushed it off and started looking at it again with growing interest. Before then, the most I ever gave it for the previous 5 years was less than a quick glance. But now, I was looking at that pic and seeing Michael started to make my heart start beating a little faster.

This is going to sound rather strange, and I wouldn't believe it either if I hadn't experienced it. But I just have no other explanation for those events. I wonder if I was somehow communicating with Michael through that picture. I kept it in that room with me, even though I'd thrown away all my other pics of other bands I liked before. Even when I was living with Patty and Chris in that nanny job that didn't work out. I kept my pic of INXS over the bed in the room I was sleeping in there. I got this overwhelming feeling like Michael was my protector. LOL! Well! That's how I felt! Having his pic over the bed I was sleeping on there made me feel safe. Safe in a house full of people I barely knew when I moved in. Safe even when I had to pack my things and move out. And oddly enough, I was not even the biggest INXS fan then. I had been to one of their concerts, but I was more into Roxette then than INXS. I had been to a Roxette concert too!

I still miss INXS. I heard Timmy is filing a lawsuit against the boat company for that accident that happened to him 3 years ago. I say you go get 'em Timmy!! I hope he wins. But he's suing on the grounds that he wanted to do another tour, but can't even play the guitar anymore because of his bad finger. Man! I know how that feels! When you break something and it causes you to not be able to do what you did and enjoyed before. I busted my kneecap last year, and there's some things I cannot do anymore. I cannot climb stairs anymore. When I do, it's painful! But oh well! That's life. At least I got my Mya girl! And I just love her to pieces!!!

Did you know there is a girl named Whitney Wisconsin who makes videos of herself having sex with dogs??? OMG!! I can definitely say I've seen it all now. Well, I've never watched her videos, but I have seen other people doing reaction videos to her videos. She actually fucks dogs!!! That is disgusting! She even made a video about why she thinks women should have sex with their dog! Man! She gives dog-owners a bad name!! I love my dog, but not THAT much!!!!! To me, Mya is more like my child. Whitney also made a video where she is crying and saying how she cannot live a normal life because the public looks at her and says "There's the girl who likes to fuck dogs!" She says she cannot even get a job. She's had a couple, but always got fired because people who watched her videos would report her to her manager as the woman who fucks dogs on YouTube! I'm surprised that she is surprised! What does she think is going to happen when she fucks animals?! Nobody wants someone like that around! I know I wouldn't trust her with my dog!!!

UGH!! Well, enough of mentioning Whitney Wisconsin! I get sick just thinking about her. But really, this is why I don't want to become popular on YouTube. I make videos because I enjoy it. Not to get views and comments. Though it's good when I do get views and comments, it's just that is not my goal when I make a video. But I've seen popularity ruin peoples' lives.

Anyways, that's all I have to say. Gotta go to bed now.

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