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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Minnie's Urn

Well, I got Minnie's urn yesterday. It's beautiful. It's just waiting for me to receive her ashes. I love that little baby so much! I miss her so much. I've been crying off and on for the past few days. Every time I'd watch a tv show or something that would remind me of her, I'd start crying. I still cannot believe she's gone. I should have had my sis take her to the vet while she was here. She was so skinny!! But she's always been thin. She never puts on weight. But she ate like a horse! But this time, she was skinny enough that I could feel her bones, and see them. I was worried. I knew something had to be wrong. Even though she had the energy of a puppy and was still eating like a horse, I just knew something had to be wrong. I didn't think I'd ever be able to live with myself again.

Well, I feel a little better now. At least I am laughing again. You know what got me started laughing again? This quote by Tess O'brien: "'We're huge fans. I'd say we're probably the biggest because there's some people that claim to love him but only like a few of their songs.'" LMAO!! Too funny! I never knew Tess O'brien had a sense of humor! Yeah, the "two biggest Hutch fans" who've NEVER even been to an INXS concert in their lives. Oh wait! Tess O'brien was. Before she was born, LMAO!!! That doesn't even halfway count. I've been to several INXS concerts, 1 with Michael, and 5 without. At least I got to see Timmy. And I got to kiss Michael too. And every time I was standing there, pumping my fists in the air, and singing. Which is more than Tess O'brien can claim. But I thank Tess O'brien once again for making me laugh. Why didn't Claire Aisha stop her from saying that bullshit?! Oh yeah. Because Claire Aisha is a dumb ass. Thank GOD I don't live in Australia, I'll never need her law services. I wouldn't want someone that stupid representing me in a court room!

Yesterday on Dr. Phil, I heard him talking about white privilege. White privilege is nothing but a bunch of bullshit! It doesn't exist! But colored people think it does. Hey! I'm colored! Why don't I believe there's such a thing as "white privilege"? Oh yes. Because it's not true! Or I'm not "colored enough". Fuck that!! Absolutely FUCK that!!! A black person fails to get a job, and a white person gets the job, the black person blames white privilege. He doesn't blame his own lack of skills, no. We can't blame that because that would be racist. We have to blame it on "white privilege"!! UGH! Some people make me sick!!

One guy brought up that black people could be driving along on a road, and suddenly get stopped by the police, for no apparent reason. Well, statistics show that black people speed more often than white people. Now, I cannot say I cannot be accused of speeding myself sometimes, though I usually do it unconsciously. It's funny, I've always found in a new car, 50 mph can feel like 35 mph. And 60 mph can feel like 40 mph. It's so weird. But that's the "new car effect". That's what I call it. I don't know what it is about new cars that cause that effect. Maybe it's because their shocks are so new you don't even feel the bumps on the road? I don't know. But something about a new car makes them feel like you're going much slower than you actually are.

Anyways, black people are more privileged than white people. I don't know how it is they don't see it! Their communities are under-patrolled by police, all because Black Lives Matter griped and bellyached about how police are killing black people "for no reason" (so they say). I call bullshit. Companies get a subsidy for hiring black people, so they more often get the jobs they apply for, as long as they're qualified to work those jobs. But there's a problem. Black people are also more likely to commit crimes, and also more likely to drop out of school. That's not to say ALL black people do those things. But it's known that they are more likely to do those things. Plus, a lot of them were raised in single-parent homes. Now, any person, of any race, can be raised by a single mom and do just fine. My best friend growing up was raised only by her mom, and she did just fine. However, her brother did not fare as well. He raped my sis. When my mom found out about a year ago, she wanted to kill him! I didn't even know about that myself. He told my sis that if she told anyone what he did, he was going to beat her up. So, she kept silent about it for many years.

My sis should have told anyways, regardless of what he said! That's why he did it to her and not to me. Because he knew I would tell. Back in those days, my sis was more timid. Especially when it came to boys. But by the time my sis finally told her story, it was too late to have done any good. That boy is a grown man now, and married with a family. But I am not his friend on Facebook. I wasn't even his friend when we were kids. It was his sister I liked. Not him. And the reason I didn't like him was because of his nasty attitude and the way he disrespected girls. I realize that's normal for young boys, but it was the way he disrespected girls that I didn't like. It was almost at a psychotic level.

I'm shocked he didn't turn into a serial rapist or a serial killer. That was the path he was heading down. But see, that's what BLM is fighting against. They want to see less black people in prison. Well, if they want to see less black people in prison, then direct them to STOP committing crimes!!! This is why I hate groups like Black Lives Matter. They're USELESS!!! All they do is protest when a black person is arrested or shot by the police, or grumble when a black person fails in life, or whine when a black person is taken down by a white person in self defense. They're not solving anything!!! All they are doing is griping! And since when has griping gotten anyone anywhere?! When has griping ever worked? I admit to gripe makes you feel better. It feels better to get it off your chest. But to go out and protest just because you feel bad, it does no good. And people today are getting sick of the crybabies this world has provided.

I once saw a vlog by a guy, and yes the guy was black and he was very much against BLM, and I have to quote him what he said about BLM. He said "White people gave black people freedom. Black people gave white people n***ers!" The guy was so funny. I loved his vlog. He was so right about that too! There is a difference between black people and n***ers. OK, I'll call them "the n's" for the sake of this post. A "n" is the kind of person who does nothing but gripe and grumble and thinks people today owe them for what happened 100+ years ago. A decent black person ignores that shit and says "that was then. This is now". And takes responsibility for his own actions, and looks at himself and figures out why he is failing, and does something about it. Something besides grumble about white privilege.

If you ask me, what BLM needs to stop doing is griping and complaining about black people failing everything, and actually get out and do something to fix the problem! And I don't mean go out and shoot at cops! I mean tell your people to STOP COMMITTING CRIMES!!!! If you don't want to go to jail, don't do something that's going to put you there. Raise your own money (don't steal it from others) to finance college scholarships for black kids. Give them an incentive to stay in school and complete it. Yes I've heard some BLM supporters say they were going to steal money from people who didn't want to donate to them! There was a guy in a video about a year or so ago, who would knock on a white person's door and say "I need some money. And if you don't give me some money we're gonna take it from you!" Some lazy-ass gay black dude did that and he had a group of libtard thugs with him. Both black and white. That's no way to get donations!! That's a way to get yourself arrested, which is what BLM wants to try and avoid! But if you encourage people to commit crimes, then that is no way to avoid getting arrested. And it gives your organization a bad name.

Shoot! I know if someone came to my door and demanded I give them money, I sure as Hell am not going to do it!!! Wash my car (if I had a car), or clean my bathroom, or take my dog for a walk if you want money! Oh wait! I wouldn't trust one of them with my dog! Or take me to Portland to shop when I need it, and then I'll give you money! But don't come pounding on my door with your libtard thugs, and say "I want you to give me some money. And if you don't, I'm gonna take it from you!" You do that and all you're gonna get from me is an introduction to the business end of my hunting rifle!

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