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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

OK So Now I Know

I was looking further into that Parody act, there is also something about fan art. It's very interesting. So far, the only thing I could get creamed for is the use of INXS's logo, which I admit I did use in the INXS Compilation book. But that can also very easily be fixed. I'm just not popular enough for it to have much impact on the company. I sell maybe 3 books a year (in a good year). It's cool learning new things.

Anyways, enough of that bullshit.

I was also looking into how to begin my business, which I still want to do. I always wanted to run a pet store. I only wish I had begun when I was younger. Of course I didn't have the resources I do now. One of the things I learned is I have to learn from someone who already owns a pet store. Oh boy! I've volunteered in pet stores before. I just don't do very well working for someone else. That's why I want to run my own business. Working for UMG Productions, that is easy because I get to work at my own pace in my own time. It's not a job-job. It's more like a hobby. The only reason we charge anything for the stories is because of the labor I (or other authors) put into each book. That website represents countless hours, countless woes and happiness and sleepless nights it took to make each story perfect and enjoyable. Then there is the cost of printing each story. The printers do their share, and must be paid. Then there are the fees of selling them around the world. You'd think that would be free! But it's not! Amazon (and other distributors) takes a huge chunk of the cost from each book! That's one of those things I didn't know before. By the time I get any of the profits, it's pennies on the dollar, IF that much!

See, I don't work with UMG Productions for the money! I'd be broke if I did! It's strictly a hobby for me. A labor of love. Just like when I make videos for YouTube. I'm not on YouTube for the number of subscribers, or comments, or likes or dislikes. I don't care about NONE of that. The only reason I make videos on YouTube is because I enjoy doing it. I love making movies. And if the movie is good enough, I put it up on UMG Productions' website. I used to get paid for making videos on YouTube. But thanks to Logan Paul, I can't do that anymore unless I get another 500 subscribers. But don't worry, I don't ever expect to hit that milestone. I'll be lucky if I can now get up to 550 subscribers. But really, I like my small audience. If you get too vastly popular, well, it's not a good thing. I've seen it ruin peoples' lives. That's why I don't care how many views each of my videos get. That's why I don't work hard to make UMG Productions more famous. I do not want to become too big. I mean that. If UMG Productions were bigger, I'd get scrambled by INXS for using their logo. The bigger your company becomes, the bigger a target you become.

Anyways. It's different with my pet store. I want that store to become the best pet store on the OR coast. It won't be easy with the damn liberals that want to target me because I want to open a pet store. But every time I go to Portland, I see the big fish stores, and there is even a store that strictly sells birds, and another that sells all reptiles. I want to bring something that sophisticated to the coast. But I need to learn how it's done. I have a plan, but it's very drastic and may not work out at all. But it might be worth taking a chance. I thought I would move to Portland, temporarily, and volunteer in each of those pet stores, IF they will allow it. I don't really want to do it. I don't want to move to Portland. I do not like the big city! But if I want to run a successful pet store, that may be the only real way to do it. Oh well. At least I'll have my Mya. I was thinking of possibly taking up residence in a trailer park for the duration. Then, I can move back here to Tillamook, or Seaside, or maybe even Coos Bay. My sis might be moving to Roseburg, so I might go with Coos Bay. Besides, Coos Bay doesn't have a pet store. It's also a bigger town. So, if I am to really succeed, Coos Bay might be the better choice.

Either way, I absolutely must study under someone who is successful for at least 6 months. The fish store is huge! I want my fish section in my store to be like that! The bird store has been there forever, so they are doing good! I want to volunteer at both those stores, get a feel for what it's like working at a pet store. Then I can think about getting investors. Shoot!! That's the hardest part. I'm not sure how many investors would be willing to take a chance on a pet store!! But it might be worth a try. We'll see.

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