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Saturday, October 27, 2018

"The Front Hole"

LOL!! Check out this video of Ben Shapiro...

LMAO!! Oh my GAWD!!!! What today's libtards won't come up with!! Now, I think they've gone too far. And I cannot tell you how many times I've said "they've gone too far". But it seems each day, they come up with something that is stupider than the last thing. Now, to accommodate trannies, we have to start calling a woman's vagina "the front hole". Oh my GOD! I refuse to call my vagina that! Absolutely REFUSE!!!! I won't do it! It is what it is. Until we hear scientists calling it that regularly, I won't use that word. And no scientist in their right mind is going to use that word just to satisfy a normally small minority of people with a mental disorder.

Well, the sensible people are laughing at this. One guy on a video commented "I command the penis be called a front hole on a stick", which made me laugh out loud. I mean seriously! Why are liberals so stupid?! They think they're smart, but they're really not. Only to other liberals are liberals smart. The rest of us, including libertarians, are always laughing at them.

I got a funny comment yesterday on YouTube by a tranny named Amelia Winchester. Actually I got several, but I wasn't really paying attention to them. That is, I didn't take them to heart. It was just a butthurt tranny who thought it could make me feel bad by calling me names. But I am not like that. I basically just laughed at it's comments. I especially love it when a troll tries to attack me on more than one video! Almost as if they think the more often they tell me I suck, that I am actually going to believe it. In one, it called me a "transphobic bitch". LOL!!! I don't know where these libtards got the word "transphobic". I'm not scared of transsexuals. I have nothing against those who are legit. It's the ones that are doing it just because it's a fad now and is acceptable that I don't like, which is undoubtedly the kind this "Amelia Winchester" is. That's like making fun of people who actually have a mental disorder. And I don't go for that.

Well, the way this thing Amelia Winchester attacked me, across 3 different videos, tells me that it has a guilty conscience. So, no doubt in my mind IT is transsexual for no other reason than because it's a fad. I wish I had kept the comments it made. But unfortunately, I am not paid to put up with trolls anymore. So, I deleted it's comments.

You notice I keep calling "Amelia Winchester" an "it". LMAO!! Well, like my best buddy Katrina says, don't get confused with the number of pronouns these people try to put on all of us, just call a queer or transsexual an "it" and let it go! So, that is what I do now. I'm not going to go down the never-ending list of pronouns these stupid libtards want us all to start using. No way! Such words as "ze", "zem" or "zhe", you know why those "pronouns" were invented? They're making fun of the German language. That's what I heard. That would especially make Katrina mad, cuz she's German. She doesn't have an accent, but her father sure does. He says "he" and it sounds like "ze". When he says "them" it can sound like "zem". So, that's why I refuse to use those particular "pronouns", because it's making fun of how someone else with an accent talks. I can't believe libtards go for that!

So, how would the libtards feel if whites started saying "don't" like "dunt"? Like on I Love Lucy. And she did it to make fun of Ricky's accent. But that was different, that was comedy. I don't mind it, and my father was Spanish, and had a Spanish accent. He did sometimes say "don't" like "dunt". I'd be surprised if the libtards of today didn't already start complaining because Lucy made fun of Ricky's accent that way on that show, and they made comedy out of it. But then again, when you start using the German's accents to create new American "pronouns" for queers, I guess you have no room to complain about a 60 year old sitcom making fun of someone with a Spanish accent. On the other hand, since when have libtards NOT overstepped their boundaries? Give it about 5 years, libtards will start to complain and have I Love Lucy taken completely off the air. Wait and see if I am not right!

Well, I don't see any reason to change nature just to accommodate a minority, that needs to remain a minority! We don't need anymore fake trannies or queers. I totally blame the present-day school system for cramming bullshit into children's heads that they can be born one sex and become another. Like I said in my video, it's impossible for a mammal or bird to change from one sex to another. And when it does happen in the animals that actually can transition, it is extremely RARE, and usually only happens in single-sex environments. We don't have that problem in human society. What we do have are men who do not want to be a man, do not want to reproduce, or do not want to live with a woman in a married state. THAT is what we are lacking in.

But then again, I really think Armageddon is coming. Maybe in another 100 years or so. You know humankind is doomed when pedophiles are accepted. You know the world is gonna end when people worship cats and not GOD. Shoot! It happened to the ancient Egyptians! You know we're heading for extinction when you are forced to accept transsexualism as a fad. Yep, humankind is doomed, and I think it's too late to save it.

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