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Friday, October 12, 2018

Well!!! Look What I Found!

I was thumbing through some pictures of Michael online, there's a particular one I am looking for. Though I did not see that, I did see this:

LOL!! That's Aisha Rowlands (AKA "Claire Aisha") and Tess O'brien. They were pictured in an article on The Daily Mail, having spent a night in Michael's old room at the InterContinental at Double Bay last year on November 22. I remember I wanted to stay there on that day, but there is no way I can make it to Australia. And after learning it's a communist-style country, I don't even want to try. I bet that's why they got the idea to stay there; they got it from me. LOL! 😁 Well, I know they've been reading my blogs, and I did mention I had the idea to do that, so they took that idea and went to stay there, following in Michael's footsteps. Well, I know I couldn't have completely followed in Michael's footsteps, I don't even like Indian cuisine.

Well, apparently they went there and wanted to stay in room 524, where Michael stayed and died. However, they wound up in 523, the room next door. They think the rooms were switched because the doorknob was on the wrong side in 524. What they should have known is that the hotel has been under renovation before. So, it's not far-fetched that the doorknobs got switched around. But why tell them that? They're nothing but a couple of dumb millennials who are only going to believe what they want. I saw that article on the internet and I just laughed. Partly because it's hysterical and partly because of Tess O'brien's tattoos. LOL!!

Tess O'brien claims she was an INXS fan before she was born. But it's funny, no where in the article does it mention neither she, nor her parents, ever even met Michael. It just says her mom was pregnant with her when she went to an INXS concert. Umm, so what? My friend Rita's mom was pregnant with her when she actually met Michael, and he even wanted to touch her belly (according to Rita), saying to Rita's mom "I love pregnant women". LOL! That made me smile! It made me smile because it is so sweet, and something I know Michael would say, having just had a child of his own at the time. Also, I have another friend who met Michael and was expecting her first child when she saw him in concert too. And here's a pip; I've raised my pregnant dogs and their puppies on INXS's music. No big deal. 😆

And those tattoos of Tess's. OMG! Well, I have to admit, having Michael's missing lyrics is a cool tattoo, if it's on a man. But I personally think too many tattoos on a woman looks ugly. Of course Tess O'brien is no stranger to the world of ugly...

Yep, there's Tess O'brien in all her ugliness. There's nothing gorgeous at all about her. But hell, that's not the point of this article. It's not an article about winning Ms. Universe. This is an article about 2 fans who set out to follow in Michael's footsteps. Well, even though I do not like neither Tess O'brien nor Claire Aisha, I've got to say, I am happy for them. I'm glad someone did what I was going to do, even if it was them. But I have to point out this comment made by Tess O'brien;

"'We're huge fans. I'd say we're probably the biggest because there's some people that claim to love him but only like a few of their songs.'"

Oh man! Narcissist much? LMAO!!! I can't even believe they quoted that in the article! 😆 It made me lose a lot of respect for The Daily Mail. It also made me laugh out loud!! I think I woke the neighbors upstairs! LOL!! I wish I could have seen Tess's face when she said that. I bet it was absolutely worthy of a good guffaw!!! There are plenty of big INXS fans out there. Even bigger than these two. I've met quite a few that were in the same league, if not in a higher league, as these two. Well, I see Tess O'brien hasn't changed at all. But anyways, the article is nothing short of interesting, to say the least. If you want to check it out, go to this link:

hehe! I love it!! Too good!!

Oh! And if you think I am the least bit envious, I'm sorry but you'd be wrong. I am actually happy for these two. But leave it to Tess O'brien to mess the article up!! Besides, like I've said before on here, I don't want to go to Australia. I have no interest anymore, having learned it's a communist type country. I never seen such a dumb country in my life!! Having nurses apologize to colored patients for "being white"! Talk about stupidity at it's finest!!

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