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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Who Does She Resemble?

Oh my GOD! I got my answer! I've actually been trying for months to think of who it is that Tess O'brien reminds me of. I know I'd seen a face like that somewhere! Ugly as it is! And today I got my answer! How could I have missed this? LMAO!!!!

That's a character from some of the newer Popeye cartoons, named Alice the Goon. That is who Tess O'brien reminds me of!!! LOL!!! Note the resemblance...

Both are ugly as sin! Well, maybe Alice the Goon is slightly more attractive. If Tess O'brien lost about 50 pounds on each side of her face, I'd swear she would have been the model for Alice the Goon! LMAO!!! The resemblance is totally uncanny!! Those close-together, beady eyes, that long, bulbous nose, that mouth that looks almost too tiny for the size of her head! LOL!!! Even the eyebrows look the same! It's the stuff of nightmares.

When I first saw Tess's pictures on Facebook, the first thing that struck me was how homely she was. If I had been her mom, I think I would have aborted her before birth. But I've been trying to think, since then, of who she reminds me of. I hadn't seen Alice the Goon since I was a kid! That's why it took me a long time to remember who it was she looked like. Maybe Tess had a goon for a father. I think I found out what Tess's mom looked like...

Put the goon and this guy together, and you'll have Tess O'brien! LOL!! Hilarious!!!

OK. So enough of that. I know I'm not very attractive myself. But at least I don't have a face that looks as bad as this:

If I looked that bad, I'd want to kill myself. That's as ugly a face as I have ever seen in my life! And I've seen a lot of faces. Oh boy! I feel sorry for Tess's kid. I wonder what the kid's father looked like. Couldn't be worse than Tess. Hopefully the kid looks more like him than like her. If not, I might suggest plastic surgery when she gets old enough. It might be her only hope.

Geez! What is it with people today? We don't have anymore attractive people! I'm glad I am not a young girl looking for a nice-looking guy. It'd be hard to find one today. Most men today want to be either bald, gay or transsexual. Wouldn't leave me with much choice! I don't go for bald men. I've never been attracted to them. I like men to have hair on top. No mustache or beard. Just hair on top. And it wouldn't make sense to be attracted to a gay man, although I have before. I once had a little kiddie crush on Tom Hulce. But it does no good. They aren't interested in women. And I would never be attracted to a transsexual!! The Tom Hulce story is a long one! LOL! And I didn't know he was gay, I just knew he was cute.

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Clare said...

You’re a despicable cunt Dee. I hope you’re enjoying your sad lonely life, fat and alone wanking over posters of rock stars you’ll never ever meet (who would vomit if they saw you anyway). How dare you write such a thing as this. If you don’t take it down I’m going to launch defamation proceedings against you- and don’t get me wrong honey- I’ve been to law school so it’s no big deal for me. You have 2 days to email me that you have removed this. Otherwise watch out.