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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Why Is This?

Ya know, since yesterday's post, when I was talking about how homely Tess O'brien is, I've been thinking, why is that? Why is everyone today ugly? I'm not even saying all that to be mean. Believe me. I'm saying it because it seems there is some kind of trend these days for ugly people. It's like people born in the 1960s, 50s, 40s, 30s, they were all very attractive. But anyone born after the 1970s is ugly. I wonder why that is?

Some very attractive people I know of...

Michael Hutchence (born in the 60s)
Tim Farriss (born in the 50s)
Pretty much any member of INXS (born in the 50s and 60s)
David Johnston (born in the 40s)
Bill Bixby (born in the 30s)
Per Gessle (born in the 50s)

The list just goes on and on. I would list some women, but I don't habitually look at women the way I do men. But no one born in the 1980s, 90s, or 2000s I've known to be the least bit attractive. Or very few. Of course it's too early in the 2000s to tell. They're all still teenagers. But it seems everyone today wants to go either bald or go for that modern emo look. Besides Tess O'brien (who is not famous), some very unattractive people I know of today are...

Lady Gaga (born in the 1980s)
Justin Beiber (born in the 1990s)
Justin Timberlake (born in the 1980s)
Amy Winehouse (born in the 1980s)

Not to mention, some YouTubers like Social Repose and Onision. Both of which (I believe) were born in the 1980s. Sometimes I kinda wonder if Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse were related, they look so much alike. Both look like dykes. The latter list isn't even counting the people who are not celebrities that I've known of to be unfortunately unattractive. It's like in the 1970s, things changed. Some of the people born that decade were good looking, some were ugly. Like me. I think I'm very unattractive. But admittedly, there were some people who were more unattractive than I am.

I remember I once had this boy on my Facebook. He friended me after one of my best Facebook friends died. I didn't know him at all. But he asked to be added to my Facebook friends, so I added him. His name was Adam. He looked to be in his early to mid 20s, or maybe even in his late teens. Now, this was in 2012. This kid was a Bible-thumper, and frankly unattractive, at best. He used to complain about why he could never find a girl to fall in love with him. I saw his picture and I was like "Umm, I think I know why!" Of course I didn't say anything to him, but I sure did think that.

You know who I blame for this surge in completely unattractive people? It's in the picture below...

Yep! I blame cats. Notice as soon as cats started to become very popular, we've had fewer attractive people. We've also had the surge in obesity that we're seeing today since cats became more popular. Back in the 70s, people preferred dogs. Even in the 80s people preferred dogs. Not everyone, but more people preferred dogs. In fact, I used to get laughed at because I preferred cats back then, in a world where everyone else preferred dogs. Even the other girls. I remember Adam once told me, in an unrelated conversation, that he's never had a dog in his life. I thought "No wonder he's not very attractive!" I also remember early in 2013, he got this calico cat that he used to refer to as his "baby girl". I think the Toxoplasmosis amoeba that cats carry, not only messes with peoples' brains, but also makes them give birth to unattractive children. That must have been the case, sadly, with Adam's mom.

I mean, think about it; most of the most unattractive people I've met in my life were cat people, including me early in my life. But I also remember this one boy I used to know named Paul C. his family also had a cat and no dogs. I think Paul was afraid of dogs in fact. LOL! And Paul C. was very unattractive! He could actually be one of the few people I can think of that would make Tess O'brien look like a supermodel. He was that bad looking! His head was misshapen, big black eyes, stringy (often greasy) hair, teeth growing out of his lips. Whenever Paul C. used to tell me how ugly he thought I was, it often made me laugh. Instead of feeling down, because what I saw in him was a lot worse looking than I was! Even both of his sisters looked dykey.

Now, I know "ugly" is a subjective term, but really! In some cases, ugly is ugly. I think when a person has a face that looks like a lion's butthole, that's ugly! That was Paul C. Then there's also Bill and Hillary Clinton. Though libtards will say those two are attractive, really, they are wrong! Those two are a couple of the ugliest bastards I've ever seen! Their daughter is no prize either. She's as ugly as her parents. The Clintons also are cat people. Someone gave them a dog, a labrador, but the poor dog went missing, the Clintons call it "mysteriously". I call bullshit! I think they killed that poor dog! Probably killed it on purpose. The Clintons are also not good people. Now, Hillary is calling for violence against all republicans and the libtards are following through with her demands. And of course we know Bill Clinton was a rapist, which libtards also deny.

I just think it's sad! This is one of the reasons I am glad I wasn't born in this time period. We have no more attractive celebrities, no more attractive men, I'd hate to be a young, blossoming girl in today's world. I wouldn't be able to find a good, potential mate and not even a decent looking role model. I am so glad I'm as old as I am. If I weren't, I wouldn't have known INXS, where 99% of the group is very attractive men.

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