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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Call Me A Racist

LOL!!! Ya know, I used to think being called a racist is about the worst thing anyone could call me. I'm definitely not a racist. I'm not even 100% white. I'm more hispanic than anything else. My dad was Mexican. So, I have no room to be a racist. I'm not even racist against whites. I'm only "racist" against people who are assholes. Including myself, LMAO!! I sometimes use racial slurs, but generally it means nothing. It does not mean I'm racist against a certain color of people. It just means I'm against those low-class, non-thinking jerks with only one brain cell in their heads who give the meaning to those slurs. I also say fuck them! I hate jerks!!

But nowadays, I laugh at being called a racist. Because now everything is racist to the libtards and SJWs. And I do mean everything! I think when they start pointing the finger at things that don't even know the meaning of the word "racist", it's becoming a joke. It cheapens the meaning. That is exactly what today's SJWs are doing. They're turning everything into race-baiting. Again, another stupid legacy left to us by the Obama administration! GOD! He makes me so MAD!!! Obama indeed ruined this country!! Racism was almost dead until Obama became president! Now with him having called any opposition against him "racist" and now with Black Lives Matter and their insipid and annoying campaigns, people nowadays are becoming racist again. And we don't even need colored people to point that out. People are becoming racist again, and black people are pulling the trigger!

This is exactly what I have against Black Lives Matter. They're not out to help black people. They're out to make them worse. Black people have always been somewhat annoying with their attitudes and violent behavior. Now, I'm not saying ALL black people are like that. But like the liberals especially, who argue and argue continuously, call other people names, physically attack others, and are generally bossy and pushy, they are totally annoying!! And it's because of the bad ones that the good ones also get a bad rep! Black Lives Matter wants to make them more violent by telling them to go out and punch people saying "You've got hands. Use them!" They keep that up and no one will ever trust black people again!

But what I find most annoying is how everything today is "racist". UGH!! I hate today's world so much! There's no getting away from it. Everywhere you go now, there's going to be double-standards. People say white people are racist, but black people cannot be racist. Liberals say if you're not gay, you're a homophobe, but then they want to let islamic muslims in this country, who will kill all gays and transsexuals. The liberals do not call them "homophobes" or "transphobes". And if anyone speaks out against islamics, then we're labeled "islamophobes". Of course I proudly would wear that title. I readily admit I don't want islamic muslims in this country!! No way!! We can do without their shit here! A lot of people think the worst thing now is to be called a "something-phobe". Not me! I just think it's stupid. I'm not scared of transsexuals or queers. I don't blame them for how they are, I blame their parents mostly because I've seen parents put the pressure on their own children to think they are a different gender than they really are. Though I am scared of islamic muslims, as everyone should be! They have proven, time and time again, that they will kill Christians, single women, gay people, transsexual people, women who've been raped, all without mercy.

People today also think the worst thing is to be called a "racist". Well, don't be too upset by that. I'm not. Like I said, I laugh at being called a racist today. Because it looks like I am not alone in that...

This flower pot is also racist

This stove is racist

This blender is racist

This water cooler is racist

This chair is racist

This picture stand is racist

This coffee table is racist

This sofa is racist

The TV is racist

This dog is racist

This cat is racist

This rabbit is racist

This octopus is racist

This bushbaby is racist

This bird is racist

See! Everything in the world now is racist. And don't they all just look so evil that now BLM is going to want their followers to "use their hands" and punch them?! As so fucking stupid that sounds, it even makes my hands feel dumb just typing that! So, if someone calls you a "racist", then apparently, you're not alone.

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