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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Celebrating Michael, 2018

Well, today was the 22nd in Australia. Tomorrow it's the 22nd here in the USA. I decided to spend today celebrating Michael because he was born in Australia and died in Australia. Even though I am not in Australia myself. I wanted to watch some INXS videos, like I do every year. This year, I know I haven't posted much about Michael on this blog. But I am always thinking about him. I've kept my conversing with the fans very low. I don't want other fans marring this day for me again. Not like what happened back in 2016! Well, I'm all better now that I have Mya. Though I still grieve my father now and then, but I am getting more used to him not being around. Still have dreams about him though, that make me sad to wake up.

I often wondered if Michael's daughter has dreams about her father. I don't know. She was awful young when he passed. She barely got a chance to get to know him. Of course I only met Michael once, and I still dream about him sometimes. The funny thing, whenever I dream of Michael, or any of INXS, I always see a bus somewhere in my dream. Maybe because they spent most of their time on buses when they were in the USA. I dunno. But I will say when I saw Michael in person, he had the sweetest smile. That's why it was so hard for me to believe he'd ever kill himself. But then again, when I saw him, it was before his accident. I never saw him after his accident. I wish I had! I wish I could have had some communication with him when he was struggling with depression. Maybe I could have done something for him that would have helped him.

Well, I know all of Michael's friends and associates racked their brains over what could have happened to derail the situation. A lot of people blame Paula for what happened. If Michael did kill himself, I think the situation with Paula may have been the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. In some ways I do blame Paula too. I mean really! Why couldn't she take a trip to Australia when Michael requested it??? What the fuck was wrong with her?? Bob Geldof had no say in whether or not Paula took Lily to Australia! Only his own children. But apparently, Paula did not want to "split the girls up". UGH!! Bull shit!!!! Paula sure did make it there quickly when she found out Michael died.

Some people, like dumb old Matt Burney, didn't like the fans blaming Paula for Michael's dying. He said people only blame Paula because Michael and Paula were together. They argue if he had been with Helena at the time of his death, then people would be hating on her. I don't know if that's true for any one of Michael's fans. It was the battle between Paula, Michael and Bob that broke Michael as a person. Yes, I do blame Paula. Maybe she wasn't the one who tipped off the press, but it was her breakup with Bob Geldof that brought on the tabloids. Michael just happened to be in the middle because the english liked Bob Geldof better. I don't know how anyone can like Bob Geldof over Michael Hutchence!!! Just like nobody could see how Michael could prefer Paula over Helena. Michael is much more handsome than Bob Geldof, and a much better singer!

Michael chose Paula, ok we've already established that about 1000 years ago. I think it was more because he wanted a family right away. He's like most young men. I think he wanted kids and wanted them immediately. Paula already had 3 kids then, so Michael wanted to settle with her because he wanted a lot of kids. He was getting up there in years. As for blaming Helena if Michael had killed himself while they were together, well, that depends on how it would have happened. That'd be like blaming Helena because of the conflict with Michael and that cab driver in Denmark. I don't blame Helena for that. If Paula had been there instead of Helena, I wouldn't have blamed Paula for that either. That wasn't Helena's fault. That cab driver did not have to react to Michael like that, even if he was being a little rowdy. But face it, if Michael did kill himself, it would have been because of what was being said in the tabloids. They were horrible and relentless with Michael! And why were they so relentless with Michael? Because Paula left Bob Geldof for Michael. Michael may or may not have had any control over that. But both Michael's father and band mates say Paula had been desiring to get her hands on Michael since 1985. It was some kind of legacy she had. But Paula did have control over that. She did not have to leave Bob Geldof. Michael could have had his child with Helena instead, then Paula could have stayed with Geldof where she belonged.

It's got nothing to do with Helena being "prettier" than Paula. It's got everything to do with the fact that Paula had to leave Bob Geldof in order to seek a relationship with Michael. Helena was unattached, so Michael should have went on with her instead of getting involved with a woman who was already married to someone else. Someone who would get the whole of England riled up against Michael. I think when Michael got into that relationship, he had no idea what kind of hornet's nest he was stirring up. He didn't think about that. He thought the people of England loved him. I'm sure he never imagined they would turn on him like they did.

Well personally, I believe Michael was murdered. But if I did believe the suicide stories, yes I would blame Paula and Bob in part for what happened to him. And I don't care if it hurts the feelings of Paula's fags. Shoot! I already blame Paula and Bob even if Michael was murdered!! Who would have sent his little minions to kill Michael? Bob would have! And why? Because Paula left him for Michael. It goes all the way back to square one.

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