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Monday, November 19, 2018

Mean Teachers

Ever have one of these? I've had a few mean teachers in my day. Sometimes, it can be a good thing. Sometimes it molds you into a stronger person. Sometimes a teacher who is factual can be mistaken for just being mean. Just like me. Only I'm not a teacher. But I am often mistaken for being mean by people who cannot handle the truth when I give it to them. Of course those people ain't seen nothing yet. I can be unbearably mean, as I am proving now on Facebook. LOL!! Well! It's what they wanted. I'm just giving those people the opportunity to be correct, for once in their pathetic lives! But I am only mean to INXS fans. No one else.

Between me and those reading here, that is not easy. It's hard being so mean and hateful to people I once considered "friends". Even though we're not anymore. And I don't want them back as friends! So, that's why I've got to maintain my nastiness with them. Of course I've got most of those people blocked. LOL!

Anyways, yes I've had a few mean and nasty teachers in my day. I remember in kindergarten, that teacher was so nice, I really liked her. Then I went to first grade, and that teacher was a female lion from Hell! I do not remember her name now, but that was when we lived on the military base. I remember that teacher used to LOVE--I mean she really seemed to get some passionate jollies--out of sneaking up behind the children when we weren't looking, grab us by the back of our neck, jerk us around to where we were looking into her big, evil, black eyes, and yell in our faces! Every time she did that, the child would start crying because she was so quiet, and so harsh, it'd scare the living crap out of us. I think she purposely wore soft-soled shoes just so she could be as quiet as possible when she snuck up on the child. I used to see her doing that to the other kids, and I always hoped she would never do that to me.

One day, I was crouched on the floor, looking for something buried somewhere in my pig's hole of a desk. I don't remember now what I was looking for, but I was looking for something. I was concentrating so hard on that, I didn't even notice the teacher was sneaking up on me. Suddenly, I was grabbed from behind by the nape of my neck, and flipped around. I started screaming as loud as a 6-year old girl could muster. I was screaming like I was being tortured! I'm pretty sure my heart skipped several beats when she did that!! I was scared out of my mind!!! I was so scared, I was unable to sleep at night with the lights off for many nights after that. All I could see in my mind was that teacher, grabbing me by the back of my neck as I stared into her big, dark, evil eyes! Well, I must have screamed loud enough that it must have caught the attention of the principal, because after that, I never saw her do that to another child again.

It's funny, if that teacher had done that to me now, as a 40+ year old, I'd most likely punch her in the face once she got me turned around. I flip so easily now. Must be a thing that runs in the family. My mom, at this age, also flipped out easily at sudden sounds or sensations. She told me when she used to work at the PX as a cashier, there was this woman, who was a co-worker, that always snuck up behind her too and would grab her. She told me every time she did that, it'd scare my mom nearly to death. Well, my mom warned her the first time she did that, never to do that to her. My mom told this co-worker she had this natural instinct to hurl her fist at something grabbing her from behind. So, that woman was well-warned. The supervisor even heard my mom tell this co-worker that.

Well, that co-worker just wouldn't take the hint. One day, she did that again when my mom wasn't expecting it, and mom turned to her and punched her right in the face and that co-worker went down! The supervisor was standing right there too, and she told that co-worker "Well, you were warned!" LOL!! I often wondered if that co-worker was the same person that was my first grade teacher. Unless there's 2 humanoid lions from Hell out there with the same bad habit of grabbing people when they're not looking!

Anyway, that was probably the meanest teacher I ever had. There was another one that was not quite as mean, but definitely would not win teacher of the year. But at least he never put his hands on me. That was old Mr. Purvis, from when I was in 7th to 9th grade. He never touched me, but he was mean enough without physical contact. Most of his abuse was verbal. He absolutely HATED my animal drawings!! Which I normally do not mind, but he was so brutally angry and abusive in the way he would display such hatred towards my drawings. I remember one day, I was in the office, trying to get something on my schedule changed. But I was there for several hours, I had read every magazine through and through before I finally just took out a sheet of paper and began drawing some pictures. I was not hurting anything, just drawing some pictures.

Mr. Purvis's office was next to where I was sitting, and he came out of his office, saw me drawing pictures and said "Put that away!" I could not understand why he was saying that. I thought, for a minute, he must just be joking around or something. So, I continued to draw. I even chuckled at the thought that he might be just teasing me. Mr. Purvis came back about 10 minutes later to head back to his office, and he saw me drawing again and angrily stated, "I told you to put that away!" Now, it was getting more serious. He sounded less like he was just being humorous and more like someone who was just being a nasty-assed jerk. I asked him "Why?!" He stopped in front of his door, slowly turned to me and said "Don't ask me why! I told you to put that away! I'm sick of your animals!" and he quickly ducked back into his office.

I sat there for a few minutes, very much stunned. I never heard an adult talk like that to a child in my life! Especially a teacher saying something to the effect of "Don't ask me why!" And really! I don't mind people not liking my drawings, that's part of being an artist. Some people will like your work, while others will not. That's just the way it is. But for someone to show such blatant, irrational hatred towards cartoon animals--ANIMALS!!! Animals that are not even real ones. Let that sink in for a minute! To show such hatred like that, the way Mr. Purvis did, it almost makes him seem more than a little psychotic! More like he could cover the whole Western State asylum!

Well, in all honesty, I cannot say much. I used to feel the same way about Elmo, that annoying little red fiend from Sesame Street. But then one of my friends pointed out to me "You know he's a piece of CLOTH. Don't you? A piece of CLOTH with someone's hand up his butt and doing his voice for him." That made me look at that in perspective. After that, it seemed silly to hate Elmo with such passion. LOL! Now, I even look back at that and laugh.

Well, Mr. Purvis even acquired a gang of teachers to do to me exactly what he did. One of them was Mr. Ninnis, who began as Mr. Purvis's regular substitute teacher, but later became the regular math teacher. And Mrs. McCollough, the home economics teacher. Funny, my sis took Mrs. McCollough's class, and she said she never had a problem with her. A friend of a couple of my friends said Mrs. McCollough was a bitch. I couldn't believe her though. Not until I got to know Mrs. McCollough. Then, I figured out that person was right. She was just like Mr. Purvis in a female's body. She was as mean as a rattlesnake! One incident I remember there was some free time after our project in class was done, so I took that time to draw some pictures, like I usually did. Mrs. McCollough apparently didn't tell me that there was some kind of "no-artists better than me" policy in her classroom.

Well, when she caught me drawing pictures of my animals, she shouted at me in almost a screaming voice, "Put the drawing away!" She shouted it so loud, the whole class fell silent. I think everyone was as shocked by her behavior as I was. I heard several students ask her "Why can't she draw pictures?" To which Mrs. McCollough answered "She doesn't do her work when she draws pictures." Which is the same shit Mr. Purvis always spewed! That remark alone was how I figured out Mr. Purvis and Mrs. McCollough were in cohoots with each other in some kind of malediction against me. A lot of the students got heated by that action from Mrs. McCollough, I heard them whisper how mean and nasty she was and "what a bitch!" I sure did agree with them. I mean really! Again, I was not hurting anything and all my work for that period was DONE!!! Mr. Ninnis was no better.

I HATED it when Mr. Purvis had Mr. Ninnis as his substitute. I remember one time, I was having a problem understanding something on one of my worksheets for class. I raised my hand for assistance. Mr. Ninnis never responded to me. I had my hand raised for 30 minutes one day! Even Mr. Purvis didn't ignore me that much! Several times, I saw Mr. Ninnis look at me while my hand was raised, and he still never responded! Well, I figured I knew how to get his attention; the same way I'd get attention from any of Mr. Purvis's little goons; I'd just sit there and draw pictures. So, that is what I did. I admit, I brought this on myself, but it backfired. Mr. Ninnis saw me drawing pictures alright. But by then, I was so deep in concentration on that picture I was drawing, that when Mr. Ninnis caught me doing it he shouted "UHH-UH-UH! You're not supposed to be drawing!" It resonated in my ears so loud, it scared the shit out of me!! I almost released some pressure from my bladder at that instant!!! LOL! I had to catch my breath there for a minute before I finally sunk back into reality. By that time, he had headed into the office that was right behind me.

Well, I was going to let him pass me again over my dead body! When he came out of that office, I was ready and I stopped him, and finally got the assistance I needed to complete this worksheet. That one worksheet took me 2 days to complete! All because Mr. Ninnis was a self-centered asshole! I was actually glad when he was gone and Mr. Purvis came back. That's how bad that was!! LOL!! Never, in my wildest dreams, would I imagine I would be grateful Mr. Purvis was standing before me again!!

Well, those were the meanest, nastiest teachers I can remember. Most of the time, I loved my teachers--in a biblical sense. I was never in the habit of hating my teachers in school. I always know they were just there, doing their job. Those mentioned in this post were the exception. Those were the teachers I had that abused their authoritative power. Still, they were thankfully very few, and far between.

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