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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Michael Hutchence vs. Chris Cornell

Well, yesterday Katrina came over and we recorded a video. I made a third music videos collection, this time with the character from Katrina Hates You as the sole host of the show. It was fun anyways. Well, as me and my sis knows, Katrina is a HUGE fan of Soundgarden. I mean a H-U-G-E fan! She always has been. Back in the early days, she used to be a Green Day fan. But I think she gave them up, she said Billie Joe Armstrong is nowhere near as handsome as Chris Cornell!! Kinda like how I say Bono is nowhere near as handsome as Michael. Whereas other INXS fans think he is. Katrina showed me some pics of Chris Cornell, and he looked almost identical to Michael. This is eerie!!

I'd almost swear they were the same person. Or at least brothers. Shoot! Chris Cornell looks more like he'd be Michael's brother than Michael's real brother!!! Rhett looks NOTHING like Michael!!! Except maybe for the hair. And check this out! Even with his hair slicked back he looks like Michael did in the Elegantly Wasted era!

Of course in the last pic, Chris Cornell is older than Michael was in the pic on top. But that all aside, they look almost identical!!! You wanna see something else very eerie? Chris Cornell's daughter Toni even looks quite similar to Michael's daughter Lily...

It's like the Twilight Zone!! Chris Cornell even died the same way as Michael. If I were to actually believe the more "sexy" theory about how Michael died. Supposedly, Michael hung himself with his belt, while Chris Cornell used like a bungee cord. Chris Cornell's widow, Vicky also believes that he was murdered. Just like how I believe Michael was murdered. She said Chris would never have intentionally killed himself. I say the same thing about Michael. Of all the rockstars I've seen, Michael was the last one I would have ever expected to kill himself.

There is one difference, Michael died when he was 37. Chris Cornell lived quite a few more years. He died at 52. He died May 18, 2017, exactly 37 years after the eruption of Mount St. Helens. I still remember what I did on that day too! My ma and I took Mya to Salem, OR. She was still just a baby then. That was when I took this pic of Mya...

That was taken at a thrift store in Salem. And oddly enough, I've mentioned before that the day after Michael died, ma took me and my sis to Buckley, WA and we were frolicking around in an antique store. I have no pics of that day, but I did draw some from memory (for the One Day in November videobook) of what we did that day...

My sis found an old antique kaleidoscope. And I found a 1950s style western saddle. We should have brought those things home! If not just for the sentimental factor. But I didn't know then that Michael had died the day before. Yeah I know. I was indeed skinnier then!! Even though these are just drawings, they are accurate. Like I said, I drew them from memory. But anyways, it's weird that we went to this antique store the day after Michael died, and we went to a thrift store the day Chris Cornell died. Again, it's like the Twilight Zone!!

Well, Katrina said she loved Chris Cornell the same way I love Michael and Timmy. I reminded her that Chris is dead, and she is married. She said she was aware of that, but every time she looks at him, she feels like a teenager again. I remember how she used to play Black Hole Sun over and over again when she was a teenager! Anyways, she transferred her love for this man onto her character, Katrina Hates You. She even did a video on YouTube saying how much she hated 2017 for that reason.

Yes, Katrina is a big fan of Prince too. But I think she likes Soundgarden better. I didn't care for Prince myself, he didn't make any content I truly like. You notice I don't have any of his songs on my MP3 player. But then again, I don't have any from Soundgarden either. But Katrina has every album these two musicians ever made! I guess I'm not a fan of the grunge scene. Katrina loves it though. But I just find it eerie the similarities between my Michael and Chris Cornell.

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