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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Teacher Crushes

OK, here's going to be another teacher post, like yesterday's. Only this one is about teacher crushes. I was watching a video by a person on YouTube who calls herself Strange Ӕons, and she was looking at a site for kids to post about their teacher crushes. She was reading some of the posts, and saying how "creepy" the words were. Keep in mind, most of the posters on that group are KIDS, usually middle-school kids, between 12-15 years old. This is the age where their hormones are in 24-hour overdrive. When I was in school, teacher crushes were a normal part of growing up. The teachers did not take them seriously, unless the crush got out of hand. Most kids did not take it out of hand. Usually, it was something that happened when they saw a good-looking teacher, and they would get over it just as quickly as it began. It's a thing called Puppy-love.

I remember one such crush when I was in middle school, I had a huge kiddie-crush on my science teacher, who would later become my history teacher. His name was Mr. Pennington. He was a living DOLL!!!!! If you've ever seen the actor David Huffman (he played David Johnston on the movie St. Helens), that is what Mr. Pennington looked like. Only he had brown eyes.

David Huffman (1945-1985) in 1983.
Not only was Mr. Pennington a beautiful man on the outside, he was also a beautiful person on the inside. He was very gentle, caring, compassionate, a real gentleman. My 13-year old self probably looked upon that as equating to a sexual interest, but intellectually I knew it wasn't. I did enjoy going to his class every day, and seeing him just because he was so handsome. I knew he was married and did not see me as any more than a student, but I did used to fantasize about at least kissing him. I never did though. I was way too shy to actually do that. I never told him any of this though. I only told a select few students about this crush I had. The others I was afraid would relay it back to him. So for the most part, I kept it all to myself.

Well, that was the one and only time I can remember having such a wild crush on any of my teachers. There were others that I looked at with infatuation, but never any others to the extent I looked at Mr. Pennington in. One that came somewhat close was the high school librarian, Mr. Keith. He too was a sweet, gentle person, and quite handsome. But, looking back now, I believe he was also gay. He was still quite handsome though. But like I said before, it does no good for a woman to fall for a gay man. But what the hey! I can surely dream. LOL!! Anyways, I just crushed on these teachers. Nothing serious ever came of it. Nor did I intend for anything serious to come out of it. It's just something that kids do once they reach puberty, and it's normal, and not over-all a bad thing.

Well, as I was watching Strange Ӕons' video, and heard her as she read these posts by kids crushing on their teachers, I was shocked to learn that today's people see that as being sick, psycho behavior. UGH!!!!! She was talking about how all these kids need help. I was like "Why do they need help??? This is normal for young teens!" Like I said, this is the age where a child's hormones are going crazy, it can drive a teenager crazy. But I look at teacher crushes as being no different than rockstar crushes or movie star crushes. It's something that comes on suddenly, then goes away. Usually. I've even admitted that there was a point in my life when I said I wanted to marry Michael Hutchence. And now I say I wish I had. LOL! But I never believed it was actually going to happen. Anyone who reads this blog and thinks I believe it was is nothing but a fool! But when I was younger I did believe I would.

Ahh! Don't you just love the liberal-atheist generation? I was discussing this on Quora last night. Now, instead of saying kids are innocent, they say they're ignorant. Instead of calling teacher crushes "puppy love", they call it "reverse pedophilia". Instead of thinking this is something that will just pass, they think "this is sick and this person needs help!" UGH!! Atheists make me sick. How do I know Strange Ӕons is an atheist? Because I saw Mr. Repzion comment on one of her videos. And he NEVER comments on videos by people who are not atheists. I know really this subject has nothing to do with atheism, but I'm just pointing out that I see this kind of attitude all the time from people who admit to being atheists. So, it must have something to do with that. Atheists are the unfortunate people who don't believe anything they cannot see or touch. They have a very black and white view of the world. This whole thing is the very definition of having a black-and-white outlook.

That's why I am not an atheist anymore. I'm a lousy one. I see the world in all shades of color. As an artist, that's my job.

Well, if you're a child experiencing a teacher crush, don't worry. It'll pass. Just keep in mind, your teacher only sees you as a student. Not as the man/woman he (or she) always wished they had. Those cases are very rare, and most teachers will not give into those feelings. But this is something that should be expected from kids, and it's part of growing up. Often the very first crush a child will have in their lives will be on the teacher. It's nothing to worry about, and it does not usually mean your child needs help!! Not unless it gets out of hand. But most kids get over it quickly.

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