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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Why The LGBTQ Community Is Slowly Getting On My Nerves

I've said this before, I have nothing against gays and lesbians. I always feel a person is free to fall in love with whomever they want to. I have no problem with that. As long as they are not hurting anyone. Well, now they are attacking others. Jack Phillips is a baker in Colorado who owns his own bakery. You may remember his case a couple years ago where he refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex marriage. He refused it because he's a christian, and gay marriage goes against his religious beliefs. Well, that case went all the way to the Supreme Court, and he won that case. It is his right if he doesn't want to make a cake for something he does not believe in.

Well, this month, he is being attacked again. This time by a transsexual woman, who wanted him to bake a cake to celebrate it's transition. He is still standing his ground, something he must be admired for, but he said he would serve it any cake already made in his store. That wasn't enough for this "woman" named Autumn Scardina. Supposedly, it was celebrating it's 7th year of transition from male to female.

Seriously! Why don't these gays and trannies leave this baker alone?! Are they really just so butthurt by his religion that they think if they keep on bothering him that it's going to make him change his ways?? No. It's not. It doesn't work on me, and I don't think it's going to work on Jack Phillips either! I swear, the LGBTQ community acts like there are no other bakeries in the whole of Colorado! So they keep going back to this guy! The first time something like this happens it's like "OK, so we found out this guy doesn't serve gays. Let's sue him!" then he goes to court and wins. But when someone else from the LGBTQ community goes back there, and asks this same man to make them a cake to celebrate their "transition", then there's got to be a conspiracy! That's more like what an internet troll does. Not a mature person who has any ounce of decency.

Oh wait a minute!!! Look who I'm talking about! Since when are radicals mature and decent?!

I was watching a video someone did about this subject, and he said "These people wouldn't dream of doing that to a muslim bakery! They're only targeting this bakery because the guy is a white Christian male." You know another reason why the LGBTQ community won't do this to a muslim bakery? Because they know they'd get their heads bombed off. I personally do not see what is wrong with being a white christian male. But nowadays, the left has gone way too far! Anyone who is white, or male, or christian is a target. Maybe this is why we have so many men who want to become women. Because they know a man who follows his beliefs will become a target. Especially if he is white. That's so DUMB!!!! But that is what the left has become.

Well, I must say I hope this guy Jack Phillips continues to stand his ground against these attacks, and doesn't let any of this bullshit get him down. People can be so stupid sometimes. Remember when all the fags of the world got butthurt over Cecil the lion? It's the same thing here happening between one baker and the LGBTQ community. He's getting death threats and people coming into his bakery and harassing him. It makes me mad to see people acting like this. Stuff like this should be considered "hate speech". On the LGBTQ's side, it's not even considered honesty. It's just simple harassment. It makes the whole LGBTQ community look bad. And it feels like we're all dealing with a bunch of Jr. high school kids! Just like when Cecil the lion was killed by that dentist. He too got a lot of death threats, people threatening to report him to the ADA, people vandalizing his office, his home, threatening his children. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger got involved! I felt bad for the dentist. Because let's face it, the only reason the fags got so butthurt was because the animal he killed was a stupid lion! Had he killed a cape hunting dog, or a baboon, or an antelope, nobody would have said anything at all. But it was because he killed a dumb, stupid lion that he was publicly persecuted! Which I think is just stupid!! If he was a good dentist, what would reporting him to the ADA accomplish? I don't think they're gonna care that he killed a stupid lion! But I must say, before that incident, I used to like Arnold. After he got involved in that "protest", I lost all respect for him. People need to get realistic!!

This is probably the one big reason I hate people so much. People make such a huge deal out of such little things. Little things that should not matter. And it's only getting worse every year! I'm glad I left the left! I still say I can thank the INXS libtard SJWs for that! They opened my eyes to how the left thinks. And I must say, I don't like it. So I am glad I left.

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