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Friday, January 18, 2019

Drag Children and Child Abuse

Desmond Napoles is an 11 year old drag kid. I feel sorry for the poor kid!! This picture was presented in Huck Magazine recently...

Take a minute to suck this in! Nevermind being "politically correct", but that is an 11-year old little boy standing next to a transsexual "man". There is also a video of this same little boy dancing on stage at a gay bar, and grown men handing him dollar bills! OK I'm gonna say this; fuck that "acceptance and tolerance" bullshit!! This is pedophilia!! And this is WRONG on so many levels!! It makes me mad!! I don't care if you want to label me a "pedophobe" or a "transphobic". I don't give a shit! This is wrong and Desmond's momma needs to be horsewhipped!!

I feel bad for this poor little boy! Because his parents are pushing their "acceptance and tolerance" agenda on this kid! He's not allowed to just be a kid at all. When I was a kid, sexuality was the last thing on my mind! All I cared about was meeting other kids my age and having fun with them. Or going to my favorite place to play. Or go throw rocks in the river. Those were my biggest thoughts when I was a kid. Not "is my sexuality enough for me to attract men". Or "what gender do I want to be today". I feel very bad for today's kids, having this "politically correct" narrative shoved down their throats! No one today wants to say or do anything about this because they are afraid of being called "transphobic". Well, I don't care if you call me "transphobic". This is child abuse!

I knew this was going to happen. Nowadays, you aren't accepted if you are a cis white man. You have to be gay or transsexual to be accepted, which is sad! This is however, the beginning of the end of humankind. I think we are definitely reaching the last generation of proper humanity. I'm not attracted to transgender "men". Only people who are sick in the head are. And mentally ill people tend to raise mentally ill children and the cycle moves on. That's what happened to this little boy. His parents are obviously mentally ill. And definitely outwardly crazy if they think an 11 year old should be dancing nude in front of grown men. My heart aches for this little boy!

I only hope someday Desmond grows out of this lifestyle, and realizes what a beautiful thing it is to just be a real little boy. He'll grow up knowing that his parents kept him from having a childhood just so they won't be labeled a "transphobe", or be accepted in society. He will resent his parents for this. He'll wish he'd had a real childhood like normal kids do. Believe me, some of the best memories I have are from my childhood. Definitely not the bullying bits, but those were not the only memories of my childhood I had. I'll always remember my favorite play place, the pit as it was called. I used to go there and ride my bicycle up and down the hills, meeting other kids, playing and having fun. Kids today will never have memories like that. All this little boy will remember about his childhood is how his parents pushed their liberal beliefs on him and made him dress up like a girl and dance in front of grown men. Not exactly what I would call a "happy childhood memory".

Ya know, before we moved out of our old neighborhood, I went back to what used to be "the pit", which is now a huge apartment complex. Only one small dirt path of the original pit remains, and it's up the hill from the complex, leading to another apartment complex that has been there since we moved there. In that tiny remaining area, there is this rope that the kids used to use for a swing. It's still there! It's been there since 1982, and it's still there, attached to the same little sapling the kids tied it to all those years ago. I was one of the first kids to swing on that rope. I saw it still there and it brought back memories. I'm glad we didn't have the level of political correctness we have today back when I was a kid! Not that I think my parents would have pushed it on me, my mom is a republican. My dad was not political at all. Let alone politically correct. I'm glad I have the parents I have! I would have absolutely HATED to have parents who pushed this libtard bullshit on me and made me dress like a non-gendered child and made me dance in front of a bunch of pedophiles!!! If my parents had done that to me when I was little, I'd be hating them now!! I would envy kids who had a happier childhood!

You know who I blame for all this? I blame those dumb Kardashians! They were the ones who is pushing all this politically correct bullshit on the world. They are the ones who are turning transsexuality into the norm. They are the ones who are telling parents "if you don't dress your child up like the opposite sex, then you're homophobic". That is so stupid!! This is also why I hate the Kardashians!! Their show needs to be cancelled. I don't believe they are going to be missed. They have no talent. Their show is trash. They're not funny. They're not even interesting. Not in a good way anyways. And they fill the public's heads with insensible garbage. Nope. I would not miss them one bit if their show is cancelled! And it needs to be before more damage is done! One thing I will not ever condone is sexualizing children! That is one thing I really believe should be left alone!

I'll tell you all now, if we ever get another damn democrat for president, then this world will come to an end. We might as well change from being "America: Land of the Free", to "America: Land of Turmoil". We might as well register ourselves as a 3rd world country!

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