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Monday, January 14, 2019

Exterminating White From The World

Hey! Be careful!! My favorite men are white!! Leave them alone! I love them just the way they are. I am so glad though that Michael is not around to see what the world has become. Too much of this bullshit would turn anybody racist. And I do see it happening. When I go to a video on YouTube, I often see people who comment about modern movies, saying they hate this new stigma going around today that all movies have to be about black people being the heroes and white people being the bad guys. I also used to see a lot of that on the Fat Albert cartoons. Of course Fat Albert and his friends were all black, and the bad guys were usually a combination of black and white people.

Well, it's not just that. Now, they want to remake classic movies and turn the main characters into women instead of men. For example, Dr. Who is apparently now a woman, whereas he's always been a man before. And also, The Terminator. Check this out...

That is so gross!! Not only are today's movie producers changing the Terminator into a woman, but they are making her look like a modern day stereotypical lesbian-feminist nazi. She looks like Justin Beiber's twin brother! I'm talking specifically about the thing in the middle. And who is that on the left side? That's the only woman in this picture that even looks like a woman. And the woman on the right looks like her mother. So this is why modern movies suck so much. Because today's producers are rehashing old classics that had male characters in them, and turning them into women characters to satisfy the needs of the left-leaning public. UGH!!! Remember Ghostbusters? Remember what a flop that was? You'd have thought people today have learned their lesson. But no. I have the feeling they aren't going to stop this until they actually have a rehashed feminist movie that becomes a big hit. Which will never happen. No matter what, you can never expect many movies where the female characters are the lead to be very good.

Well, in some cases that might work out. But only in original movies. Not remakes of classic movies that had a male lead character role. Ya know I haven't been to a theater and seen a movie since Jackass 2 was in the theaters. And that was in 2006. It doesn't look like I'm going to be going to any theaters again in the foreseeable future either. First they want to rehash all cartoon movies into live-action, and now they want to turn all male leading roles into female leading roles. So what's going to be next? Are we going to see Beavis and Butthead turned into women? And I cannot dare even imagine my INXS guys turned into women!! I was worried enough when I saw female singers applying for a chance at Rockstar: INXS. I can never imagine a girl singing Michael's songs! Not on a professional basis. Casually yes. But not professionally.

Some roles are better left the way they are. I changed nothing in my stories and I am not about to. My sis says a lot of my stories are not politically correct. Well, they aren't supposed to be! Besides, a vast number of those stories were written in the 80s and 90s, before people became a bunch of whiny-ass little wussies. I'm not about to change anything in those stories. I'm not going to change anything in my style of writing either! I have male characters, like Martin, Davy, and Brad among others! I will never change them into girls unless I absolutely lose my mind! And if you think I'm going to write a story with transgender animals, you're out of your damn mind!!! It'll never happen! I'll never even include stories of women who want to become men. No way! I won't even include feminist women in my stories!! However, I do have some stories with African-American people in them. But for the most part, a vast majority of the female characters in my stories are based on me.

There is a movie put out by Netflix, and I heard Netflix movies are mostly garbage. The movie is called Bird Box. It's about a white woman who is pregnant, and a black man steps into the scene with her and adopts her two children as if they were his own. Someone said that it's depicting white parents being irresponsible as parents. Umm. I don't understand that morale, as the majority of single mother homes are African-American. They are usually the ones that have 10 kids, with 10 different fathers. The moms too are usually neglectful. I once saw a news clip of two small children whose mother was at work, and left in the care of the aunt, and she drove off somewhere and left 2 small children (one was 2 the other was 4 years old) home alone, and the house caught on fire. When the aunt was interviewed, she said "I didn't do anything wrong". Well DUH!!! You left 2 small children in the house by themselves while you went out gallivanting around town! I partly blame the mom because she was the one who left the aunt to look after those kids and she was unreliable.

The fact of the matter is, this movie is misleading! Black men are less likely to seek a relationship with a white woman who has 2 kids. They barely even stay with other black women who have kids by that man. Their divorce rate is around 75%. Sometimes they don't even divorce, the man just up and walks off. That's what happened to my best friend when we were kids. Her father just one day said "I've had enough", and he moved out. It was just like one day he was there, the next day he was gone. I only saw him twice since I made friends with that family.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am not trying to demean African-American people. It's just that these are facts that cannot be ignored. And now, it seems the left wants to eliminate all white people from this world. Kids are being taught in schools now that white people are inherently racist! Especially in California. I'm so glad I grew up when I did!!! Now, you cannot even graduate from high school unless you have one year of gender studies. The most useless subject any school can offer!! And those classes teach kids that you can be any gender you want to be. If you're born a girl (or they say "assigned at birth") you can become a boy if you feel like it. If you were born a boy, then you can become a girl if you feel like it. It's crazy!! I even saw a video that discussed a text book now being used in California schools that talks about the so-called "white privilege". It actually has a list inside the book that talks about "if you're this... then you're privileged". This is an actual school text book!! That is so stupid!!! Like I said, I'm so glad I never had to learn that in school!!

So, what happened to the regular studies? Like math, reading, writing, American history? Apparently that stuff is not as "important" as learning there is white privilege and 1000-something genders. They even tell little boys that they should be ashamed of being a boy! I'm glad I don't live in California!! And I'm glad I'm not a school kid now. I'm glad I never even had kids at a time like this! I'd be at that school tomorrow telling them not to fill my child's head with garbage!! And if I had a little boy, I'd say "How dare you tell my little boy that he has no right to be born a boy?!" I tell you, I'd be raising Cain if I ever learned that!!! Well, there is a solution to that and it's called Home schooling. That is what I would be doing if I were unlucky enough to be living in California right now.

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