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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Guilty As Charged?

For the past week, everybody has been up in arms about this Catholic student standing in front of a native American man in a MAGA hat, as the man pounds his drum mere inches away from the kid's face. I've been following this story, and knowing religious kids like I do, I knew there had to be more to this story. Which is why I am writing about this now as opposed to earlier this week.

The boy has been identified as Nick Sandmann, who is a junior at a Catholic high school in Kentucky. The older man was identified as Nathan Phillips. A lot of liberals got angry at the sight of this kid standing there smiling. They thought all week that he was smirking because he was jeering at Phillips. Nathan Phillips even told his side of the story. He thought the boys were all mocking him. But it turns out none of the kids were shouting anything racial at the native Americans. Racial slurs were being shouted, but it was by the black crowd of grown men who call themselves the Hebrew Israelites. They are basically nothing more than the black version of the Westboro Baptist Church. But they were the ones who were really shouting the racial epithets. They were shouting at both the kids and the native Americans.

Well, the libtards saw this picture, and heard one side of the story, and they did what liberals do best; they ran with it. Nathan Phillips thought the boys were shouting racial slurs at him, and that is what he told the media. He thought the kids were mocking him as he stood there and yelled his song, and that is what he told the media. And of course the liberals, being the way they are, heard the story the media spit out and took that as the be-all-end-all of the story. They would not even listen to what the high school kids said. Sounds very familiar!!! Sounds exactly like what the INXS SJW libtards did to me after my father died. So, it was no surprise at all they did that to this young boy. Those people doxxed him all over Twitter, posted his name, address, phone number. They even went so far as to find out that Nick Sandmann wanted to be an engineer when he graduates, and called every college that teaches engineering, and every company that hires engineers and told them not to allow him in their college or company! And the boy did NOTHING!!! All he did was stand there!!! I shudder to think of what the libtards would have done if this boy climbed a tree or something while Nathan Phillips stood there pounding that drum!

The reason Nick was standing there? He was with his friends waiting for a bus to come and take them all home. He did not physically assault the native Americans, even though the libtards are calling this "assault". He was not laughing at them. Neither he nor his friends were shouting racial slurs at them. All he was doing was standing there. It was the liberals that took that out of context (again, what liberals do best!) Even big-name celebrities were getting in on the doxxing. I have no respect for celebrities anymore! It seems these days, they're all on the side of evil! I'll tell you, this country needs to change!! Instead of smacking "nazis", let's all go around and smack a liberal! The only problem is conservatives do not assault others. We're nothing like liberals. We prefer to talk out our differences. And we do not consider talking to be anything close to assault! Not like liberals do! How about we call every college, business, everything, and tell them not to accept liberals. Or at least not to listen to them! When I get my business, I do not plan to fire any of my employees just because liberals tell me to! If the person is a good worker, that's all I'm gonna care about. I'm running a pet store. Nobody is going to care if my workers once stood in front of a person of color and "smirked"!!!!!!!! Especially not if it's the colored person that got in their space!!

The moral of this story... Don't listen to liberals!!!!! They only get their information from one side of the argument and go only by that! Remember, there are 2 sides to every story. To be fair, we all should listen to both sides before we make a final judgement. The world would be a better place if we all did, that's for sure! Liberals only listen to other liberals. They do it at the expense of getting the truth.

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