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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

I Knew They Were Not Freaks!!

AhHA!! I knew it!! I knew I wasn't wrong, and this friend's dogs were not freaks of nature. I have this friend who owns a couple of Great Pyrenees dogs. She used to have 3 of them, but one died back in 2010. Her dogs grew up together, and always got along very well. Maybe it was because they grew up together that they did, but I remember back in the days when I used to go into the Pluba forums, they tried to make me look like I was lying because they said that "Great pyrenees never get along with other dogs. Especially not their own kind." That's the Dirty Dozen mob! They were so desperate to show everyone I was a liar that they picked at those straws, trying to tell me my friend's great pyrenees dogs could not possibly get along with each other. Well, I told them "Her dogs get along with each other just fine!" That's what I always knew for as long as I've known her. But they did have me a bit confused for a while. I wondered why their Great pyrenees dogs didn't get along with other dogs, while this friend's dogs (same breed) did get along with other dogs very well. So, I called her. She said her dogs were indeed purebred Great pyrenees dogs, and they did get along very well with each other.

Well, it was then I confirmed that the DDM were just bullshitting me. They always wanted to make me out to be a liar, and did everything they possibly could to "prove" that to their friends. I remember one time, there used to be this puppymilling site that sold undersized puppies for astronomical prices!! They said one of their clients was the lead singer from Aerosmith, Steve Tyler. Well, not long before that, I'd read an article in Cat Fancy magazine that Steve Tyler was actually a cat-person. It was an article titled "Cats Rock" from 2004. I saw it at the vet's office when we took Odessa to have her eyes looked at. Well, I announced that in that thread on the Pluba forum, and then, the DDM decided to put in their 2 cents, again, trying to make everyone believe I was wrong. They found a picture on that site of the members of Aerosmith holding puppies in their arms. While it would be nice to actually believe that maybe by the time that picture was taken, they had changed from being cat-loving people to dog-loving people. However, I was only repeating what the article said. However, there is also the slightest possibility I could have read the article wrong. Or maybe even got parts mixed up with a music magazine I saw somewhere else. But that does not cloud the fact the dirty dozen mob always wanted everyone on the forum to believe I was a liar.

I may have told half-truths based on what I remember (which really only proves my memory sucks), but I don't think I ever really lied to them. When I told this friend what the DDM said about Great Pyrenees dogs, she said "Don't believe them! My dogs get along with each other very well!" In fact she told me at that particular moment, her 3 Great pyrenees dogs were huddled up with each other taking a nap. She even said "Maybe it's their dogs that don't get along with each other because of improper breeding and lack of socializing." Since I did not know the Dirty Dozen mob as well as I knew this friend (and her dogs), I could not escape the possibility that she was right. It would be funny if it were true, the way they always griped and complained about people who are backyard breeders who do not properly socialize their dogs. That would mean the DDM were a bunch of hypocrites. But then again, they were anyways. They were the biggest hypocrites on the internet at that time.

Well, the reason I bring this up tonight is because I met someone who also owns 3 Great Pyrenees dogs, and they too get along well with each other!! HA!!! So, boo on the DDM!! LOL!

I'll tell you, the DDM never ceased to disappoint with their level of hypocrisy! Remember Mcgillicutty? She lied on the Pluba forums! Quite a bit too! She told everyone she was a man in his 60s with kids and grandkids. I knew that was a lie. I've seen 60+ year old men at their worst, and that was definitely not what Mcgillicutty was! I knew from the beginning she was lying. She also said I gave her my address and phone number. Well, I gave very few people my address and phone number back then. NONE of which was a 60 year old man! So, she either lied about me giving her my address, or she lied about being a 60-something year old man with kids and grandkids. One way or another, she LIED!! And the DDM never called her out on it! And I could never imagine anyone of my friends doing the things she did. Most of my friends back then were GOD-fearing Christians. They would never dream of lying, or posting my address and phone number on a forum. Well, no matter, because I figured out who "mcgillicutty" was. It was a teenage girl named Sara. The backyard breeder of chihuahuas. She was butthurt because I called her out on her backyard breeding practices.

After I figured out who mcgillicutty was, I was rather perplexed by the DDM making friends with her. Seeing as how everything Sara was are things the DDM are against, like backyard breeding and lying. Sara no doubt told them a lot of lies to get them to accept her too. No big surprise. Well, these days, Sara might get away with her bullshit, seeing as how the libtards are taking over, calling anything they don't agree with "hate speech". Shoot! I never even called the things mcgillicutty said "hate speech". It was just her opinion. It may not have been nice to hear the names she used to call me (ie, "stupid", "lunatic", "fat ass", etc.) but you know what? I would fight to the death for her right to say it!! I mean that! I had the option to ignore, and I did. She can say whatever she wants. But I don't have to listen. The only speech that would not be protected would have been a call to violence. By posting my address and phone number on a forum, I felt that was exactly what mcgillicutty was trying to do. I had a sis, and 2 dogs to protect. I wouldn't stand for that kind of behavior. Well, the only reason the dirty dozen mob did make friends with Sara is because she didn't like me. She could help them out in their jeering at me. That would be something the dirty dozen mob would LOVE!!! Whether Sara was lying or not.

That is what I mean by the dirty dozen mob's hypocrisy. They accepted bad behavior from people they liked, but not from people they didn't like. I don't understand that. If you're going to accept bad behavior from someone you like, then you have to accept it from people you don't like. Like I said, I don't believe anything is "hate speech". I believe everyone has a right to say what they like. But if someone I like is behaving like a buttwipe, it's going to make me think twice about being friends with that person. Of course it depends on the level that person goes to. I have a high degree of tolerance for a lot of things. It takes a lot to make me angry enough to lose faith in someone. But as long as they don't cross the line with me, they're OK in my book. I'm not a sensitive libtard snowflake. I don't meltdown as easily as they do. But I also know I've had many years of practice of becoming so tolerant. I think I have the level of tolerance that rivals that of a good school teacher! LOL! With all the shit I put up with and don't get angry. Even though liberals tend to make me madder than anything, I still manage to get through their bullshit without getting too angry or blowing up at them.

Believe me, it took a LOT of years, and a LOT of practice to become as level-headed as I am now! It was not an easy road either! I have a natural tendency toward meanness, with Irish, spanish and native-american in my background, you'd think I could snap at any moment. And I was that way once, especially in my 20s and early 30s. Now, there's really very few things that would make me absolutely furious enough to hate someone at a high level. In fact, I now only hate my [former] stepsister, Stephanie, because she implied I don't take care of my dogs. And I hate the delusional mods for the same reason, and allowing someone on their forum to say that about me and my dogs.

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