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Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Well, I was totally afraid of this happening, but Lily does not like her own father!! She wants nothing to do with Michael's side of the family. That is so sad! When I heard that she does not like Christina, I thought that was very sad too. Christina is Michael's family, and I always believed there is nothing that should come before family. This would just break Michael's heart if he knew! He loved that girl. You could see it in his eyes in the pics where he is holding her. It's about the only time he actually looks happy during that time he was with Paula. I think Lily needs a refresher here. But unfortunately Lily has been fed a lot of bullshit about Michael's family by a nappy-haired nit-wit!! I would even wager that is also who is talking her out of meeting the rest of the band too. Timmy said in an interview, he sure would love to see Lily and get to know her. He said he is ready to welcome her with open arms.

Ugh!! And to think, I had a little bit of respect for Bob Geldof for taking Lily in after her mom died. I thought Lily was brought up pretty good. But this was all part of a master plan that Geldof had to turn Michael's own daughter against him and his family, not to mention the band too. He makes me sick! It's all about control. Nothing else. And it's all about doing what Michael didn't want to have happen. It reminds me a lot of what the liberals are like. I remember back when I was on the Switchboard, which was run by a girl named Vicki. Vicki was a fat slob who admitted that she hated other INXS fans. The only one she liked was DonnaG. Well, back in those days, there was the delusional fans forum. I visited there one day and hated the negative vibes I got from that forum. And they were absolutely obsessed with me!! I said one time on my blog that I hope the leaders of the delusional fans forum never join the Switchboard, because I knew since they hated the fans, they would never fit in. Well the next thing I know, Vicki being the far-left liberal she was, asked Catsredrum and Netrage to join the Switchboard, just to spite what I said. She only did it because I don't like DonnaG. I don't like DonnaG because she's a phony! That is exactly what I believe Bob Geldof is trying to do. He took Lily in when she was a baby, just to spite Michael. And to rub salt in the wound, he turns Lily against Michael and the rest of his family by telling her a lot of bullshit about them, most of which is most likely not even true!!

Times like this, I truly wish Michael was still here. Then he could have raised his own daughter himself! Well, sooner or later, the truth is bound to come out. Maybe not by Bob Geldof (Shit! You can't expect him to ever spit out the truth!) but someone somewhere will set Lily straight! Meanwhile, in case she happens to be reading, here is a refresher for her mind...

Bob Geldof will never love Lily as much as Michael did! EVER!!!

Michael was the one who helped bring her into the world. All Bob Geldof ever did was want to take her away from him.

Michael was the one who proudly displayed her. He's the one Christina said used to sing to Lily when she was little.

I think it's a terrible shame Michael's family did not get Lily. They could tell her all about what he was like. Who gives a shit what Bob is really like? He's an ass!

This pic shows just how much he loved Lily, he could not stand letting a day go by without seeing her. And she looks just like him! She does not look like Geldof!

And here he seems to be saying "She's ALL mine!!" This is such a sweet pic!!

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