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Sunday, January 6, 2019

The Gay Batman

Or homosexual Batman however you want to put it! I was watching a video this morning and it talked about a Batman character, being portrayed on TV as Batwoman, is in the comic books and she is apparently a lesbian! Oh my GOD!!! You know why she's a lesbian? Because now the SJWs want more superheros to side with their agenda. Apparently there was one Superman comic where Superman sides with Antifa by fighting the police. Superman has always been on the side with police. Now, SJWs want him to fight against the police??? So stupid!! But since when have SJWs ever been sensible? Next thing you know, they're going to turn Batman into a gay, black man. Or maybe even a transsexual "man". And the sad thing is, the comic book companies will comply because for them, it's all about the sales.

Anyways, someone named Ruby Rose was asked to play the part of Batwoman in a movie, and the SJWs argued that she wasn't "enough of a lesbian" to play the part. She's bisexual. To the SJWs, that's not good enough. They want a real lesbian to play the part of Batwoman. Ya know, I think this is why today's movies suck! Everyone wants to be politically correct. Nothing kills the whole movie experience like political correctness. The comic book companies may give in to the SJWs, but I am not going to. Never! I refuse to accept a homosexual Batman! It doesn't align well with the picture I've always had of Batman, as a handsome character who sometimes kisses the girl. Occasionally falls in love with her. And Catwoman being a lesbian. UGH!! Trash that idea! Next thing you know, they're going to be making the Joker gay. Or maybe turn Harley Quinn into a transsexual "woman". I have no idea what's going to happen next, but I know it won't be good.

Now, I was watching a video where they were talking about this one bitch named Corrine Bendersky is griping because firefighters are not "more diverse and inclusive". She wants to see more women firefighters, and gay/transsexual firefighters. I never cared what gender/non-gender, color a firefighter is!! All I care about is if they can do the job!! Fuck all that political bullshit!!! There are lots of female firefighters, but it's just not a job women typically want to do. It requires a lot of strength and endurance. Women don't have much strength and endurance compared to men. I can maybe see a gay man doing firefighting, though I don't know much about a gay woman doing the job. And transgenders. Do you really think someone who is not even sure about their own gender should be out there fighting fires and rescuing people?? That's a scary thought! How about gender-fluid people? You know what gender fluid really is?? We always used to call it by another name. We called it Multiple Personality Disorder. Do you want someone like that being counted on fighting fires and rescuing people???

I can just imagine a scenario where a gender-fluid person is on call to fight a fire...

Fire Chief: Paul! Get over there and get that ladder and climb up to the top floor and see if anybody's in there!

Paul: I'm not Paul today! I'm Zelda! Call me Zelda!! Do it now or I'll take you outside and show you who's Paul!! I'm clearly Zelda today!! CALL ME ZELDA!!!!

Fire Chief: OK. Zelda, get the ladder!

Paul (as Zelda): OK, that's better!! Don't call me Paul again today! I'm ZELDA!!

"Zelda" gets the ladder and props it up, but he wasted 2 minutes already arguing with the fire chief. Meanwhile the fire is blazing faster. The top floor is the hardest hit.

Fire Chief: Now, climb up there and see if anyone is in that room upstairs.

Zelda: Wait a minute, let me get my dress tucked under me and put my hair in a ponytail holder.

Zelda wastes 2 more minutes pulling back his hair and tucking his dress under his legs. Then he climbs up the ladder. By then, the fire is blazing faster.

Fire Chief: Hurry up Zelda!! The fire upstairs is getting out of control!!

Zelda begins to climb the ladder, but suddenly remembers she is Zelda now, so she has to climb up the ladder like a lady. So she takes 2 minutes to prepare and climb up the ladder. But the fire is so harsh upstairs now, that Zelda cannot go into the room there to look.

The other firefighters, who are sure and confident about their gender, have brought out the hose and begin to spray water at the house to put out the fire.

Hours later, the fire is out, but the house is in ruins. In the room upstairs where "Zelda" was supposed to look, 2 children are found under their beds. They had died from smoke inhalation.

And see, this is exactly what could happen when you let mentally unstable people join the firesquad! And if the SJWs have their way, that's exactly what will happen. But will they care? No. They won't care. They only care about being "politically correct" and giving more people a chance to join the fire fighters. No matter what their skills or mental state is. This is the one reason why I hate SJWs!! I don't care if there are more women in the firesquad! I don't care about gay/trannies/lesbian firefighters! I don't care what color a firefighter's skin is! I don't care that a firefighter graduated the top of his class in gender studies!! As long as they can do the job, that's all that should matter! This Corrine Bendersky is a dumbass!! People like her need to be put to sleep!! Like a rabid dog! And just like a rabid dog, if they're turned loose, they're going to wreak havoc everywhere on everyone!!!

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