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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Trannies Popping Up Everywhere

I was watching a video this morning, and the topic was transsexual "women" competing in women's sports events. Ya know, with this trend of trannies entering women's competitions, and other incidents I've been hearing about, there won't be anything that is strictly men's or women's anymore! But the creator of this video was asking if we think transsexual "women" should be allowed to compete in sports set up for biological real women. I say NO!! And HELL NO!!! If they want to compete so bad, let trannies compete with other trannies. There seems to be no shortage of them nowadays. They can form their own sports events and compete against each other.

The reason I say transsexual "women" should not be allowed to compete with real women is because they have an unfair advantage. Like I've always said, and the feminists deny this (heck ALL libtards deny this), but men and women are NOT the same!! Just because we are the same species does not mean that we have the same design. Men are made to be stronger than women, they are made to be much faster than women, and made to be more competitive. There's only one place a woman has more strength than men, and that's in their uterus. And unless they come up with a sports event where giving birth is the object of the game, women do not compete using their uterus.

So now nothing is strictly men's or women's anymore. Now, the libtards want to cater to trannies. Even the boy scouts are going out of business because feminazis want girls to join. Or girls who think they're boys. No where else in history has mankind ever subjected to people with mental disorders as they do today with trannies. Ben Shapiro said this is a bad idea! I agree with him too. Instead of coddling trannies, giving in to their every wish, we should try to find ways to contain their anti-sexual desires. Find a cure for gender dysphoria. Telling a man who thinks he's a woman that he can be a woman is not going to fix the problem. It's like you can't cure cancer by telling someone to go eat a shitload of burgers.

Now, I am not making fun of trannies. I'd never do that. I just wish they would acknowledge that they have a mental disorder. Because we cannot cure someone who cannot admit they have a mental disorder. I'd like it to be curable before it gets out of hand. Well heck! It's already out of hand now. But people need to stop catering to them. Unless they want to cater to all people with a mental disorder. So why not create "crying rooms" for people who suffer from depression? Why not tell a schizophrenic that yes, the voices you hear in your head are real? Why not create "panic rooms" for people who suffer from anxiety? Or have separate buses for them? Why only cater to trannies and not to people who have other kinds of mental disorders? I suffer depression. Why are there no accommodations for me? Or because I am fat, why not make furniture that can support fat people?

No, I don't hate trans people. I do worry about them because I wouldn't want some man with a vagina hitting on me. That's not my style. The only tranny I truly hate is Riley J. Dennis. He's not a transsexual! He's a trans-trender. He even admitted he does not have gender dysphoria. He's just a guy who wants people to think he thinks he's a girl. No doubt for attention and acceptance. The one thing the majority of these trans-trenders have in common is they either have moms who are feminazis, or they have no father at all. Of course a feminazi would not be married either. I'd be shocked she'd even have a child! Riley J. Dennis is poisoning people. He thinks he's smarter than he actually is.

Really, NO ONE on YouTube likes Riley J. Dennis!! We all know he's only pretending to be trans just for the attention. I don't like trans-trenders! They are the real villains of society! They are the ones who give real transgender people a bad name! Many of them no doubt don't even have gender dysphoria. Most of them are just mentally unstable, and it's got nothing to do with gender! Like that guy I posted about the other day, who blew his top in a GameStop store at one of the employees just because he was called "sir". He was clearly very mentally disturbed.

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