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Friday, January 4, 2019

Uh-huh! I Got It Now!

So now I know why transgenderism is getting out of control!! Why it's spreading so fast! Its because the Kardashians are doing it!! Ah-HA!!! I get it now! The world has become like a bunch of kids who say "Well [my favorite tv show] does it. So why can't I?" I had no idea Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner was really the Kardashian kids's father!!! OMG!!!! So now I know why everyone these days wants to be transgender!!! It's because a Kardashian did it first. Anything the Kardashians are doing, now kids everywhere want to do. That's sad! Why can't people have their own minds like me? I was never the kind of kid that wanted to do something just because my friends or some tv show was doing it.

I never knew this, because I never watch the Kardashians. Why would I? They're not funny. They're not really entertaining. They have no talent. They're all ugly asf!! I've never even Googled them. I know absolutely NOTHING about them. And I really don't care to know about them. It wasn't until I saw a video today talking about Caitlyn Jenner that I put 2 and 2 together! I wondered why now there are so many transgenders!! TOO many!! Now I know why! This is so dumb!! People nowadays can't think for themselves! They have to follow what those stupid Kardashians are doing! I bet if the Kardashians all came down with diabetes, everyone would want to get diabetes. If the Kardashians contracted cancer, everyone would want to get cancer. Neither one of those is nothing to take lightly. (Look who's talking!!) But everyone would say "if the Kardashians are doing it then why can't I?"

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