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Sunday, February 3, 2019

After-Birth Abortions?

For a few days now, I've heard a lot about this new bill in Virginia, making it legal now for a mother to opt to have her baby killed after it has been born. WHAT THE HOLY FUCK????????? What the fuck are the people in Virginia thinking??? Basically what this is is legalizing murder. First it was late-term abortions, and now it's after-birth abortions. That is what they are calling it, trying to make it sound innocent. Fuck that!!! Yet another stupid step now being taken by leftists and liberals. Well, I won't go for it! I think it's murder. If the baby is healthy, and adoptable, I don't see where killing that baby can even be an option. Virginia is now the first state to make this legal, and you know others will follow.

I bet I know exactly the kind of people who pushed this bill on congress. I truly will bet I know! I bet it's the same kind of people who say "Adopt don't shop" and vegans who tell meat eaters not to eat meat. I bet this bill was put out to congress by those exact kind of people. You know what hypocrites vegans are! And the ADS crowd are also just the types that would push to make killing babies legal! I wouldn't put it past them!

I say to people, if you don't want the baby, then give it to someone who does. There are lots of good families out there just looking to adopt a baby. And one that the mother opts to have killed would make a great candidate. We are human beings. We should be taking care of our own! We should not be killing our own. Man! I totally agree with Jesse Lee Peterson! The world today is run by evil! Democrats have become animals! And I don't mean peaceful animals. I mean monstrous animals! This comes from feline worship! One of my long-time Facebook buds doesn't understand what I mean when I say feline worship is ending the world. But it is! That's where it started. People are acting like lions that you see in those documentaries killing their own cubs!! Yes, I know gerbils, mice and rabbits also tend to eat their own babies too. But how often do you see people that want to become rodents or lagomorphs??? No one! Everyone these days wants to be a stupid cat! So, they're beginning to act like them. It's just the first piece of a puzzle that has been building up since the 1990s. Whether or not these people are consciously aware of that makes no difference. I see it.

This is how I see this pattern:

  1. The Lion 'King' comes out by Disney Studios in 1994. Almost everyone likes the movie.
  2. "Panther Diary" comes out on Animal Planet in 1996. People became obsessed with panthers (especially lions) already thanks to The Lion 'King'. This further glorifies the beasts.
  3. Cat videos first air on the internet in 1998. People become even more obsessed with cats.
  4. This leads to everybody now wanting their own cats so they can get their own 15 minutes of fame through them.
  5. Cats carry parasites that make people go crazy. They turn men into girls and women into boys.
  6. Cats become very popular in the "furry" community too.
  7. 9.11.2001 islamic muslims hijack airplanes and kill almost 3000 innocent people that day. Muslims love cats, and see dogs as being "dirty" animals.
  8. As early as 2000, gays begin fighting for rights, which they finally get in 2012.
  9. Now that gays have rights, queers want them too. Then trannies.
  10. The world goes crazier. At the same time, cats have become more popular than dogs.
  11. People think of cats as gods, and wipe out the GOD of the Bible.
  12. Atheism spreads. Atheists love cats, which makes them become more popular, and makes people go crazier.
  13. Traditional christian values get wiped out and even scorned.
  14. People go crazier and even turn against those of us who do not see cats as gods, but still worship the real GOD.
  15. 2014, ISIS is formed, and vows to eradicate all of Christianity. ISIS is run by muslims. Muslims are cat lovers.
  16. 2016, Hillary loses the election. Hillary is a cat person. As is her husband Bill. Liberals love cats too. Conservatives, not so much. Some do, but none are obsessed with them.
  17.  People get pissed, and start going against everything that christians value.
  18. Gays, lesbians, trannies, queers becomes a fashion statement, and now everyone wants to become gay, queer or trans.
  19. Because trannies are now accepted, identity politics begins.
  20. California passes a law that a person can be fined and even jailed for "misgendering" another person.
  21. Social norms become social abnorms.
  22. "Sanctuary states" are formed where crybabies can go to whimper about those of us who uphold the Constitution. These crybabies are usually liberals. Liberals all love cats.
  23. Colleges and universities comply with gay/queer/tranny rights, and force everyone to learn about identity politics, including children under 5 years old.
  24. Kids get confused about who they are, become trannies, take hormone blockers, and when they grow up, they are unable to have children of their own.
  25. "Privilege" is now a thing among liberals and is even taught in schools.
  26. Liberals encourage women to abort unborn babies.
  27. After-birth abortion becomes normal, and babies born can be put to sleep if the mother so chooses. Even if it is a healthy baby. If she is a liberal, 50% of the time, she will choose to kill the baby. Especially if it is born a white boy.
Now to look into the future...
  1. The police are told not to arrest people of color because liberals consider that discrimination against colored people.
  2. Black people commit over half of all crime in the USA. So, with police unable to arrest them, their crime-committing steps up further.
  3. Black people kill, rape, torture, lynch all whites.
  4. The laws change to accommodate liberals. Liberals still love and worship cats.
  5. People can no longer uphold old fashioned social norms.
  6. The family unit becomes unacceptable because liberals think it'll hurt the feelings of those who had a single parent.
  7. A white person has to be ashamed of being white.
  8. It is illegal to not accept a date with trannies or queers if they ask.
  9. Pedophilia is accepted. Kids have no rights.
  10. Christianity is extinct. Now, everybody is forced to abide by muslim standards.
  11. Muslims kill all gays/queers/trannies because that is their law.
  12. Muslims use their babies to bomb buildings.
  13. The USA--The last great country--turns into a 3rd world nation and famine hits hard!
  14. Before the next millenium, humankind will be extinct. Or be 100% muslim. And muslims have no good values.
And it all got started with feline worship. That is how I see it. We're already seeing it in California, a liberal state. In fact it is the most liberal of the liberal states! It is what America will become in the future if we don't stop this bullshit the liberals are making us do!

I don't agree with abortions of any kind. Let alone abortion after birth! I saw a video of a woman who works as a nurse, and she is outraged by this new bill being passed. She said she would never do it. And none of her friends who are nurses would never do it either! I mean, she was PISSED in that video!!! Shit I am too! This is probably the stupidest thing the left has ever proposed to date. And believe me, I've seen some highly stupid shit come from leftists! Things that I would never even dare dream of doing!

So what will be next? Can we make killing kids up to 5 years old acceptable?? Hey! Let's not stop at 5! How about we make killing kids up to 18 years old acceptable if the parent wants it? But why stop there? Let's just make suicide an acceptable norm! It's what the liberals will want. Why not? It'd be considered "discrimination" to make the mother raise a child that she just gets tired of having around.

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