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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Liberal Hypocrisy

Wow! I know I mentioned this before on here, but liberals are some of the biggest hypocrites on the planet!! Yesterday I saw a video stating that all but 4 of the democratic party voted to allow newborn babies to be aborted (or put to sleep) if the mom so desires it. Among the dems who are in favor of killing newborn babies was Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders. Yes, Bernie Sanders. The one who got the favors of democrats in the last election, but he dropped out. The man is EVIL to the core!!! I think anyone who votes to allow newborn babies to be killed without some kind of punishment to the parents is as evil as it gets. A mom can just let her baby die if she wants to, for no other reason other than she is depressed. The baby may be perfectly healthy, but she can still have it killed after it's been born just because she is depressed. Um, hello! Women usually get depressed after having a baby. To go from having someone else inside your body for 9 months to suddenly not having, can cause depression. It's called post-natal depression. Not all moms get it, but some do. It's no reason to kill a baby. She will get over it. But once that baby is dead, it's dead.

I think I remember hearing somewhere that a mom can even have a baby up to 5 years old killed if she wants it. Oh GOD! It's happening!!! Next thing you know, a mom can have a kid up to the age of 18 killed just because she cannot handle it. Then most teens will be killed because teenagers will always be teenagers. They're going to defy their parents. It used to be we feared just getting spanked when we misbehaved. Now, if a mom feels her kids are too much trouble, the kid has to fear being killed! To these moms who want to kill their newborn babies, haven't you ever heard of something called adoption??? Lots of wannabe parents are just waiting to have a child to adopt. Not fair to deprive them of that pleasure of taking your baby if you don't want it. Why kill it?? It seems like such a waste of 9 months!! I'd never do it. I'm sure glad my mom didn't believe in abortions. I wouldn't be here. She really didn't want anymore kids. She miscarried 2 before she had me. So, she stopped trying. But then I came along.

Anyways, the hypocrisy is that these same people who want to allow killing newborn babies, feel bad for kids at the border who were separated from their moms because their moms didn't come into this country legally. They are crying the loudest now because kids are being separated from their parents while the moms have to be deported back to their own country. So, what is the difference? The only difference is the newborn baby is younger. They still want their moms to love them. I think it's just a ploy dreamed up by far leftists to fuel their anti-border-wall propaganda. Fuck that!!! I say if you can feel good killing a newborn baby, then you can feel good separating a mexican child from it's mother at the border. And don't give me that bullshit that illegals are good for our economy. Like my mom said, if they are so good for our economy, then why didn't they stay in Mexico and build up their own economy? It's nothing but a guilt-trip. A guilt-trip the democrats have been using for years.

I just don't understand why these dumb democrats don't see the connection. Maybe it's just the white babies they are trying to eliminate. That would make sense since the USA doesn't seem to like white people anymore. I just think it's stupid!

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