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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Method To This Madness

I often wondered why this world now has so many transgenders. I feel bad for those people who are really transgenders. A lot of people today are making light of their ailment. It's become a trend now. But it's a trend that will be harmful in the long run to all of humankind. The worst thing about it all is that now people are feeding this bullshit to young kids. Do you know there is a channel on YouTube called "Queer Kids Stuff"? It's nothing but some dim-witted goon marketing gay/queer/trans propaganda to kids. Young kids! It does it in a way that resembles regular children's programs like Sesame Street and Romper Room. Only instead of talking about essentials, like words and letters and numbers, it talks about queer junk.

Well now, it's even begun to have guests on it's show. The first thing it asks it's guests is "What are your pronouns and how do you identify?" The last episode it had, it said that through this stupid hand-made teddy bear in a weirdly-freakish high-pitched voiceover. I'll tell you, if that person dares to have me on as a guest and sticks that teddy bear in my face and asks "What are your pronouns?" to me, that bear is going right up it's butt! Oh but it will never have me on as a guest because I'll get on there and ask it "why do you identify as an it?" Actually, it likes to be called "them" or "they". But I won't use those pronouns unless I'm talking about more than one person, or I'm talking about someone anonymously. So, I call "they" an "it" instead. I don't care if it sounds disrespectful. LOL! If I were living in California, I'd be doing some hard time there! Because if a person looks like a man, I'm going to call them a man. If they look (or sound) like a woman, I'm going to call them a woman. And I have yet to see a tranny that was even halfway convincing that it is the opposite sex!

Well anyway, I was watching a video and the guy said something about chemicals in the water supply causing today's sperm count to be so low in people today, and naturally blocking the functions of the endocrine system that this may be what is causing so many transgenders to pop up.

Ya know, I heard about this back in the mid-90s. I was taking birth control pills at that time, which is why this stuck in my head. But back then, I heard about birth control chemicals coming out of our bodies by way of urine, and getting into the sewer systems. Sewage goes through the purification process and microbes get eliminated, but chemicals remain. The treated sewage is taken out to the ocean and dumped in the water, where it evaporates and becomes rain. It rains down on the land and winds up in the rivers. The chemicals are still there though. Just not the germs, bacteria and other stuff that gets killed off with ultraviolet radiation treatment. Back in the 90s, it was broadcast that we were already seeing gay frogs. I know that sounds silly, but I think it was a real indication of how birth control chemicals in the water really affect the process of puberty and lower the sperm count in animals. That includes humans.

Then there is also the propaganda angle as well. People are afraid to tell their young children "you are a boy. You should start acting like a little boy." The reason for that is because to some people, being called "transphobic" is the worst thing that can happen to them in their lives. Ya know, this is why I laugh at people who call me names like that. The words "racist" and "homophobic" or "transphobic" have no meaning anymore. They've been so overused! Especially by liberals. Any kind of name-calling I laugh at. People call me fat. I say "well, at least they're not calling me a cat". LOL! People call me a cunt. I say "there are worse things in life than being called a cunt". Those names mean nothing to me. People call me a bitch. I say "Bitch stands for Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented, Charming and Horny". LOL! People today need to tear a leaf out of my book and start saying "Hey! If someone calls me a racist, or a transphobic, I'll live up to those names to the fullest!" Really, they mean NOTHING! Liberals use those words now to gain power over other people. When black people learn to accept the fact that yes they are racist if they don't like white people, THEN, and only then, will I accept the word "racist" as having any sort of power over me. Aside from that, being called a racist means nothing to me at all.

And no, that has nothing to do with me not feeling racism because I am not black. It's got everything to do with black people denying they feel racism against whites because "black people cannot be racist". It's all propaganda bullshit! I'm sick of it!! I think Morgan Freeman (whom I adore) put it the best way possible. He said in an interview the only way to get rid of racism is to stop talking about it. In response to that, I say BRAVO!!!! That's why I hate Obama so damn much! He taught the world to hate black people again by telling black people that whites are inherently racists. Racism was almost extinct! Then Obama had to say stupid shit like that!!! Anyone who thinks Obama was a "smart" man is inherently STUPID!!!!!!!! The only respect I have for Obama is he is a dog-lover. That's it! Everything else about him, I can't stand!

I wonder who is the real mother of Obama's children? It sure isn't Michelle Obama, I bet that bitch has a penis between her legs!!!

Well, this guy in this video I saw today said that kids today would not be half as confused as they are about their gender if not for the propaganda. So, that does have a great deal to do with the rise in numbers of transgender kids. It is the fault of the parent and the schoolteachers who are also pushing this crap on kids! Kids cannot choose their own identity! I'll have to keep saying that. Man! I'm glad I didn't have kids in a world like this. Of course if I had a little boy, I would have told him "You're a little boy! Act like one!" And if I had a little girl, I'd have told her "You're a little girl. Act like one!" And like I said, this coupled with other things, is going to cause the demise of humankind. I also watch a lot of MGTOW videos too. Those are men who are usually rich, and don't want to have families. They don't want a woman in their lives, nor kids.

The thing about MGTOW, it goes completely against nature. Men in MGTOW don't want a woman because they think the woman only wants him for his money. Well, there is more to it than that. A man has to prove he is able to provide for the family. The whole family! Not just himself. That's why women go for men who are financially stable. In nature, it is the male's job to impress the female. In nature, that may include having good hunting skills, choosing the perfect rock, or building the best nests. It is only human males that think they don't have to do anything to impress a woman. And MGTOW men at that. The problem is, in the human world, you can't get anything unless you put out money for it. Even if I were to try to impress a future mate by making him a home-cooked meal. The money for the ingredients to make that dinner have to come from somewhere. Namely me. Unless I'd want to serve my future husband roadkill or something like that. LOL! But in nature, it's the males who have to impress the females. Why do you think it's the male birds that have the most spectacular plumage? Why do you think it is the male weaver birds and bower birds that build the nests? Not the females. The females do a lot for the males. They carry his babies for him. The females pass on the male's genes to the next generation. She goes through the labor and pain of having his baby.

However, I understand the purpose for MGTOW. I've even now seen a MGTOW march! And they said they would never do it. But MGTOW exists because of feminism. And now, feminists are worried that they will never find a guy to have babies with. But they only have themselves to blame for that!

People don't want to go by social norms based on what is between their legs. But it's more than the physical "between their legs". It is also what they are able to produce. A man can put on a woman's wig and a dress. He'll still be a man. He'll never be able to produce eggs or carry a baby in his body. Nor give birth to that baby. A woman can grow a mustache and beard, but she will never be able to produce sperm. She'll still be a woman. Inside and out. And virgin births are rare in humans.

Ya know, there will NEVER be another Michael Hutchence or Tim Farriss! If there ever is, you girls had better be careful!! He might really be a she that identifies as a he! Most men today are ugly. They're either really women, or they're bald! I don't know where the trend in going bald came from! That just started happening when the 2000s got started!

So, since we are on the subject of identity politics, I guess I can go along with it. LOL! Hey! I identify as a millionare who owns her own business. And I want to live in this house...

This is an actual house for sale in Pacific Beach, WA. It's over $1 million. So, since I identify as a millionare, do you think I should get this house? Even if I really cannot afford it? Why not? If a man can think he's a woman and society has to accept it, by the same logic, shouldn't society say that I can live in this house if I want to, and all I have to say is "I identify as the owner of this house!" It'd be identophobic if you don't accept me as the new owner of this house!! Isn't that all that counts?

Oh shit! I just made up a new word! One that queer people are going to start using!

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