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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Once Again, A Reminder

I see INXS fans have not changed. They're still a bunch of whiny little libtard bitches. They always were and always will be. Liberals only change when they have their eyes opened. For some, that is not possible. There was some talk about other INXS fans causing a lot of drama on other groups. A word of caution to new fans: Be careful what groups you join! There are a lot of INXS-related groups I know of to cause drama. That is why I am only a member of 2 INXS groups. They are the only groups that I really trust. It used to be that I'd join any INXS group on Facebook, just because it bears the name "INXS" or "Michael Hutchence". But don't do that! Even if you have been invited. Just say no to INXS groups on Facebook! Don't make the same mistake I did. There are literally some INXS groups on Facebook that thrive on drama!

One way to tell which groups thrive on drama, is to look out for certain members. Maria (Florence) How is one of those people. Kelly Poulter (Austin) is another. Tess Obrien is another. Claire Aisha is another. Rosanda Herbert is another. Though I think she is no longer on Facebook. Kelly Carter is another. Jannah Redouane is another. Matt Burney is another. Those are all people who love to cause drama, and are highly manipulative. They thrive on it. They live for it. So, if you see any of those names in the group, LEAVE AT ONCE!!! And don't fall for their "nice" act. They are all truly evil people. Remember, Tess Obrien accused me of raping her. LMAO!!! She's so lucky I'm not living in Australia. Her ass could be sued over an accusation like that without proof. Believe me, I wouldn't have hesitated to sue her either! And I wouldn't have done her the favor of using her dumbass friend, Claire Aisha either. I'd pick an attorney that actually has a brain. Free speech does not include false accusations of criminal behavior. But I do thank Tess for that. That could be proof that her ex-husband actually did not abuse her. She's just telling people that to get sympathy.

Also remember, Kelly Poulter (Austin) faked having cancer just to get sympathy and attention. So, those people love drama. And be wary of anyone who follows any of those people. Maybe not all of them might be bad (and I emphasize the word maybe), but most people who would associate with them may act just like them. Ya know the saying, Birds of a feather. Like that "catfag addict" said on my channel. Shit! I wish I was more like Katrina!! I wish it was a true case of birds of a feather!!! Katrina lives in a big house, on 20 acres, and makes 6 figures per year!! UPPER 6-figures!! But she also works 70-80 hours per week. That's why she's not on the internet much. That's why I don't see her much. The truth is, Katrina probably wouldn't really be friends with me, if not for her family. I was still associating with her father for a while before he moved back to Europe. But I also helped bring her up. Katrina does not care what people on the internet think of her. I'd have been much better off in the past if I actually were more like her. Well, I brought her up, and now she's taught me something. Something very valuable. She taught me to be more aloof with INXS fans. If they genuinely like me, then OK. But if they're just faking it, fuck them. Forget about them. And I realize yes, I needed to be doing that all along. My problem has always been I get too emotionally involved with people on the internet. So, that's why I stopped that.

Katrina has quite a few friends without being online. I admit I am not fond of some of the people she is friends with, but it doesn't matter to me. If she likes them that's all that counts. But she does not ever feel the need to make online friends. I don't go out much, and I have trust issues with people. Always did. So, I am not as sociable as Katrina is. Back in the day, the INXS buds were all I had. But I realize now that was foolish of me. No one really knows anyone on the internet. Until we do, we cannot say for sure if we are friends or not. All my sisters have been encouraging me to get out and meet more people. But let's face it, I just don't like people. But I can tell you this much; it's not always easy being so aloof with people I used to consider "friends". Sometimes I even have to be unfriendly with some. Even that is not always easy. But it is necessary. It's necessary to prevent 2016 from happening again.

Shoot! That's why I got Mya. LOL! Mya is one I truly consider to be my best friend. And she is! She is truly my best friend and I'll never be ashamed to admit that. She'll never ask me for anything. She'll never judge me, even if I do wrong. She will never tell lies about me behind my back. She'll never connive me. She'll never follow blind sheep. All I have to do is call her and she'll come. And she always comes to me with a smile. I love her so deeply! The other day on a purebred dogs group, someone asked the question if we ever look at our purebred dogs, and think about the money we spent on them, and realize it's the best money we ever spent. My answer was "Every second of my life!" She was the best money I ever spent. And I would do it again! I got horribly angry at her this past weekend for breaking my portable hard drive. But I got it fixed and I am well over it now. Katrina helped me in that too. LOL! She knew I could never stay mad at Mya. Tell me, there are not many humans that would ever be as honest as Mya. Certainly not among the millennial crowd. Katrina is different because she was raised by people who really cared. People who did not want her making herself the world's problem.

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