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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The Left Has Gone Too Far

By now, everyone has heard of Jussie Smollett. He's the guy who proclaims he was attacked on the streets of Chicago by a couple of guys wearing MAGA hats. He said they called him the "N" word and told him this is MAGA country while he was on his way home from a Subway store to buy a sandwich. He said he was on the phone with his boss when he ran into the guys. A security camera nearby caught him walking down the road, with his sandwich. Then it caught him walking away, with his sandwich and a noose tied around his neck. You're probably thinking we should feel bad for this guy right? It's terrible if that happened. The key word there is "IF" it happened. But I'm not sure whether to label the outcome fortunate, or unfortunate. Surprise! He was never attacked by anyone wearing MAGA hats.

From the beginning, a lot of people were suspicious of his claims...

  • The fact that he waited 45 minutes to call the police.
  • The fact that the police asked to see his phone and he wouldn't let them.
  • The fact the police were going to check the surveillance cameras, but Smollett told them not to.
  • The fact that they were in the middle of an arctic blast.
  • And finally, the fact that Chicago is NOT MAGA country.

Well, nobody could find these alleged attackers. But now I heard they have. Two guys who said that Smollett paid them money to mug him. I've got to hand Jussie credit for one thing; he's sticking to his story! That's because the libtards believe him and are encouraging other libtards to report things like this. This is exactly what the far-leftists want. They want people to make false claims against Trump supporters. They want to paint all Trump supporters with the same stereotype that they are racist, homophobic brutes who actively seek out such victims to violate their rights.

Well ya know what? Fuck that! Liberals want everyone to think that they are these suppressed victims who are targeted by conservatives exercising their white/male/christian privilege. Fuck you liberals!!! Go to Hell!! Oh wait! They don't believe in Hell. So then, go crawl into a slime pit and drown yourselves!! Liberals are not the victims here. It's becoming more and more clear that it is the conservatives, the Trump supporters, that are the real victims in today's world. I don't even like Trump, but you have to admit, his supporters have not been acting like the bad guys. It's always been the liberals.

I've never, in all my years, EVER seen a Trump supporter kick someone out of a restaurant for wearing a Hillary Clinton t-shirt. I've never seen a Trump supporter call anyone racist names. I've never seen a Trump supporter tell a liberal to leave their store because they are a liberal. I've never seen a Trump supporter spit in anyone's face for being a Hillary supporter. I've never seen Trump supporters hold ridiculous marches to show their disapproval of Obama. I've never seen a Trump supporter assault anyone just because they supported Obama or Hillary. All these things that the left claims Trump supporters do, I've never seen them do. I've seen the leftists do plenty of the stuff they claim Trump supporters do though. Plus, they accuse Trump supporters of being "racist, homophobic, xenophobic nazis". Then they say it's OK to go out and "punch a nazi". Never once have I seen a Trump supporter punch a liberal. If you ask me, I would be much more embarrassed to be a liberal today! They make up junk against Trump supporters just to make them look worse than they really are.

I'll tell you, if I ever come across a liberal who was beat up by a Trump supporter, I will buy that liberal a car! Brand-spanking new car!! No strings attached. All you have to do is show me a video of a [confirmed] Trump supporter beating up a liberal for no reason other than because that person is a liberal. And it cannot be staged! I'll do it! I'm a woman of my word. I want to see the video, because every time I hear a liberal gripe about "violent Trump supporters", I always wonder "Where are the violent Trump supporters?? I don't ever get to see them!" And believe me, it would be fun to see a Trump supporter beat up a far-leftist!!! I'd love to see it! But I've never seen one in my life! It was the leftists who established the KKK. The guys who lynched Emmett Till were democrats. And Theodore Roosevelt, who was a republican, was totally against lynching people of other races. So, you tell me, who are the bad guys?

It was also the stupid democrats that voted Ilhan Omar into congress. I'm telling you, the liberals are going to rue the day they elected that muslim into American congress!! Mark my words on that! They are going to rue the day!! Hopefully, Trump will be able to get that muslim out of congress. It may be happening. She tweeted some anti-semantic posts. She's denying she did it, but she did. She issued an apology, but liberals don't know how to apologize. Omar's was no exception. It was very half-assed! Muslims have NO place in American politics. Do these dumbass liberals not remember what happened on 9/11??? Are they now going to pretend that never happened? Muslims HATE Americans!! Get that through your head! They HATE us!!!! And Ilhan Omar is no different!!

Ya know it's funny. When the WBC said "thank GOD for 9/11" everyone was against it. Now, they want the very same people who committed that act represented in our congress. I think the WBC should go to New York again now and see how people would react to them saying "Thank GOD for 9/11". Would the New Yorkers be in favor of it? If not, then they are a bunch of hypocrites!! I normally do not agree with the WBC holding all those signs in public, but I would LOVE to see how the people of NY would react to them now saying "thank GOD for 9/11"!! The reaction would be very interesting to see! Maybe I should try it, and see what happens. Believe me, I am not grateful for 9/11. I'd do it just to see how the libtards would respond to it.

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