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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Veganism Is Dying!!!

YES!!! And I will be celebrating when it finally does! I knew veganism was nothing but a lie! I knew that from the beginning. All those dumb vegan libtards thought they could pressure me into going vegan by threatening me and my family, calling me every name in the book, and pushing pseudo-facts at me. All along, I've been right that a vegan diet is NOT healthier than a normal, omnivorous diet. I've been seeing more and more videos from people who are giving up veganism. Many are afraid to talk about it, because of the naziesque vegans. But they are still giving up the lifestyle. These people realize they've been lied to. I knew that from the beginning!! I tried to tell every vegan that left hateful messages on my videos that they were only lying to themselves. They didn't want to listen. Well, they are now! hehehe!!!

I find this hysterically funny. All those "studies" they told me to read, they were done by highly biased doctors, so I wouldn't listen. Most vegans follow the example of that Gary Yourofsky, that man is a fucking mental case!!! Vegans are supposed to have compassion. Well, Yourofsky said in an interview that he secretly hopes everyone who eats meat has their children taken from them, raped and killed. He hopes everyone who eats eggs and milk suffers debilitating rape and torture. He hopes that people who wear furs sees their family killed and skinned in front of their eyes. Does that sound like compassion to you?? It sure as hell doesn't to me! Now, I will admit, I hate the idea of animals being killed for fur coats and shit like that. We don't need mink coats, or fox stoles, or rabbit skin hats or chinchilla furs. We don't need that! Most people who got those only did because they thought it made them look more glamorous. Well, it doesn't. But I never wanted to see fur-wearers' families being murdered or skinned before their eyes. That's a horrible thing to say. Even if it is "secretly"!!

Well, vegans are now learning things I've known all along. And guess what. Freelee is PISSED!!!! LMAO!! She made a response video to people who made videos of themselves giving up veganism. And those are growing in numbers! I say that's great!! And just like I suspected would happen, devoted vegan nazis are using all the old propaganda to try and reel all the former vegans back in. If the "compassion for animals" angle doesn't work, they use the "you don't care for the environment" angle. I knew that would happen. But they don't seem to want to face the fact that the harvesters that pick those vegetables they always eat emits much more CO2 into the atmosphere than cow farts. That more forests are being cut down to plant crops than to raise livestock. I've known that for years! I used to watch a lot of documentaries. And global warming is not being brought on by meat eaters. Global warming is a natural process that all the planets go through. It's been going on periodically since the beginning of time. Climate change is believed to be what killed the dinosaurs.

I'm not like Donald Trump. I believe in global warming, but I don't believe we are the cause of it. We may have aggravated it a little, but we are not the primary cause. And as for eating meat being a bad or unethical thing. Vegans were saying that nature is unethical. Well, nature can be cruel, but she is as ethical as it gets!! You cannot beat nature. Animals need to eat each other. Even plants get a lot of their nutrients from the remains of animals. It goes on and on.

I remember several years ago, I said on a friend's post that I hope someday everyone wakes up and sees that the whole cult of veganism is nothing but a lie. Well, I am happy to report that it is happening! I said "Not everyone is going to become a vegan" and one of his friends said "Hopefully everyone will go vegan very soon." Well, too bad. It's not going to happen. People are realizing that vegans lied to them. I never had the desire to go vegan. I've seen how veganism messes up peoples' minds. Remember MsPearlsGirl? She was a complete lunatic!!! I never remember meeting anyone crazier! Not only did she attack me just out of the blue, she even attacked my friends, saying she hopes their kids drown and all kinds of bullshit like that. She belongs in an asylum. I'm shocked she even had a boyfriend! But then again, her vegan boyfriend was probably trash just like her. She said he'd never touch me if he was drowning in a sea of piss. LOL!! Well, that's not a bad thing at all. I suspect he's dirty, being a vegan, living with cats, fleas and cockroaches. I wouldn't want him touching me! And if he tried to touch me, I'd kick him in the nads and go all praying mantis on his ass!!

And the hypocrisy of vegans, I'm so sick of it!!! There are no bigger hypocrites in the human world than vegans. And the biggest proof of vegans being hypocrites is the fact that most of them are cat-owners. I've said this before and I will always say it, cats are the biggest contradictions of vegans. Cats eat meat, which means vegans still have to support the slaughter of animals. And if they don't want to feed the cats any meat, then that too is cruel because cats need meat. They cannot exist on a vegan diet. Even if all the vitamins are still there. The cure for that hypocrisy? Get rid of the cats! But I've never seen a vegan do it. I just don't know how they don't see that connection. And yet they sit on their high-horses and look at meat-eaters and call us "hypocrites". The meat eaters are the most honest people. At least we don't lie to ourselves, and we live up to our lifestyle. I tell that to vegans all the time. I've been saying it for years. Their only response is "Cats are obligate carnivores". Well DUH!!!!! I know that! That's not the point though! The point is one way or another, you're still supporting the killing of other animals if you have cats! Cats need meat, and you can't keep them on a vegan diet! Not only that, but cats also kill other animals.

I had a friend back on my other Facebook account, and she just had to have these two stupid kittens! NO ONE needs cats!! It's not like they're useful for anything except making the owners look like a lazy-ass! Well, when those kittens got older, they started killing mice and lizards and this person, being a vegan, would complain because the cats were being cats. I thought that was (bless her heart) so STUPID!!!! She knew getting those stupid cats, they were going to kill other animals. That's what cats do! A vegan should never own cats, if they want to be a serious vegan. But she couldn't not have them. I loved her as a person, but getting them stupid cats and not expecting them to act like cats was a dumb move.

Anyways, veganism is dying. I'm preparing for the funeral. And the banana girl is getting pissed off more and more. Now, she's even encouraging people who are still vegan to create videos to "counteract" the videos of people who left veganism. Kinda childish I think, but I don't think anyone is going to take her seriously. People are getting more and more educated and learning about the lie that is veganism.

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